Binatone’s camera-equipped dog collar will let you see the world through your pup’s eyes [VIDEO]


I know I can’t be the only who’s always wondered what dogs see after that episode of The Simpsons where we’re taken inside the life of Santa’s Little Helper. While this quirky gadget from CES 2015 won’t quite give us that experience, it’s the next best thing.

You attach this collar to your dog, and in addition to GPS location features (which we’ve seen on countless smart collars before), there’s a nice camera embedded and a speaker system to issue remote commands to your dog.

Motorola Dog Collar DSC07691

The camera can be useful to keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts. Out and about? Make sure he isn’t going anywhere near a street or somewhere else he’s supposed to. At home? Save yourself the trouble of having to clean up a mess by making sure he stays away from the trash.

Motorola smart dog collar DSC07687

And if you aren’t quite close enough to your dog to have him obey your commands, you can speak into your phone’s microphone and he’ll hear it just as if you were right next to him. My only issue? Finding a dog training course that’ll help me teach my dog even just a pinch of obedience. Hands-on video rests above.

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    I would like to point out that for many of you, this will become the junk cam. Not every dog is as refined as I am however.

    Your pal,


  2. If it comes with a shocking training system, sold!

  3. i can see people now, tranquilizing wild animals to fit these cameras on them. lol! home wildlife channel.

  4. Pretty sure the talking would just send my dog into a fury of searching the house for my location..

  5. Any release date?

  6. That’s the most photogenic dog ever.

  7. It would have been a good all in one package if they had fit fitness into the system as well.

  8. I’ve been dreaming for years about this, I play several action packed sports with my dogs (flyball, frisbee, agility) and can image if you could get the camera right and most importantly stabilized, the video would be awesome. In fact I made an attempt to mount my Sony HDR-AS15 to my dogs head 2 years ago, after some training she got used to it and didn’t mind having it on while playing frisbee, too bad when she ran full speed the shaking was still way too much, see the result here:

  9. A dog Training course….Send your dog to me, it will be done in 10-14 days.

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