This $300 Mad Catz mobile gaming controller looks like it could kill someone [VIDEO]


Madcatz LYNX 9 DSC07827

If you were to pull one of these things out of your back pocket I might be compelled to call the police on you. Sitting over at Mad Catz’ booth at CES 2015 was a $300 mobile gaming controller — dubbed the L.Y.N.X. 9 — that looks like a prop extra straight off the set of Transformers or Terminator.

This thing will cradle a smartphone or wrap itself around a tablet and equip you with a mobile gaming controller seemingly worthy of its lofty price tag. You can use it as an ordinary controller if you wish, but it’s modular and flexible enough to transform into a controller that can fit any need or situation.

The device, which is made of metal, can be extended via the use of optional components like a QWERTY keyboard, and it even has a microphone built in. Why? We’re not sure, but it’s there. You’ll get all the traditional buttons you’ve come to expect from a gaming controller, including dual analog sticks, a full suite of face buttons, shoulder buttons and a directional pad.

The best part is you won’t have to wait long to grab one of these if you aren’t deathly afraid of it attacking you in your sleep — it’s available to purchase in the United States right now from Mad Catz’ website. Be sure to take a good look at it in our video up above.

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  1. Pretty cool controller but waaaaaaaay too expensive.

  2. Definitely am amazing accessory and I think they thought about just everything. Not gonna lie, I want one! Could never bring myself to spend anywhere near that though :/

  3. Not sure why it has a mic? Doesn’t he tell you in the video?…. “OK Google, who doesn’t pay attention?”

  4. Amazing device. But 2 problems for me personally. 1 I’m not a mobile gamer, 2 who is paying 300 bucks for a controller ?

  5. it looks like one of the small transformers that Sam kept as his pets…lol…very nicely done, I hope that for that price it’s very durable…

  6. Nice idea but way to expensive

  7. I’m not sure if this is awesome or not but the guy does such a good job explaining it that I got excited about it. I don’t game enough to buy it myself but good stuff!

  8. I always thought that 60 bucks for an XBox controller was too much, what makes them think the ludicrous price tag is justified?

  9. GEE-ZUS! I have a PS3 controller that I use (wired) very rarely. But I can see where the enthusiast would want this. Hell, I want it just because it’s a transformer! I have their RAT9 already, this would be fun to play with, and being so versatile. $300 is a bit of money, but that modulization and functionality doesn’t come cheap. And it looks cool as hell!

  10. No fate but what we make:

  11. Yeah….I don’t know what they are thinking. It’s cool, but nobody is going to spend more on a controller than what almost gets you a new next-gen console. Buy a gameklip or something similar for $10 for the same functionality.

  12. Why does everything for madcatz look like its unfinished?

  13. Gotta get me about 5 of these… one for each day of the week

  14. What’s with the ridiculous pricing these days, I paid 300$ for my Wii U, not about to pay the same for a mobile controller.

  15. just a few more dollars n you can get an xbox 1 or ps4! wth is mad catz thinikin? for $300 it shouldnt have a phone mount, the phone should hover in mid air right in front of ur face. lets just put this in perspective, new phone on contract $199 – $400, off contract $300 – $800. and $300 for a damn controller! ppl must have run out of things to do with their money.

  16. Will Atari be suing?

  17. I wonder if this can be used as replacement controller for PS4 or can be used with Xperia Z3 remote play.

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