Sony unveils a stainless steel SmartWatch 3



The Sony SmartWatch 3 is one of the more unheralded Android Wear devices. That’s unfortunate, because Sony has been making smartwatches longer than most companies. The original SmartWatch 3 had a rubber/silicone band that worked great for physical activity. Today Sony has announced a new version of the SW3 that classes things up with stainless steel.

The stainless steel SmartWatch 3 is identical to the original in all other ways. It has the same 1.6-inch 320×320 display and IP68 water resistance. The stainless steel gives the watch a drastically different look. It transforms the device from fitness tracker to premium watch. If you still don’t like the band, Sony has also unveiled a new holder that allows users to swap in any 24mm watch band.

What do you think of the new SmartWatch 3?

[via tbreak] (this page has been removed, but we have every reason to believe the information is true)

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  1. that looks like the ugly apple watch,

    1. actually it looks like a apple watch, the fact they are both ugly is the funny part

  2. Thanks but no, thanks. Bring on the next gen 360!

  3. I like it, but at this point I’m waiting for 2nd gen watches to see what they offer. This sony on the other hand is as close to the 2nd gen as the 1st gens come since it has GPS, NFC and wifi. I’d like to find a deal on Sony’s 1st iteration as a fitness watch and then get a higher end 2nd gen Android wear watch for more upscale occasions.

  4. noooooo thank you. Moto 360 2nd gen?? come on!

  5. Looks so much better than the rubber version.

  6. Waiting for the HTC smart watch. It will likely be the best. When Motorola makes a smart watch that doesn’t look like a regular watch I’ll check them out.

    1. Might be waiting a while, HTC supposedly cancelled it

  7. Lovely and far more features than other watches.

    This is definitely on my shopping list as it’s years ahead of the others. NFC, WiFi and GPS loadable with music and can be used without the phone as a wireless music player. Brilliant!

    1. Dont forget the IP68 rating, the thing can go swimming with you.

      1. Great! And you can swap straps too. Rubber for sports, steel for formal.

        1. Formal is leather, SS is casual.

  8. Out of any smart watch the Sony one seems to have the best features, but it lacks any sort of hype. Other smart watches get some hype, less features, and seem more popular.

    1. That’s certainly true.

  9. Want it, but I have a 360 metal

  10. Better,but it is still Android Wear,will stay with the older
    stainless steel SW2.

  11. Better,but it is still Android Wear,will stay with the older
    stainless steel SW2 bit longer.

  12. Droooling

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