HMD Ends its “Circular” Subscription Service


A couple of years back, HMD Global and Nokia launched the “Circular” subscription service, which gave users the option of paying a monthly subscription for select handsets instead of paying for the device outright. It looks like HMD is now ending the service, following an email sent to subscribers recently.

As per the email, monthly payments end today (July 9) and users will no longer have to return the device to Nokia or HMD. Likewise, devices under the service will be fully under the ownership of the respective user starting August 8 this year – we’re assuming this means that the HMD-controlled system lock in the phones’ software will be disabled.

Under the original Circular agreement, users will need to return their device should they cancel their monthly payments, although this is obviously no longer the case moving forward. While a specific reason for the closure was not disclosed, part of HMD’s email reads:

Our Circular subscription model was a bold experiment and a testament to our commitment to exploring new avenues of service and sustainability. Circular ran for almost two years in the UK, and during that time, we gained some invaluable insights. It became clear that while the concept of a device subscription resonates with many, the model does not quite align with the varied preferences and lifestyles of our diverse customer base.

Not too long ago, a similar subscription service from Fairphone was put on indefinite hold due to “various reasons.”

Launched back in 2022, HMD marketed Circular with a focus on sustainability and the reduction of e-waste. Subscribers were able to choose from a select number of Nokia devices, donate to environmental charities via “Seeds of Tomorrow,” avail instant replacement services for lost or stolen phones, and add a SIM plan to their chosen handset.

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