Jan 8th, 2015

Kodak IM5 launcher DSC08065

Most of the things we see at CES are all about being on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a race to be the first, biggest, and best. But not everyone is so concerned about the bleeding edge. Enter the Kodak IM5.

This phone is not the biggest, fastest, thinnest, lightest, or shiniest. This phone is about more than just specs. It’s about making an easy experience for people who aren’t so tech savvy. Right off the bat you’ll notice a very simple launcher with big shortcuts and big icons in the app drawer. It also has helpful tools, such as a magnifying glass app. The coolest feature, though, does require someone who is tech savvy.

A feature called “Remote Assist” allows the user of the IM5 to ask for help from trusted contacts. When Remote Assist is enabled it allows other people to remotely access the device and do the thing that the owner could not. For example, you could remotely enable WiFI or help find an app. Anyone who has been asked to do tech support for a family member knows how cool this is.

The Kodak IM5 will be available in Q1 of this year for $249 off-contract. It could be the perfect phone for the not-so-tech-savvy person in your life. What do you think?

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