You’ll want to go “hands-on” with Toshiba’s latest “Android” [VIDEO]


toshiba android

OK, so maybe Toshiba didn’t actually have any Android devices — as we know them — at CES 2015… but they did have an Android. And this is one Android most guys definitely wouldn’t mind going “hands-on” with:

As awkward as she sounds and moves, this robot still looks extremely real, and extremely cool. We’re not sure it’s able to do anything useful, but hey — no one is expecting an i, Robot-esque future anytime soon, anyway.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. why does she have an accent!

    1. Probably the weirdest part. That, and the inside of her hands. So much creepiness!

      1. The skin on the inside of her hands is all ripply, almost as if it’s about to fall
        off. Perhaps she is a Leprodroid.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the entire article makes this sound like a sex bot… the thing doesn’t even have lifelike gestures.

    1. Neither do most woman…. OH SNAP!!!!

  3. Not to be picky or anything, but that’s actually a gynoid, not an android

    1. Screw Chuck E Cheese. ShowBiz Pizza and Billy Bob for life!

      1. Screw Chuck E Cheese. Safari Sam all the way -_^

      2. Do they have the AIDS needle infected ball pits too?

  4. Disney has better robots on thier rides.

  5. I’ve heard the first terminators are supposedly going to be easy to spot…

    1. Dogs can sniff them out easy.

      1. And Harrison Ford

  6. As long as it can provide repetitive motions for 10 minutes, it is useful. Or she?

  7. Creepy

  8. How many ports does it have?

  9. Holy uncanny valley, batman.

  10. Creepy article with all the sex-with-a-robot innuendo. Stop blogging and go talk to a real girl for a change.

    1. Was gonna say. Way to creep up our weekends with this.

  11. Mehh, I’ve seen better performances at chuck E cheese’s

  12. Im more impressed with Honda’s 15 year old ASIMO. Sure it doesn’t have the humanoid skin, but at least it can walk.

  13. Can you bent her?

  14. Dunno which is creepier: the robot or the fact that the author wants to have sex with it.

  15. for the older folks here. :-P

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