Aug 20th, 2014

Moto X+1

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The Moto X launched nearly a year ago to mild success. It was not a hit like the latest Samsung Galaxy device, but it was very popular among certain crowds. To this day it is still praised for having a very lightweight, nearly stock version of Android, fast updates, compact size, and great build quality. Now it is time for Motorola to try to follow the success of the Moto X with a new flagship device.

We first heard of the Motorola Moto X+1 back in May under the codename “Victara.” Since then there have been many leaks and rumors about this device. Motorola is getting very close to officially announcing this device, likely at their September 4th event alongside a new Moto G,the Moto 360, and some sort of headset. It’s the perfect time to take a look back at everything we know and what we expect to see when it comes to the Moto X+1. In a nutshell, here’s what to expect:

  • Bigger, crisper screen
  • Better battery life
  • Snappier processing
  • Better photos and videos
  • Upgrades all around

Sound like something you would like? Keep reading.

Moto X+1 Specs

Motorola Moto X charging battery DSC00734

The Moto X+1 is shaping up to be a device that we know almost everything about before it launches. There have been numerous leaks and rumors about the specs for this device. Simply put, this will be a big upgrade over the current Moto X.


It all starts with the display. The X+1 display will be 5.2-inches of 1080p glory, which is an improvement from the 4.7-inch 720p display on the original Moto X. This will improve the Pixel density from 316 ppi to 424 ppi. More pixels per inch means sharper text and less blur.

Battery Life

Battery life should see an improvement as the battery gets beefed up to 2900 mAh from the previous 2200 mAh. We never heard many complaints about battery life in the original Moto X, which is pretty impressive considering the always listening touchless controls. With a bigger battery we can expect to get even longer life out of the Moto X+1.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Motorola has included similar upgrades in almost all areas of the device. The processor has been bumped up to a Snapdragon 801. The camera will get a few extra megapixels on the front and back. We should also see new water resistance features to make the X+1 more durable than the X. All in all this is a completely upgraded version of the Moto X. To recap, here is how the rumored specs of the X+1 compare to the Moto X.

Moto X 1 chart

What We Expect

Moto X gaming performance DSC00728

Now that we’ve talked about the rumors it’s time to share our own expectations. The Moto X was a great device for many reasons, but one of our favorites was the size. Despite having a generous 4.7-inch display it felt much smaller than that in the hand. With the Moto X+1 they are scaling the display up slightly to 5.2-inches, but leaked images show the actual device is not much bigger. We expect Motorola to use this as a selling point once again.

Moto 360 Bundle

Motorola has basically said they will be showing off the Moto 360 smartwatch alongside the new Moto X+1 at their Spetember 4th event. Since both of these devices will be sharing an event we expect to see some sort of connection between them. Our theory is that Motorola, or certain carriers, will offer a Moto 360 + Moto X+1 package deal. For example, if the 360 is $250 and the X+1 is $200 on contract, they could offer both of them for $400. AT&T did something similar with the LG G3 and G Watch.

More Touchless Interaction

One of the main points of interest in the original Moto X was the touchless control and active notifications. On most phones nowadays you can say “OK Google” from any screen and perform a voice command, but the Moto X is still the only device that allows you to do it when the screen is off. The active notifications allow you to see what’s happening without turning on the display. Both of these features are truly great, and we expect to see even more functionality in the Moto X+1.


Android L Developer Preview DSC06022

Android L

Like we mentioned above, we know almost everything about the Moto X+1. That doesn’t mean we won’t see any surprises. A leak from July showed the Moto X+1 running Android L. Obviously it’s very possible that this device was just running the developer preview, or that it was completely fake altogether. It’s still not out of the question that the Moto X+1 could be the first device with Android L.

Google doesn’t own Motorola anymore, but they still have a good relationship. Recent rumors have pointed to the next Nexus being made by Motorola, and the Moto 360 was a headlining device for the Android Wear announcement. And since Motorola devices run nearly a stock version of Android we could see Google giving them first dibs. Don’t count on this happening, but it could be an interesting surprise.

More Moto Maker Materials

Moto Maker will also be a big topic of discussion at the September 4th event. Motorola launched this awesome tool for customizing devices with the Moto X, and we should see more of it with the Moto X+1. This could also be the place where Motorola allows customers to choose what bands and case materials they want for the Moto 360. For the Moto X+1, however, we want to see some new materials. Currently you can get woven and wooden backs, but Motorola could surprise us all by adding Kevlar and metal backs to the mix.

What do you want?Motorola Moto X Boot animation DSC00738

We’ve talked about the rumors, shared some expectations, and even talked about a big surprise. Now it’s your turn. The original Moto X did okay, but it was nowhere near the hit of something like a Galaxy S, or even got the name recognition of a HTC One. Is Motorola even capable of reaching such heights? What would they have to do with the Moto X+1 to get your attention?

Motorola will not have an easy road to travel. Most Android users have already bought the new Galaxy or HTC One M8. Announcing a new flagship this late in the year makes it hard to push devices. Motorola does have one trick up its sleeve: the Moto 360. If bundled attractively with the Moto 360 the X+1 could be a popular device simply by association. Would you be more likely to buy the X+1 if it meant a good deal on the Moto 360? September 4th should be a very exciting day. Join the conversation in our Moto X+1 forums!

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