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Moto X+1

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The Moto X launched nearly a year ago to mild success. It was not a hit like the latest Samsung Galaxy device, but it was very popular among certain crowds. To this day it is still praised for having a very lightweight, nearly stock version of Android, fast updates, compact size, and great build quality. Now it is time for Motorola to try to follow the success of the Moto X with a new flagship device.

We first heard of the Motorola Moto X+1 back in May under the codename “Victara.” Since then there have been many leaks and rumors about this device. Motorola is getting very close to officially announcing this device, likely at their September 4th event alongside a new Moto G,the Moto 360, and some sort of headset. It’s the perfect time to take a look back at everything we know and what we expect to see when it comes to the Moto X+1. In a nutshell, here’s what to expect:

  • Bigger, crisper screen
  • Better battery life
  • Snappier processing
  • Better photos and videos
  • Upgrades all around

Sound like something you would like? Keep reading.

Moto X+1 Specs

Motorola Moto X charging battery DSC00734

The Moto X+1 is shaping up to be a device that we know almost everything about before it launches. There have been numerous leaks and rumors about the specs for this device. Simply put, this will be a big upgrade over the current Moto X.


It all starts with the display. The X+1 display will be 5.2-inches of 1080p glory, which is an improvement from the 4.7-inch 720p display on the original Moto X. This will improve the pixel density from 316 ppi to 424 ppi. More pixels per inch means sharper text and less blur.

Battery Life

Battery life should see an improvement as the battery gets beefed up to 2900 mAh from the previous 2200 mAh. We never heard many complaints about battery life in the original Moto X, which is pretty impressive considering the always listening touchless controls. With a bigger battery we can expect to get even longer life out of the Moto X+1.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Motorola has included similar upgrades in almost all areas of the device. The processor has been bumped up to a Snapdragon 801. The camera will get a few extra megapixels on the front and back. We should also see new water resistance features to make the X+1 more durable than the X. All in all this is a completely upgraded version of the Moto X. To recap, here is how the rumored specs of the X+1 compare to the Moto X.

Moto X 1 chart

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What We Expect

Moto X gaming performance DSC00728

Now that we’ve talked about the rumors it’s time to share our own expectations. The Moto X was a great device for many reasons, but one of our favorites was the size. Despite having a generous 4.7-inch display it felt much smaller than that in the hand. With the Moto X+1 they are scaling the display up slightly to 5.2-inches, but leaked images show the actual device is not much bigger. We expect Motorola to use this as a selling point once again.

Moto 360 Bundle

Motorola has basically said they will be showing off the Moto 360 smartwatch alongside the new Moto X+1 at their Spetember 4th event. Since both of these devices will be sharing an event we expect to see some sort of connection between them. Our theory is that Motorola, or certain carriers, will offer a Moto 360 + Moto X+1 package deal. For example, if the 360 is $250 and the X+1 is $200 on contract, they could offer both of them for $400. AT&T did something similar with the LG G3 and G Watch.

More Touchless Interaction

One of the main points of interest in the original Moto X was the touchless control and active notifications. On most phones nowadays you can say “OK Google” from any screen and perform a voice command, but the Moto X is still the only device that allows you to do it when the screen is off. The active notifications allow you to see what’s happening without turning on the display. Both of these features are truly great, and we expect to see even more functionality in the Moto X+1.


Android L Developer Preview DSC06022

Android L

Like we mentioned above, we know almost everything about the Moto X+1. That doesn’t mean we won’t see any surprises. A leak from July showed the Moto X+1 running Android L. Obviously it’s very possible that this device was just running the developer preview, or that it was completely fake altogether. It’s still not out of the question that the Moto X+1 could be the first device with Android L.

Google doesn’t own Motorola anymore, but they still have a good relationship. Recent rumors have pointed to the next Nexus being made by Motorola, and the Moto 360 was a headlining device for the Android Wear announcement. And since Motorola devices run nearly a stock version of Android we could see Google giving them first dibs. Don’t count on this happening, but it could be an interesting surprise.

More Moto Maker Materials

Moto Maker will also be a big topic of discussion at the September 4th event. Motorola launched this awesome tool for customizing devices with the Moto X, and we should see more of it with the Moto X+1. This could also be the place where Motorola allows customers to choose what bands and case materials they want for the Moto 360. For the Moto X+1, however, we want to see some new materials. Currently you can get woven and wooden backs, but Motorola could surprise us all by adding Kevlar and metal backs to the mix.

What do you want?Motorola Moto X Boot animation DSC00738

We’ve talked about the rumors, shared some expectations, and even talked about a big surprise. Now it’s your turn. The original Moto X did okay, but it was nowhere near the hit of something like a Galaxy S, or even got the name recognition of a HTC One. Is Motorola even capable of reaching such heights? What would they have to do with the Moto X+1 to get your attention?

Motorola will not have an easy road to travel. Most Android users have already bought the new Galaxy or HTC One M8. Announcing a new flagship this late in the year makes it hard to push devices. Motorola does have one trick up its sleeve: the Moto 360. If bundled attractively with the Moto 360 the X+1 could be a popular device simply by association. Would you be more likely to buy the X+1 if it meant a good deal on the Moto 360? September 4th should be a very exciting day. Join the conversation in our Moto X+1 forums!

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. This is a big toss up for me. If shamu is real and the rumored specs it has, i might put down my G3. The x+1 is a close runner up to making sell and trade for it.

  2. If the Moto X+1 comes with an absurd 5.2″ screen then it’s a deal-breaker for me. I won’t go above 4.95″ on a screen. The current 4.7″ Moto X is perfect and I consider the 4.95″ Nexus 5 on the edge of usability since I like using my phone one handed.

    I’ll consider going to a 4.7″ iPhone 6 than deal with anymore of this idiotic pissing contest Android phone manufacturers are doing at the expense of usability. My hands stopped growing a long time ago.

    1. if it’s any consolation the leaked photos show the X+1 is still pretty compact. Not nearly as big as most phones with 5+ inch displays.

    2. You must have small hands, I have a G3 and the 5.5″ screen fits in my hand perfectly. Or I have huge hands I guess… Either way, everyone has a preference and to each their own.

      1. I had a Note 2 and I loved it. Most of the people complaining about anything above 4.7 inches are either 1. Already using a iPhone or other 4.7 inch equivalent, or 2. Just really have small baby jesus hands IMO.

      2. Yeah, I don’t consider myself to have large hands or particularly agile hands and yet I have no issue one handing my Note 3 in normal mode. (As in, not in one hand mode.)

    3. Maybe you should get the Galaxy Alpha.

    4. You shouldn’t limit yourself to screen size.

      Think in terms of device size. Look at the Galaxy S3 vs the new Sharp Aquos Crystal:
      S3: 4.8″ screen and 70 mm wide
      Crystal: 5.0″ screen and 67mm wide

      The Crystal is narrower than the S3 but has a bigger screen.

      1. I want the biggest screen they can shove into a device no wider than 70 mm.

        The Galaxy S5 is already too big to occasionally use one-handed. But my Galaxy S4 is about perfect.

    5. Old eyes want bigger screens!

  3. I would love stock android therefore really aiming at the nexus 6….but this phone is also within my cross hairs…

    1. Agreed. I really love stock Android. 4.0 and higher made me love it.

    2. Agreed… I’m waiting to see how the X+1 compares to the N6.

  4. It sounds pretty great… but I’ll be rocking the Note 4 with my Moto 360

  5. Give me an SD card slot.

    1. The SD card slot needs to die. It creates more problems than you’d think. If an app is expecting an SD card and there isn’t one? Problems. If an app was expecting a certain SD card and you swapped it for a larger one? Problems. Developers have to work with this functionality and from what they’ve told me, they would prefer to not even have to worry about it. We should see phones with 16, 32, and 64GB as standard. Every OEM should do this. There’s not reason not to do this.

      Personally, anything I care about is saved in the cloud anyways. If I want to have a few gig of movies or music I can easily sync it for the times when I’m offline. This actually works quite well. I use synced music every morning and evening during my commute and my kids love synced movies for long car rides.

      1. To add to the list of problems with SD cards, KitKat changed the way apps can access one, which broke a lot of apps (many of which still haven’t been updated).

        High-end phones shouldn’t even offer 16GB of storage. 32GB should be the minimum, with a 64GB option, and none of that nonsense where a carrier only offers the lower model, if a carrier will only offer one model, it should be the 64GB model. For low-end phones, 16GB should be the minimum… 8GB is unacceptable in this day and age, even with an SD card slot.

      2. Your post is one of the many reasons that Google made the KitKat MicroSD change. As much as it pissed me off, I adapted real quick. I took my 16GB + MicroSD device and swapped it for a 64GB device. Not everyone can upgrade this quickly, but hopefully, more OEMs move to larger internal storage options going forward. Hard to believe it was only roughly 18 months ago when Google was launching the Nexus 4 in 8 and 16GB flavors.

        Due to their economies of scale, Apple can afford to offer their phones in 16/32/64GB sizes. Many Android OEMs struggled with this. We’re starting to see many of the different takes on this. Some are going the route of offering 16GB (for baseline users) and 64GB (for higher-end users), bypassing the 32GB option altogether. Others are offering primarily a 32GB model with MicroSD support (as the 32GB internal should be more than enough for most heavy app users), such as HTC.

        Samsung seems to be the main holdout in the 16GB + MicroSD crowd. Between Touchwiz taking up so much space, and Google’s MicroSD changes, I see more and more heavy users migrating from Samsung until they address this.

        The MicroSD is good to have, but it should never been considered a reliable storage method with the current way that Android uses external storage.

  6. It must be a lot of people with small ass baby hands because the majority of people in the comments about all these different phones that come out are always saying that if its bigger than 4.7 inches I don’t want it blah, blah, blah. Just get a iPhone sheesh.

    1. Wanting a smaller phone doesn’t mean we should be limited to the iPhone. There are a lot of high-end larger Android phones. Nothing wrong with a couple decent smaller ones as well.

      1. Your right there is nothing wrong with options. But I’m just tired of the people that complain about the size of phones increasing. If people notice, that’s a trend that’s happening with a lot of electronics not just phones. It just seems to me like in a minute the only people that will be making a 4.7 inch phone soon will only be Apple. Because the new standard seems to be 5 inches or higher now.

        1. they will build them as long as they sell, and apparently there is still a good market for them. it’s all about the money. never forget that.

          1. Can’t argue with that sir. Not at all.

        2. And this is where we disagree. People will always complain, but I’m more interested in the underlying reason why they complain. The Moto X hit a sweet spot. It was relatively stock Android, relatively high end, but in a form factor that is very under-served in terms of Android devices. By making their sequel larger, they’re going after the HTC One/Galaxy S user base, while alienating much of the current user base. Basically, users are complaining because the smartphone series that was presented as the medium-sized line no longer fits into that description.

          Imagine if, when they released the Galaxy Note, Samsung halted all Galaxy S production. That’s how Motorola users feel about this. It would have been preferential to have Moto make the Moto X in 3 sizes – 4.7″, 5.2″, and 5.7″ to cater to all markets, rather than take their flagship and change the market.

          1. I understand the point your making about the set of people that want that size phone, but I would dare say that those people are a minority in the Android community. Most people that I know with android phones opt for bigger than 4.7 inches. And I would make the argument that people who want bigger are a majority in the android community because the only player in the android community that even comes close to contending with Apple is Samsung currently, and what are the average size of their phones?? I’m sure 95% of samsung phones are bigger than 4.7 inches.

  7. If Google screws up the Nexus or doesnt release on this year then I will probably go this route.

  8. The Moto X (DE) is a great phone. I think I like it even better than the OG Droid I started with years ago. The most interesting rumor I see is that RAM isn’t increasing. That tells me that I can keep my perfect 4.7-inch 720p Moto X another year and not worry that it’s hardware will be obsolete before the 2015 models arrive.

    I’m with phinn — the only reason people want 5-inch phones is because the media tells the sheep what they want and they follow. What was a “phablet” 2 years ago is now the norm. Crazy!

    1. Hm…aging eyes say differently.
      As long as the case does not get much bigger than my Droid Razr Maxx, I will take the largest screen they can fit in…along with substantially better battery life.

    2. I like 5 inch phones, and it has nothing to do with the media. When I went from the GNex (4.65″) to the N5 (5″), I thought it would be too big. But I quickly found it to be comfortable in hand, and on the eyes, and it still fits fine in pockets.

      Your suggestion is insulting.

    3. Remember the top bezels on the Moto x can be a little slimmer. They will shrink the bezels so the device will feel like 4.9 o 5

  9. If it’s got a good camera it *could* replace my Nexus 5.. but we’ll see once reviews start coming out.

  10. i guess the big question for me would also be the price, since that isn’t being mentioned. The original MotoX came at a $400 price point, that dropped quickly to a $300 price point, which seemed to be the money spot for sales. I hope they continue with that pricing strategy, especially with T-Mobile picking up steam with consumers, but not subsidizing phones.

    1. The original Moto X was $650 for the first few months. I wish that it had launched at $400.

      1. That was the list price through AT&T exclusive on release on August 29th, which technically was actually $579 off contract. If you purchased directly from the Motorola website on Sept 19th, the off contract price for the 16GB version was $399. So true, while you’re right the price was more at official launch, it was quickly changed a couple weeks later.

        1. Close. The $399 price was for the Republic Wireless variant only. Other 16GB models remained at $499. In January, the price dropped to $349 (Republic 16GB), $399 (other 16GB), and $449 (32GB and developer models).

          Your original post was that the Moto X came in at $400. It did not. It launched in August at a $649 price point, which didn’t hit $399 across all variants until 3.5 months later. A quick drop, nonetheless, but that doesn’t make it their initial price as your post misleadingly stated.

  11. What a great time to be looking for a replacement of my GS3. Right now, based on the rumors, it’s between the X+1 and the Nexus 6. Once they are both released and the reviews start showing up, I will make my decision.

    1. Me too. It basically comes down to whether either has SD storage, and if the Nexus 6 is truly going to be 5.9″ (way too big for me), or if it will basically be the X+1, Nexus-style.

  12. Some misrepresentation of Google/Motorola. Google still owns Motorola until Lenovo is able to close the acquisition. That may or may not happen this calendar year. All that was announced thus far is INTENT to acquire.

  13. The Moto X+1 will not be the first with Android L… if you know anything about Android OS releases you would know that a Nexus device would be released with it

    1. Nothing is written in stone until it happens.

      1. So are you saying the Moto X+1 is the new Nexus device?

        1. I’m saying just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean it has to happen the same way every time. It’s likely the next Nexus would be first with Android L, but no one knows for sure yet.

          1. Pretty sure that is the way Google has set it up to happen. The whole purpose of the Nexus device line was to offer bleeding edge devices with bleeding edge software for a decent price. Besides, Google has already proved that Moto is not and integral part of Google and doesn’t get special treatment (especially since they are in the process of being sold to Lenovo). I guarantee you that this will not be the first device to get the Official Android L

          2. Actually, the Nexus was not bleeding edge hardware or at a decent price at the start. Up until probably the Nexus 4 or 5, the Nexus devices were somewhere between midrange and flagship, specs wise. And until the Nexus 4 most were selling for around the same price as other comparable phones. The Nexus series was meant to show off the latest version of android, and the hardware was optimized for it.

        2. I’ve heard reports from dudes in the know that Motorola’s X+1 would be the first Android Silver device. Then again, said dude in the know has been wrong before. As @Joe_Fedewa:disqus says, nothing is written in stone and nothing is confirmed until it happens. Right now all we can do is speculate and talk about said speculation.

          1. The “Silver” device plan is low budget phones… not high end phones like this

          2. You’re referring to Android One, which sure, sounds a lot like Silver, but shouldn’t be considered the same thing.

          3. oh yeah, lol… you are right, well I guess it could be possible

    2. Motorola beat the nexus on kit kat

      1. No it didn’t. It beat the old nexus 4, but not the nexus 5. That’s what I’m saying, Google releases a nexus device with every major os iteration

        1. It beat all nexus with kit kat update. The Moto x on Verizon.

          1. False. The nexus 7 (2013), nexus 10, and nexus 5 all got kit kat before the Moto X did. The only one lagging behind was the nexus 4, and even then the images were posted on google’s website before the Moto X OTA Update started http://www.androidpit.com/kitkat-ota-nexus-4-moto-x

          2. My Moto x got 4.4 faster than my 2012 tablet. You no nothing about technology

          3. Learn the difference between no, know and now dude. Never said it didn’t beat the 2012 nexus 7… But then again it’s OLD. I was saying it didn’t beat flagship nexus devices such as the 2013 nexus 7, the nexus 10 and the nexus 5

  14. “This will imrpove he pixel density …” Someone needs to do a spell check and grammar check

  15. I’m actually most curious about the BT headset. What has Motorola done that makes it worthy of sharing the stage with the moto x+1,g2,and 360. I’m going they have come up with something truly unique (maybe licensing qualcomm’s wireless stereo bt tech and have created their own for market?).

  16. Will it have wireless charging? I have the DNA and it will be hard for me to go with any phone without wireless charging. It would feel like a step backwards…

    1. Dear God I hope so. That’s my ONLY gripe with the Moto X. Isn’t not that big of a deal as I’ve gotten used to it, but as a former DNA owner, I miss that so much.

      1. The charging port in the Moto x get loose easily once you are charging the phone. That’s my only gripe about the device.

  17. I’ve been using the Moto X for a year now. It’s by far the best device I’ve ever owned and ever used. Every single aspect from software experience to hardware is just a delight to use. Even my wife who could give two shits about phones has said multiple times how amazing and impressed she’s been over the past year. I’ll be buying the Moto X+1 or the next Nexus, depending on a hardware comparison between the two, and seeing as some Moto X features are or will be part of Android L, there might not be a major need to get an X+1. We’ll have to see.

    1. How’s your battery life?

      1. I wish it was better to be honest, but I’m used to charging daily as soon as I get home from work with heavy use or at night when I go to bed under light use. I won’t complain though because I’m a former Galaxy Nexus owner. The Moto X isn’t horrible, it’s just not amazing either.

        1. I think your perspective on the battery is skewed since the Galaxy Nexus and DNA had some of the worse battery life for Verizon. Anything compared to them besides maybe the Thunderbolt would seem to have awesome battery. While the Moto X’s battery wasn’t bad it was equivalent to an iPhone for me which means me getting a full day or charging mid day if I were to go out during the night.

    2. Moto x is the best device in the world right now period.

  18. If the physical size of the handset doesn’t increase by too much, I WILL buy one. A 64gb version would be nice and a Dev Edition with european 4G radios.

  19. One positive that was not mentioned was Moto’s incredible radio. I typically have reception before anyone else coming from an area of no reception.

    1. I can attest to your assertion 1000%. I used a Moto X and LG G2 on Sprint and the radio on the X put the G2 to shame even tough the G2 is tri-band LTE.

    2. No one can beat Motorola on radio and call

  20. Im personally waiting on the next Nexus phone bka Shamu. I thought I would get a Note 4 if they changed the design to that mockup I saw with the screen that wrapped around the edges of the phone, but it’s looking like they still don’t wanna REALLY change the design of galaxy phones. The only way I’m a change my mind is if they make close to a Nexus phone with close to stock android or actual stock android, with a SD card slot.

    1. Samsung has have the same design since galaxy s2. It’s annoying.

  21. I got just about all those specs on my OPO. But I love moto. Looks like a beast of a phone

  22. If they’d made it available in Europe sooner, I would have bought a Moto X. A global launch including all US networks would be a pleasant surprise.

  23. I wanted the moto x but silly motorola launched in the UK 6 months late & only the low 16gb version. If they have brains & launch the moto x+1 quickly after america & the 32gb model then o yes please.

    1. They screw the European with the Moto x. It should have been realesed globally.

    2. Hopefully Lenovo will fix that.

  24. I really, really hope they don’t call it X+1. Just call it the X1 then X2 then X3 and so on.. Please moto, please.

    1. Too many unpleasant memories of the Oneplus in addition to the name X+1 being quite silly?

    2. Moto x 2 will do the job

    3. Call it the X2: X-Men Reunited.

  25. @Joe_Fedewa:disqus Google still owns Motorola Mobility. The Lenovo deal hasn’t closed (although it probably will, sadly).

    1. That is what I thought, the Moto deal has NOT gone thru yet….

  26. Bigger screen? I guess I’ll have to keep looking for a “compact 4.7” inch and rather go with LG or Note 4 or Nexus (if I choose to get bigger)…

  27. OMG! Great article but you have to get rid of the STUPID recommended for you popup! I have already read all of the one’s that it suggest and some of them are just outdated! In the past 2 days the stupid nudie selfie article has popped up TWICE! WTF! Nobody wants to see that! http://phandroid.com/2014/01/22/woman-finds-pornographic-photos-after-phone-is-stolen/#at_pco=smlwn-1.0&at_si=53f5146488c7a891&at_ab=per-2&at_pos=0&at_tot=1

  28. Can’t anyone make a phone with a 4.7 inch display with kick ass specs? Everyone thinks the customer is looking for strictly large screens, WRONG, 4.7 with killer specs and plenty of internal storage. Make the phone out of quality materials and great design. They will sell tons of them. The Note 4 is a great device but without the S-Pen tool I wouldn’t buy a large screen device.

    1. Check out sony’s Z # compact pones, pretty solid if that’s your market.

    2. I wish these manufacturers will make three sizes with same specs. 4.7 5.0 and 5.2

  29. I’d be all over this at launch. I tried replacing my N5 with the Moto X, but I missed the screen size and resolution, and the camera seemed better on the N5. These specs/features would exceed my wishlist for the Moto X. The rumored front facing speakers (hopefully in stereo) would be icing on the cake.

    1. I could not agree more. These device will be perfect if they finally put good sensors and lens in the camera.

      1. While Motorola has a history of putting the best phone antennas they also own the reputation of having the worse cameras. The Moto X had way too much noise in the pictures, the pictures were so over processed, and the camera controls were way too basic. I am not asking for a Lumia 1020 or even iPhone but something equal to a Galaxy camera or OnePlus One quality is called for

        1. I will take antennas over cameras anytime. The best camera on Android lg has it.

  30. Too bad. Wished it was coming in at 5 inches or less. 5.2 is not for me sadly. Loved the 4.7 Moto X, just wished for more battery life.

    1. They are shrinking the bezels. It should feel like 4.9 in hand.

      1. Let’s hope.

        1. I feel Moto can release three sizes same specs

      2. That’s what she said

        1. Go back to Arkansas, you do not know nothing about technology

  31. I just bought the “X” and I’m very satisfied with it, and have no plans to upgrade anytime soon.

    1. You are a tool. You should have waited for the Moto x +1.

      1. There were some pretty good discounts on the X recently. Sometimes last year’s phone on sale can be a better deal than the latest and greatest.

        1. The last deal I saw was back to school for $299, but at $300 I feel a OnePlus One if you can get your hands on one or a Nexus 5 is a much better bet.

        2. You are right

      2. I’m not sure why buying something that I am very satisfied with makes me a tool. It was on sale for what I believe it’s worth, which brand new with the Teak backing was $325. I know the X+ will be at least $550, if not more. The X is the perfect size for me, when I need bigger, I just grab my Nexus 7 (2G). I have no use for a 4K video camera for at least another 5 years, and 10 MP is more than enough for a camera phone. And I stopped being the first to buy gadgets a few years ago. Found out the hard way to let other people buy expensive hardware and work the bugs out so when I get it 6 months later, its working properly. If all of that makes me a tool, then I’d rather be a happy tool with money in my pocket than a sucker

        1. The new Moto x will have a good price too

        2. You are a cheap tool lol

          1. How about frugal tool?

    2. Mistake unless you really can’t tolerate the larger screen or want to save $100-$200 but the new specs are defiantly worth the extra money especially the bigger battery

  32. This looks exciting, I’m even holding off on getting a new phone because of all of these leaks. The only problem is that in Canada Rogers always gets Motorola’s flagship phones and no device is worth switching to Rogers for. Canada’s biggest wireless companies have a bit of a choke hold on great devices making it difficult for consumers to get what they really want. What I’d really like is to just buy this phone unlocked from Motorola.

  33. Moto just took too long. If there is some deal I’ll be buying. But for now I’m loving my long battery life on my OPO and the big screen.

  34. 64GB Version and I am sold

  35. Qi charging and $350 off contact and I’m sold!

    1. ha, I highly doubt with these specs they will start at $350. I think they will start bellow flagship pricing ($650-$700) at $500 and throughout the year they will have sales and price cuts leading to a $300-$400 range.

  36. How much storage, and will it take a micro SD card? Both of those are very important.

    1. The rumor is that it will. That’s a dealmaker for me as well.

    2. If I can get a 64gb version through Moto Maker, I could live without SD support. But I’d rather have 32gb + SD.

  37. Will the Moto X+1 have active notifications and touchless controls like the Moto X? I would have to assume so, but I never heard anything about a second processor like the moto X has.

    1. I really hope they have those features.

    2. The snapdragon 800 series and higher have a dedicated core for language processing. The capability is there, let’s hope they use it

      1. If the nexus 6 is made by Motorola and has the same features, what will distinguish the Moto X from the Nexus 6? Just price? I’m thinking I should wait to see what the Nexus 6 has to offer.

  38. The moto x +1 will destroy all the flashi devices.

  39. The Moto X1 can be a winner, if Lenovo/Motorola can keep a honest price to the device!

  40. This was the phone I was going to wait for if I didn’t get a OnePlus One. While I defiantly like the size for on the Moto X line I figured why pay $400+ when I can get a phone with better specs and has Cyanogen Mod. I think the +1 will be a great phone but my gut tells me the camera will still be behind the pack.

  41. Funny how they say the X had good battery life but the #1 improvement people voted for was better battery. Myself included I never get a full day from my X if I’m actually using it.

  42. I have the oneplus but this phone and a nexus 6 are the only others I would be interested in.

  43. If this new device has 64gb of int storage & adds the latest LTE Radios I would buy it. The camera needs to give quality pictures.

  44. Hope this comes with an sdcard slot. Streaming song on data has put me over my data limit more than twice in my 6 month of having the phone. They should not even make a 16gb or lower at all if they plan on not having a SD slot.

  45. The “upgrade” that I would want is to be able to get it on T-Mobile’s JUMP program. I love the materials…I really want some wood in my pocket.

  46. “specspectations,” if you will ;)

  47. specs are incomplete with storage size.

  48. There was a recent MIT article about the ability to use infrared LED lights and machine learning techniques to turn a single-lens camera into a 3-D one.


    Someone on my Google plus feed wrote this comment about it:

    >**MIT’s New Single-Lens 3D Camera Looks a Lot Like the Moto X+1’s**
    > Thinking of Google’s +Project Tango, which is using a dual-camera prototype mobile device to provide 3D mapping of objects and of spaces that you walk through, This development from MIT that uses a single traditional camera lens in conjunction with near-infrared LEDs, which essentially turn the camera into both a traditional camera and an infrared camera.
    > —
    > What’s particularly interesting about this new device is that it looks remarkably similar to the supposedly zero-flash camera being seen in early leaked photos that purport to show the upcoming Moto X+1 smartphone.
    > The alleged Moto photo shows only four small LED lamps of some kind surrounding the camera lens, while there are six near-infrared LED sensors in the MIT design, but the layout and the probable sizes is essentially identical.
    > —
    > My guess: Moto may be one of the first to get a single-lens 3D camera, probably not in the upcoming Moto X+1, but no doubt the multilateral brainstorming that’s a part of the +Google ATAP team’s product development may have inspired some further refinements at MIT – or vice versa.
    > At Google I/O next year the fruits of Project Tango in more production-ready form are likely to surface, and the form factor for Moto X+1-generation phones looks to be ready for the opportunity coming from Tango.


    > “turn the camera into both a traditional camera and an infrared camera”

    > “sensors are coming out that can switch between regular camera and infrared camera”


    Eye-tracking requires a camera that senses infrared.

    Maybe this is the kind of switching sensor that the eye-tracking company is talking about?

    Or maybe I’m completely wrong.

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