Moto X+1 headed to all 4 major US carriers, codenamed ‘Victara’ [RUMOR]


Motorola Moto X+1 page

We’ve watched as over the past few weeks, more and more details about the alleged Motorola Moto X+1 have leaked online. It was earlier this month we saw the phone leak on Motorola’s site carrying a -$400 price tag, then later as the FLEXR2 revealing Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint variants of the device — but no mention of T-Mobile.

We weren’t too worried, given last year’s Motorola Moto X was made available to all 4 carriers. Turns out, @evleaks is back and dropping more truth bombs after seemingly confirming the Moto X+1 will launch on all 4 major US carriers. We know, not much of a surprise. But it should help give those looking to make this device their next smartphone purchase a little added peace of mind.

What’s more is @evleaks mentions the phone is now going by the codename Victara, something we’ll make sure to keep an eye out for in future.


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  1. If the Moto X² is the same design and beefier specs then I’m in

  2. The Moto X didn’t launch on all 4 carriers technically. For Tmo you have to buy the unlocked version. There wasn’t one specific to Tmo.

    1. True and even though @evleaks isn’t always 100% correct in all his leaks, I’m crossing my fingers T-Mobile gets an actual variant with WiFi calling.

      1. I wouldn’t hate this, IMO.

        For the immediate time, though, I need Moto to drop another X sale on us. Wife’s GS3 is about done.

      2. Same reason I passed on the N5.

        1. What reason?

    2. I’d rather have an Unlocked version to run on T-Mobile than a Sprint carrier variant ANY day of the week.

      1. not me! i rather have a tmobile branded moto x as the unlocked one does not have all of the lte bands that a regular tmobile phone have, and the reason i say this is because i own a galaxy s4 and a moto x xt1053 for tmobile, the moto x does not get lte some areas that my galaxy s4 do.

  3. That’s one mistake they fixed from last time. That’s a good start for Moto.

    Now the other thing the need to fix is the specs and the expensive price.

  4. I hope we get some specs and dimensions soon as well

  5. If that $400 price point is still in the rumor mill, screw the 1+1.

    1. I have a feeling it’ll be close the cost of the latest Nexus, maybe a little more. $400 sounds reasonable.

      1. The Nexus line is dead. Maybe we’ll see a large format tablet, but Android Silver is supposed to take over.

        1. Nexus isn’t dead yet. There’s rumored to be one more Nexus for this year before Silver and Project Ara get released next year.

    2. Yeah screw it!!!! I want companies to sell me phones below cost because I think they should be cheaper no matter what it costs to make. These companies don’t deserve to make a profit at all!!!!!! I’m with you completely! They should sell top of line phones for $150 because that is what I want to pay.

      Also, I really don’t care about actual performance of the phone. I just want top of the line specs so I can measure my e-junk against other phones!!!!!!


      1. You do know these companies aren’t LOSING money with their hardware. They may break even or potentially make minimal profit but there’s still profit.

        Don’t forget for Oneplus they’re doing pretty much all viral marketing so they don’t necessarily need a marketing budget as it’s all done by their following. Also it’s a damn rehash of another company, no real R&D, etc. budget either other than paying Cyanogen.

        On Moto’s case they make affordable devices that WORK unlike other manufacturers. And guess what they still make money off the hardware as their focus is software optimization. Hell the E beats the S5 on simple tasks, that’s baffling.

        Nexus has shown us it’s possible, and thus far Motorola has seen that and followed suit, so they’ll have my money.

        1. They already said the oneplus is sold at cost hence no profit. That’s not sustainable for any company so you can’t expect those kind of prices. Investors will be gone in a heart beat.

          Your logic on pricing that you want is flawed. Your budget logic is flawed as well.

          1. That’s fine and dandy but when you’re a new company you have to break into the market head first in some form. Oneplus hit the big OEMs hard with top hardware at a low price point. Of course I don’t expect their sequel to maintain that same portfolio.

            Why is it flawed? It worked for years on the Nexus line. Is that why they’re getting rid of Nexus, we’ll never know. But you can’t tell me Motorola isn’t a pioneer in delivering a great experience at all price points. That was my initial point as we are on a Moto article.

            As a side note, if Oneplus had actually managed to allow me to purchase their device upon announcement I would have gladly jumped on it. But now I have to wait for the competition and the hope that an 805 processor or something pops up

  6. In for the water resistance?

  7. Dear Motorola, please don’t screw this up, the Moto X is near perfect. Please just update the X8 SoC, improve the non-pentile OLED with better color calibration, and better camera. Stick with near stock Android and issue updates with Nexus-like speed. Don’t make it any bigger, 4.7″ is perfect. Thanks.

    1. 1080p screen and sdcard slot.

      1. I wouldn’t want or expect this on the 2nd Gen X. The 720p screen is quite adequate for most users probably, and goes against Moto’s battery life stance. However, I’d welcome this on a higher specced 2nd model.

        1. Yea 1080p is fine if it’s the same 4.7″ size, but it’s not necessary. Unlike the pentile 1080p screens from Samsung/etc, the 720p Moto one is non-pentile so the subpixel density is roughly the same. I’m fine with 720p continuing but it NEEDS to have better color calibration.

    2. thos +10000000…plus what moises1204 said

    3. You couldn’t have said it any better. Most of the points you mentioned made me switch from iPhone 5 to Android. Let’s hope Motorola will keep this winning combination of size, screen, software, and features.

  8. Perfect price tag still wish they add SD card slot then I’ll go back buying motorola

    1. It seems likely, both the Moto E and the new Moto G support SD cards. It would make sense to make it a feature on their flagship.

  9. Was the original Moto X waterproof? And will this one be?

    1. I’m pretty sure all Moto phones will be “water repellant.” Motorola has never claimed any of the phones are water resistant or waterproof.

      1. Is that comparable to what Sony has with its Z line? Or are those fully waterproof?

        1. No it isn’t

        2. It’s pretty damn good though. I bought the moto g as a running companion, because I didn’t want to damage my nexus 5 and it’s almost indestructible. I’m running 6 miles a day most of the time in rain and it takes it like a champ.

    2. Though it is not spec’d to be water resistant (no device can be “Waterproof” only water resistant) Motorola has always done a great job of making tough devices. For example, my OG droid got thrown from my moving car (still works), my Bionic drank a monster (Still works after a battery change and a bath in an ultrasonic), and my Razr maxx HD spent about 30 min moving between 4ft under ~ 14ft (I had it in my pocket while teaching swim lessons) and I pulled it out and let it dry, gave it a charge and it works perfectly to this day. I am a bit more careful with my Moto X, but I am sure it would hold up the same.

  10. My only qualm with my Moto X is that my T-Mobile version doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling. I go to school in rural Indiana, and I can usually get by on EDGE and ubiqutuous campus wi-fi, but there are a number of classrooms and places in my dorm where I get no reception at all, meaning I can browse the web for days but have trouble receiving MMS messages and even getting reception at all.

    1. Well it’s not a T-Mobile phone. It is an unlocked unbranded device with a T-Mobile Sim.

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