Pushbullet update lets you copy text on one device and paste it on another [VIDEO]



Pushbullet has just received a very exciting update that will please you if you’ve ever been miffed by the inability to share clipboard data between multiple devices. They call the feature “universal copy and paste” and it’s very simple: you copy something on one device, you can paste it on another. For links, this has always been a non-issue — if you weren’t already using Pushbullet’s main feature of pushing browser content to remote devices, you were probably using Chrome or Firefox’s built-in tab mirroring.

But that doesn’t do you much good if you want to copy and paste something that isn’t a direct link. This also eliminates the 2-step process of having to hit the share button and then push it through with Pushbullet (which usually included you having to select which device you wanted to push it to, adding even more clicks).

The video above will give you a much better idea of how the new feature works. On its own, the feature isn’t enough to make Pushbullet a killer app, but the culmination of all the things the developer has done with it makes it a must have. We can’t imagine what other neat tricks they’ll come up with down the line. Be sure to give it a go by downloading the upgraded Chrome extension and Google Play app.

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  1. Love to bite the bullet

  2. Doesn’t seem to be working for me
    Edit: Just tried again… freaking awesome!

  3. These devs are just brilliant! Pushbullet is one of the first apps I set up on any new device.

  4. I was excited at first because he was doing it on a mac but then I tried it and it didn’t work, that’s when I seen he’s running windows :-(

    1. To the invisible boatmobile (and a PC)!

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