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The folks at Motorola have finally officially announced full details about the Moto X. This mystical phone was fabled to be many different things, but leaks and rumors in recent weeks have given us more of an idea of what to expect. First, the specs — is this the stuff champions are made of or is it another drop in the bucket? Let’s take a quick look:

  • Motorola X8 processor system (1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro optimized for Motorola software)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB or 32GB of internal storage (latter only available through Moto Maker — more on that later)
  • 4.7-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 720p HD resolution
  • 2,200 mAh battery
  • 10 megapixel Clear Pixel camera
  • 2 megapixel front-facing camera
  • NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi N, Miracast, aGPS
  • and more

All of this is coming to us starting at $200 on a two-year contract, and will be available on all of the “big five” carriers here in the United States. Each carrier will get at least black and white, and some carriers will also offer additional color variations of their own. So what about the other dozens of colors we were promised? Well, that’s where the Moto Maker comes in.

Moto Maker

So what is the Moto Maker? It’s what folks will be using to order their phones in the many different color options you see above. Everything — from red and green, to pink and (eventually) real wood grain finish — will be available through this site. The front of the device can only be black or white, but the back can be any of the other options available. You can customize the color of the backplate and any of the accents individually, so you can mix and match to your heart’s and style’s content.


More than just looks, though, you can customize some of the software aspects of the device and it will come preconfigured with whatever you choose (ala the Amazon Kindle line). Stuff like a personal start-up greeting, a line of text / engraving on the back of the phone, and your Google account settings can all be customized here, and Motorola will set all of that up for you so it truly is your phone from the moment you open the box.

All of this comes t no extra charge. Users can also take that time to choose which accessories they want bundled with the device, though you will have to pay extra for those. In all, the Moto Maker is supposed to afford folks over 2,000 different combinations. We’re not sure if that’s just color alone or if Motorola is using the accessories to go along with that, but we’ll be looking to find out either way.

There is one bit of bad news — the Moto Maker customization is an AT&T exclusive to start, though we’ve been told that other carriers will be able to offer the same service to their customers shortly afterward.

Software and Features

Not unlike the DROID phones Motorola just announced for Verizon, the Moto X has Touchless Control, which uses voice and gestures to get you to what you need. It’ll also feature Active Display, which will show you the information you need on a small portion of the display instead of your typical notification light. The Moto X’s 10 megapixel Clear Pixel camera will also feature Quick Capture, which allows you to take photos in quick bursts to make sure you never miss a moment.

Built in America

Of course, such customization might normally add on a great deal of time to the shipping process. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Because the Moto X is being built in America, the phone can be turned around (from the time you place the order until the time it ships) in just four days. We’re not sure what that would mean for folks in other parts of the world if the Moto X eventually makes it out of America, but for now international details are being kept under lock and key.

The device is being built in a new facility Motorola built in Fort Worth, Texas, where over 2,000 new employees are enjoying work. That makes us feel all good inside, and although it’s not a tangible factor for the end-user, it should still make you feel proud about owning the phone and supporting Motorola’s made-in-America movement.


Pricing and Availability

The phone will be available starting at the end of August or early September in the US, Canada, and Latin America, and will be coming to us for an on-contract price of $199.99 for 16GB, or $250 for 32GB (Moto Maker only). That’s a bit more expensive than what we thought it would be at first, but there it is anyway.

Folks on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular in the US will all get in on the phone. Details specific to Canada and Latin America haven’t been announced yet, though we’re sure those goods will be on their way as we approach the launch date.

No off-contract pricing details have been given just yet, but as soon as those details are made available to us we’ll be sharing them with you right here on Phandroid. Stay tuned for more Moto X coverage, including video hands-on and more details straight from the New York City event going on today!


Are you buying?

And that’s pretty much everything there is to know right now. So the phone is officially outed, it’s been priced, and we know just how much of a “revolutionary” phone it really is. The question — are you looking to buy it? I must admit, when the device was first rumored it sounded like the greatest thing since sliced bread and definitely had my attention.

But at this price point I can’t say it has a strong spot on my radar yet. Perhaps that’ll change once we learn more about the off-contract price of this thing, but for now I’m more interested in the DROID options coming our way later this month. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and why not leave a vote in the poll while you’re at it?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well, I’m massively disappointed. Ooh well. At $199 on-contract I can’t imagine it’ll be worth waiting for off-contract pricing.

    1. I am as well. I was hoping I could afford it off contract no contract. This is heartbreaking

    2. Keep in mind when the Nexus 4 launched on T-Mobile, it only saw a meager $100 discount. I’m expecting the same is what we’re seeing with the X.

  2. Pretty cool. Waiting to hear off-contract pricing. If it is reasonable, I’ll grab it.

  3. 200 on contract… that’s a joke right? for some silly colors…

    1. Price you pay for “Made in America”

  4. lame. Was hoping to see some wiggle room on off contract pricing. What good is unlimited data if my phone isn’t up to the challenge :-/

  5. Last Motorola I have used was RAZR V3 and I don’t see myself using this brand in the foreseeable future.

  6. On-contract price was disappointing. Thought Motorola was really going to shake things up and offer the X for $100/$150.

    Guess there’s still a little hope for the unlocked model to hit Nexus pricing of $300. *fingers crossed*

    1. Agreed. Mid-range phone (albeit with some really intriguing features) for $200 on contract? No thanks, I just got two SGS4’s for $250 on Sprint’s BOGO. Oh well, lets hope the GPE Moto X is in the $300 – $350 range.

    2. Yeah but woodgrain!

    3. I very much doubt that. Call me “half-glass-empty”. Sorry Motorola, I guess we’ll have to say Good Bye in a year or so.
      I thought, considering current state of the company, they’ll go va banque and probably reclaim the market, but no – they decided to place a safe bet and go down slowly.

    4. But its Miracast capable !

    5. I agree its a looser. I thought they were going soft on performance to come out with a solid low cost phone. Instead we get the a new kind of siri. Is that hard to know what people like? Is it that hard to know that people are always looking for price, performance and innovation? This phone has none of the big three.

    6. No way – there’s zero hope that the off-contract price will be $300. It’ll be closer to $500 otherwise people paying $200 on contract would have to be DUMB (on all carriers except t-mobile)

    7. AT&T exclusivity is a bigger disappointment.

  7. that’s ridiculous, it should be around $300. even though they made it in the US, it should be lower because of the mid range specs. and a wood finish doesnt sound very durable to me. I’m gonna laugh so hard is somebody gets splinters

  8. The gulf between OVER-HYPED and UNDER-DELIVERED is the largest I’ve ever seen on any device ever.

    What a f**king joke.

    1. $200+ on contract, SIM locked = EPIC FAIL.
      Nexus 4 FTW.

  9. Need to know off contract price, for $200 on contract I would get a high end phone instead of this.

  10. Don’t worry about the contract pricing. If I remember, TMo was selling the N4 for 200 on contract

  11. Not impressed

  12. Wow way to drop the ball Motorola

  13. Dammit, Mr. Kennemer. I got such adrenalin rush and was going to switch to another window immediately after “$200”.

  14. Still getting a Nexus 4 in two weeks

  15. $199 upfront for this is more expensive than the htc one on t-mobile, wtf?

    1. Because Made In ‘MURRICA. F-YA.

  16. Am I buying? Negative.

  17. Rather buy the Droid Razr ulra over this if the off-contract price is more then 300

  18. This is what we waited for?

    1. lol exactly.. unlike samsung which is marketing + technology this is just marketing…

  19. The wood is awesome, but all I can think about are scratches and how soft wood is.

    1. Depends on the wood used. Cocobolo (not pictured) is very nice hard wood that’s soft to the touch with a nice smell

  20. Subpar specs at the price of a highend phone… no thanks

  21. Negative as well. I am not going back to signing a contract for sure. Tell me off contract pricing and will talk.

  22. On contract $250? That means TMo will sell theirs off for $500 plus…..no thanks! Wait for the Nextsus I guesstus….Or a sizable drop in the HTC One price.

  23. And 32g on AT&T only?! Verizon comes in short…again.

  24. who cares this phone is a big disappointment mid-range phone. i’m getting the HTC ONE or the LG G2

    1. HTC One is the bigger disappointment. Enjoy.

      1. You lose.

        1. What competition did I enter?

  25. Just to confirm, this runs Motorola’s Android overlay?

    1. technically yes, but its not as cumbersome as before….. only slight variations, and you might not even notice it…….. for example, Android 4.3 on a stock android Nexus phone has different camera features than the Android 4.3 camera on the Moto X

      1. Thank you.

  26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A

    Pretty much sums it up for me.

  27. Should the X8 perform as advertised, this could be a game changer indeed! At very least it is a step in the right direction, at least as it relates to mobile, in my opinion.

  28. Was excited for this to be like 300 off contract, and to have the customizations on Verizon. I really like what they are doing with the computing system on it. I can live without the customizations but honestly, pricing how it is now why not just get a droid ultra. I’m going to assume it is $599 off contract like the ultra.

    1. Exactly I feel like this phone is almost the exact same as the ultra just specs not as good.

  29. If the camera and the battery life are that great it may be worthwhile. But having to wait for an unlocked version makes it pretty likely that a Nexus or some other phone will steal my wallet first.

  30. #thenextbigthingisNOThere

  31. What a disappointment… with Nexus 4 pricing this could’ve been a good wife/kid/mom phone… but the profit margin on this must be through the roof! Bad
    phone for phandroids, but could be good for stock prices… most people I
    ever see in a carrier store these days don’t know the difference
    between iPhone/Android/WP, let alone care about the specs under the
    hood. If they cram enough marketing down the throats of the general
    public, it could be a win for Moto

    1. Not really this phone doesn’t really deviate much from the razr ultra line. So they won’t make that much on Verizon where more people who rather buy the Droid Ultra over this

  32. So how are those Nexus 5 rumors going so far.

    1. there have been none

      1. Whelp then this year has been a let down for me.

    2. you’ll see leaks of the new Nexus about a week before its released, and then voila, it will arrive…….. just like what happened with the new Nexus7

      1. Just hope I can get it on Verizon trying so hard to not use my upgrade.

        1. whatever you do……… DO NOT use your verizon upgrade, i repeat DO NOT………… Wait until the new Nexus is released before you decide anything, or else you’ll regret it. still looking at october/november release date.

          1. I know I use on average 6-8 gb a month there’s no way I would use it.

          2. you could always switch to t-mobile, they will let you use 6-8 gb a month (or more because its unlimited) for cheaper than verizon.

          3. Do they throttle?

          4. it depends, if you get a capped 4G plan, for example 2GB of internet, then yes, they throttle when you reach 2gb. but pay an extra $10 per month on top of your data plan, and you get unlimited, with no throttles.

  33. Major fail Motorola!!!
    Was thinking this may be my next phone but definitely not at $200+ on contract.
    And what the heck is up with AT&T exclusive on 32GB version… X will be old and stale before anyone can buy it… wait it already is……

  34. Very disappointed. doesn’t look like a pure android phone either, since its only 4.2.2. does that mean you will have to wait for the carriers to push out updates?
    lets see what the nexus 5 looks like.

  35. $200 with 2 year contract? Not what I was lead to expect. That implies an off contract price of $600+? No Thanks, I’ll buy a nexus 4 and a nexus 7 and still be money ahead.

  36. If I was strapped for cash, I’d still buy the similarly-spec’d Nexus 4 for $300 outright, instead of this thing for $200 on-contract. It’s off-contract price will no doubt be at least $500+ in order to justify the high on-contract price.

    Limited customizability isn’t worth paying that much more for.

    Waiting for Note 3 and/or Nexus 5.

  37. Super AMOLED? Ew. Go ahead, downvote me. It’s still an ew from me.

    1. 4 downvotes in 10 seconds. nice.

      1. I don’t care. I hate it. I like my colors natural.

        1. I loves me my vivid, contrasty, power-saving SAMOLED. I don’t need super-accurate colors on a phone, but I do on my desktop for production.

        2. So then change the display setting to natural………..

  38. A better question is what makes this phone stand out? A phone that eavesdrops? I now know what an Apple user feels like when they introduced siri.

    1. There actually a lot that makes it stand out, colors, computing systems, active display, voice function. just not that validates the price

  39. Was on board until I saw the pricing. Pass.

  40. sounds like a nice device for most people: quick to take pictures, quick for googling, looks really nice, and customizable from the factory to boot. digging the active display feature as well.

  41. Wow, I’m very let down. Specs for price point here is absolutely horrible. If it were $200 with no contract it would be more appealing, but only a little… The always on-mic and overall form factor (slim bezel, contoured back) seem to be the major selling points. This isn’t innovation worthy of the Google brand IMO.

    I had high hopes for the Moto Maker concept, but it seems we only get to customize the casing material and color and “some software options”. There is so much opportunity here lost. I was envisioning being able to have a few options for customizing about of storage capacity, CPU and even screen size. To learn there are no internal hardware configuration options at all is so very disappointing.

    This seems like the kind of product the failing Motorola would have designed pre Google acquisition. From what was revealed today: there is no strong innovation here, just an over-priced, over hyped product. I’m very disappointed in Google. Where is the innovation guys?

  42. If the phandroid “elites” are turned off by it that means it’ll probably be a good phone that appeals to the masses.

    1. Depends largely on marketing which Motorola is said to be spending close to $500 million. I think it will do alright.

      1. Oh, remember all those Xoom commercials? I bet they sold fewer Xooms than needed to recover from a single run of the commercial at Superbowl. Same epic fail will happen with X.

    2. yes… but how many people on this thread are ask “hey I am getting a new phone any recommendations?” also why get this device when something like the S4 has better spec’s. Joe the consumer is going to look at the tag and see 720p on one and 1080p on the other…knows he wants 1080p on his TV and might as well get it here since it is the same price.

  43. What a disappointment. After all the months of hype this is just a middle of the road phone. I’ll be waiting for the Galaxy Note 3.

  44. LOL @ this midrange “flagship” from Googlerola.

    1. I have an S3 and I honestly think this device is nice. People will buy it for its customization. My opinion. But regardless a good device for the masses.

  45. The simple fact that they’re giving AT&T exclusivity on the 32GB variant and the option to customize the colors first will be the reason why this phone isn’t going to sell as good as they hope.

    1. I could live without those if they had the right price but the combination just ruins it

    2. I would have jumped on a 32gb version of this phone, but not if I need to get it through AT&T. I hear a developer version is coming, but comes after general availability. Screw it then, I’ll just wait for the next Nexus.

      1. Right now, I’ll be content with my Galaxy S4. Have no complaints about it at all.

  46. this phone should not cost more than $100 no more nothing special about it old specs 720p really? AT&T exclusivity on the 32GB + motomaker? this is not going to sell well nothing good about it. big disappointment.

  47. Love the wood back plates. Definitely sold now.

  48. I can live with some short comings in spec but price !! Man, it was speculated between $249-$300 off contract but looks like from 2 year contract price of $199, OFF contract retail price would be close to iphone 5 or samsung galaxy 4 or HTC One price above $600…

    1. Parts alone are around $250. That doesn’t include packaging, manufacturing, development costs… The price point you suggest would be a major loss.

  49. I was really hoping that I’d be able to go online today, customize a phone, and buy it off contract for $300-350… shucks

    1. I am with you. Motorola should instead of anticipated spending $500 million on advertisements; just put that money to reduce price of phone and will do just fine. Otherwise, google will have to take another motorola related loss in their earnings when report next quarter.

    2. can someone help me understand why anyone would buy this device over the S4? On contract it is the same price… I have a n4 so I have not used the S4…the battery life seems interesting but I wonder what it would be connected to an exchange server.

      1. Easy, Courtney Love is more attractive than touchwiz

      2. since its made by moto aka google its sure to get all android upgrades quick. Good luck with Sammie and the carriers!

      3. * smaller screen is good for some (not ME, mind you, but some)
        * Don’t underestimate the appeal of customization
        * I personally don’t care for the S3/S4 design – particularly the plastic and physical home button. I much prefer this one’s design
        * Near-stock Android means it should be a lot easier to upgrade software.
        * Despite all the butthurt whining about the specs, the processor in there is plenty fast for anyone but spec-whores.
        * If (still a big if) Mot put a lot of effort into optimizing the software for the hardware, it should be very smooth and responsive.

        1. I think these are all good points. My thoughts are on the non tech person they will see two devices for the same price and one is 1080 and the other is 720, based upon what people do with TV’s I think they will naturually go words the S4. Customization does have appeal and I will see how it changes the game… hey I want to “customize” my phone and the main reason I don’t have the S4 is a locked bootloader. I think the moto x also has a locked bootloader :-(

  50. At $500-600 off contract (which I predict for VZW), there is no way I’m buying a sub-flagship phone with a locked bootloader. G2 reveal is on the 7th… we’ll see what that brings, and whether the Nexus 5 hits Verizon in October.

  51. Does it have a removable battery? If it was stated anywhere, I have not seen it

    1. Nope.

      1. No removable battery, no sd card slot.

  52. The pricing makes sense (or at least it was to be expected). Google makes money off of the play store so they are able to subsidize the price of the nexus without alienating 3rd party manufacturers (since they manufacture the nexus). But if google manufactured and subsidized the price of the moto x, samsung and other manufacturers would claim google is playing favorites and the rumors of samsung thinking about leaving android would probably come true.

    1. Righto.

  53. I think this phone will be “the” android phone for the masses. Pretty obvious motorola is shooting for the mainstream with the low price, customization, styling, and all the money they plan on putting into advertising. The nexus will remain a niche phone for android techies and I’m fine with that. Once you go nexus, you never go back. It only sucks for the people who need verizon’s coverage so they aren’t able to get a nexus. Hopefully with all the advertising, mainstream consumers will stop calling every android phone a “droid” and start calling them android.

    1. What low price??? they only listed on contract prices and 200 on contract usually means like almost 800 off…….yeah i guess a off contract S4 is “low” too

    2. Low? In your opinion what would have been a high price? No seriously, I’ll wait.

      1. $300 would’ve been a high price for this phone. The htc one and galaxy s iv were both $300 but they had top of the line specs. These days, $200 on contract only gets you modest specs. And I’m sure that all of the customization options are adding to the cost of the phone. You get what you pay for. Most flagship android phones these days are $300 so I don’t see why you’re so surprised that I’m calling $200 low. Maybe it’s not “low” but it’s definitely an appropriate price.

        1. ‘And I’m sure that all of the customization options are adding to the cost of the phone. You get what you pay for.’ If they do add to the cost, then it’s across the board on all carriers and that’s absurd considering AT&T customers are the ONLY ones that can customize. And I say across the board because the customizations are at no extra charge so if the price points [even full retail] in some way include customizations, why charge EVERYONE the same price when the option to customize is only available to the select few at AT&T? Not that I expect you to answer, I’m just saying the price doesn’t make since to me. Then you say most flagship android phones these days are $300, these days as in the present. Ummm, check again please because I can get Samsungs flasgship GS4 from any of the big 3 (Vz, AT&T, Sprint) 16gb model for $199 on contract pricing, the same as the Moto X. In this case, you don’t get what you pay for. Not to mention that on AT&T and Sprint you can get the 32gb HTC One for $199, again, the Moto X 16gb is priced the same and again you don’t get what you pay for.

  54. Some are commenting on “good price” or “affordable” – like hell it is. That’s a “CONTRACT” price. I was really hoping for a Nexus-like affordable (off-contract) price. Too bad. I’ll wait for the next Nexus = best value, hands down.

    1. Still could be. You gotta understand they need to please the carriers first and foremost so they’ll happily carry and sell the device.

      1. Absolutely. Vendors do not set the price of phones they sell through carriers. Carriers do. Motorola could be selling this to carriers for much less than historical averages, but the AT&Ts of the world really don’t want that precedent set. Their hugely inflated postpaid plans would be even more out of line with reality.

  55. I don’t think people are understanding that this is very marketable to the average consumer. People will love Moto Maker.

    1. You’re actually 100% correct there. The idea of being able to fully customize their own phone is gonna be huge for the average consumer. The hardcore Android fans will bemoan the price and the specs, but for the majority of people, this is gonna be pretty cool.

      That being said, the warranty process is gonna be a hard dose of reality for those Moto Maker users, no more calling the carrier and getting a replacement shipped directly to you.

      1. one mistake we geeks (myself included) make, is talking about mass appeal. we think “android phans will shun it for the dual core processor, but avg joe would like it.” this is true, but you must remember, before most people walk into a retail store they have that “one friend,” that they consult before making the purchase. that one friend is us…

        1. You overvalue your advice. Most people don’t consult their geek friends about a phone. They buy what their “cool” friends have, or they buy what they think their “less cool than them” friends would envy. A few people care about specs or what’s good, but not most people. Most people treat their phone as a fashion accessory.

          You want proof? iPhone.

    2. “People will love Moto Maker”

      And a vast majority of people won’t have it available to them.

  56. Until off-contract pricing is available, it can’t be “everything you need to know.”

    1. My thoughts exactly. I am disappointed the two-year contract price is so close to the rumored off contract price. I saw at least two speculations/rumors that it was going to go for 200-300 off contract.
      Oh, and what about sample photos from this “ClearPixel” camera? I want to see what this thing can do!

  57. No removable battery / NO SD Card = I’m sticking with Samsung.

  58. It is a good phone that will definitely appeal to the masses– especially being so customizable. I love the wood backplate- But you can currently buy wood cases so I don’t see the HUGE draw. Honestly, I would consider buying it if it came in Phablet size. I just don’t see myself going down in screen size, ever. If I were still rocking a 4.3″ phone I’d get it, but going from the note 2 to a 4.7.. sorry. Maybe next time!

    1. Yep, after rocking my note 2 for the last six months, and rocking a 9300mah battery in it, along with my 64gb micro sd card, rooted, overclocked, etc etc, I dont know of anything out there right this second that could replace my superhero note 2.

  59. Assembled in the United States

  60. Hooray for exclusive crap. :-

  61. I’ll stick to $300-350 Nexus

  62. Another US exclusive.
    Guess I’ll strike it off the list.

  63. This better be cheaper than the Nexus 4… my guess is that the 32GB edition of Moto X probably cost the same as the 16GB Nexus 4.

  64. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an off contract price competitive with a Nexus 4. I have a grandfathered data plan and a GNex starting to show its age. I don’t need top of the line specs on my phone. I need an affordable price, a decent battery life, and the ability to tether my N7. In reality I use that for games and anything worth watching in 1080p. My phone is a glorified MP3 player, calendar, on the go web browsing, GPS, and messaging tool.

  65. This is a huge fail. The price point doesn’t make any sense. The target market seems to be pre-teen girls, with parents who have money to burn on overpriced gadgetry, who aren’t already hooked on iphone …

    1. This has the same processor as the rest of their line and is technically as powerful as any other phone with this chipset. Motorola has focused more on *useful* software rather than going crazy, It’s also worth noting there will be a “Google Play Edition” of this phone. I agree that it is overpriced on contract but the phone doesn’t launch until the end of August so price points are subject to change. Hell, we don’t even know the outright cost.

      In any case, it’s FAR too early to be blowing the whistle on good or bad and we just have to wait until the reviews come pouring in.

      1. Here’s to hoping something changes. If it matches N4 off contract pricing then I may give it a shot, but the current pricing isn’t going to fly.

  66. My guess is that it will eventually be priced off contract near the Nexus 4. Right now they need to focus on promoting and keeping the big 4 happy and carrying their device. I personally think the device is great! Phones are at the point they’re only getting more expensive because they’re putting things in that are far beyond necessary! Time to take a step back like this and have a phone that is capable of perfectly handling everyday use and still be affordable.

  67. Quenton, How about adding an option in the poll for “would love to, but stuck in a contract” just to show how many people are willing, but unable to buy it….. or possibly have to “other” fields such as: “Other Phone” and “unable to – other reason”
    I’m in the middle of a 2yr contract on all 3 of my lines, so unless I buy off contract or break contract and jump to a different carrier (T-Mobile is a temptress), I am unable to purchase the Moto X

  68. My contract with TMO ended July 27th and I was really looking forward to this Moto X. I was willing to wait for it, but my wife wasn’t. So we went and played with all the latest and greatest phones at the carrier stores and found the HTC One to be the best for the money. I got 2 of them for $79.99 each from Amazon. How could anybody justify buying the Moto X for $200 on contract when you can get the HTC One for $79.99 on contract? No brainer.

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