Aug 15th, 2014

Motorola Moto X Plus 1 leak HelloMotoHK 2

We got a good look at some leaked images of the still unannounced Motorola Moto X+1 a few weeks ago when the device was pictured along with its bamboo battery cover and new metallic frame. Because rumored specs include a larger 5.2-inch display, a big concern with current Moto X fans is whether or not the Moto X+1 will be significantly larger than its predecessor.

Today, the folks at HelloMotoHK have posted a few side-by-side comparison shots of an alleged Moto X+1 front panel (just the glass) alongside the current model Moto X. Not taking into account any extra size added by the phone’s new metal frame, what we’re seeing is a phone pretty close in size to the original, despite coming equipped with a larger 5.2-inch display. In fact, you’ll notice much of the added size actually has to do with the bottom cutout for a new front facing speaker than anything else.

Motorola Moto X Plus 1 leak HelloMotoHK 1

While it’s still unclear whether or not the Moto X+1 will actually feature stereo front facing speakers (like the HTC One M8), we’d be willing to bet they simply moved the rear mono speaker to the front of the device like they did on the Motorola Moto E. But, hey — anything is better than the rear facing speakers found on smartphones these days and we’d applaud Motorola for the effort either way.

Looking at the comparison, what do you guys think? Still worried the Moto X+1 might be too large compared to the petite size of the Moto X?

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