Leaked Moto X+1 size comparison shows a phone only slightly bigger than current Moto X


Motorola Moto X Plus 1 leak HelloMotoHK 2

We got a good look at some leaked images of the still unannounced Motorola Moto X+1 a few weeks ago when the device was pictured along with its bamboo battery cover and new metallic frame. Because rumored specs include a larger 5.2-inch display, a big concern with current Moto X fans is whether or not the Moto X+1 will be significantly larger than its predecessor.

Today, the folks at HelloMotoHK have posted a few side-by-side comparison shots of an alleged Moto X+1 front panel (just the glass) alongside the current model Moto X. Not taking into account any extra size added by the phone’s new metal frame, what we’re seeing is a phone pretty close in size to the original, despite coming equipped with a larger 5.2-inch display. In fact, you’ll notice much of the added size actually has to do with the bottom cutout for a new front facing speaker than anything else.

Motorola Moto X Plus 1 leak HelloMotoHK 1

While it’s still unclear whether or not the Moto X+1 will actually feature stereo front facing speakers (like the HTC One M8), we’d be willing to bet they simply moved the rear mono speaker to the front of the device like they did on the Motorola Moto E. But, hey — anything is better than the rear facing speakers found on smartphones these days and we’d applaud Motorola for the effort either way.

Looking at the comparison, what do you guys think? Still worried the Moto X+1 might be too large compared to the petite size of the Moto X?

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  1. Looks really nice and good job with the dual front facing speakers.

  2. I can’t make out anything out of these pics.

  3. Looks good I’m looking for that smaller phone with great internals..right now so far….
    1)Nexus 6, 2)Sony Z3 compact 3)Moto X2 4)LG G3

    1. Personally i wouldn’t class any of those phones small other than the Sony. The rest are all >5″.

      1. Smaller phone WITH GREAT INTERNALS.

        All other <5" phones compromise internals..

        Details bro. Details.

        1. Just because they have good internals a bigger than 5″ phone doesn’t suddenly become small. Leaving only the Sony as I originally said.

          1. Actually it does as it is my opinion. My perspective. Great internals to me may be different than to you. What makes a phone better, bigger, smaller depends on the individual..

            In addition…HTC mini series compromise from their bigger counterparts..Galaxy minis also scale back on internals. A lot of <5" are also considered mid-range as the big boys now have flagships above 5 inches

            Lastly read your comment. you started by saying "Personally" implying perception .

            Thank you.

          2. Angry much, you’re getting lots of upvotes there I see!

          3. Not yelling at people bro. Treating people with respect bro!

          4. How can I be angry? Lol..your the one who don’t make sense..u made it easy..anyways, I will not humor this anymore.. Deuces.

  4. That’s a big improvement imo

  5. It’s a great size then. Hoping for a good camera too. This could be my next phone.

    1. Right now, everything is relying on the camera for me. Doesn’t even have to be great, just much better than the one on the Moto X.

      1. Im hoping for optical image stabilization in the camera. That alone would improve many photos just from shakiness.

  6. Really? Seems more like 5″ than 5.2″.

    1. Using the crude method of a ruler on my screen I got a ratio of about 1.10 between the two screens. Using the known size of 4.7 for the X that gives 5.17 inches for the X+1, so 5.2 looks about right to me.

    2. I have heard 5.1 and 5.2 as a rumor. I tent to believe the 5.1 more.
      Here is my Google+ Community for the Moto X+1, come on in and discuss!

  7. 5.2 is probably too big for one handed use regardless of bezels.

    The moto X was one of the only flagship phones with a nice compact screen size. Shame they gave up on that.

    1. you havent used an lg g2 one handed. since the bezel is limited, the phone is easy to use with one hand! thats my experience anyways.

  8. Kinda glad I took the bite on the 1+1 instead of this. I’m liking the big size screen and thin profile. I’m still keeping my eye on the X+1 tho as a future device.

  9. I don’t get why people are so big on small screens (no pun intended lol). When i went from my GNex to my Note 2 it did take a little getting used to, but when i cracked my Note screen and used my GNex until my replacement came in the mail it was like holding a toy phone.

    1. So because most people want larger screens everyone should want them? I thought android was all about choice, software and hardware. If you want a good performing larger phone, there are tons of options. If you want a good performing smaller phone, not so much.

      1. It is. When did I say that EVERYONE should have a large-screen phone?? I was speaking on my personal preference. Thanks for trolling though.

        1. You asked why PEOPLE are so big on small screened phones. I was saying that many people like a smaller screened phone, and the reason for that is most likely one handed use. You sound like you can’t understand why everyone doesn’t use a large screened phone like the Note series. But some people want to be able to use their phone one handed. My point was why do they need to make every phone with a large screen? When the X came out many were saying it was nice, just wish the screen was larger. Ninety percent of the android smartphone market is large screen phones, there’s plenty of options there if that what you want.

          And how is that trolling? Is trolling going to be the most overused word this year? You made your point, I made a counter point. That’s a discussion or an argument, depending on the volume level, not trolling.

          1. I didn’t make a “point” because my intentions weren’t to start neither a discussion or a debate. I was speaking on MY personal preference Mr. Argumentative. I get that everyone doesn’t have a need or want for a large screen device. I spoke from MY experience. Therefore the responses you have given were neither necessary or wanted. Thanks for telling me everyone doesn’t have big enough hands for a 5.x device.. In my 25 years of living I think I’ve deduced that grand observation.

          2. You made an argumentative post on the internet and you’re surprised that you got a response?

            Serious question. Are you a retard?

          3. Wow. Asking someone do they have mental issues as well as throwing around the word “retard” (which I find highly offensive as someone who has a mentally ill member of my immediate family) shows that I am clearly not the one with issues here and will remove myself from any further conversation.

          4. I’ll take that as a yes.

            Also, I’m offended by the lack of respect that you showed vzwuser76, so I don’t care that you’re offended.

            With that said, a sincere apology to any other readers I may have offended with my choice of words. None of you were the intended target but I accept that I deserve any negative comments for my post.

          5. When you say something like, “I don’t get why…” you should be figuring people are going to answer you. It’s really not much different that saying “Why don’t people do this…” If you’d left off the first sentence it’d seem more like a statement than wanting an answer. In my 38 years of living I’ve deduced that many people have tunnel vision and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t think the way they do. I’m guilty of it myself from time to time.

            You’re taking this as a personal attack, but you have to understand that in about any article where a small screened device comes out, many bemoan why it couldn’t be bigger. Which is ironic because the majority of devices are large screen. That is my perspective when coming on to these comments sections.

  10. What if this is actually the new 5″ Moto G?

  11. Note 3 easily pimp slapped last years Moto X, and this year Note 4 will pimp slap Moto X+1. Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or their Galaxy Note limes, they are the GOLD Standrd in technology todAY. pERIOD.

    1. Yup, sAMSUNG has the best LIMES pERIOD.

    2. You are comparing apple’s to oranges.

    3. But the moto x was never meant to be a note competor,more of an iphone competitor. I mean apples and oranges man

      1. I’m a Note 3 owner and I approve this statement. :p

    4. I got rid of my note 3 for a droid Maxx and don’t regret it at all..

    5. The Note 3 is great hardware (I’m using one right now), but Samsung has terrible software with lots of unnecessary bloat and lag. Fortunately the Note 3 has good enough hardware that it isn’t much of a problem. The Moto X shows how to do software. They didn’t add unnecessary bloat and actually added some useful additions rather than just copying Google’s services (Samsung did a very poor job of that). The Moto X works on much weaker hardware without the lag. The Moto X is a great phone for a different purpose than the Note 3. I have both and like them both.

      1. After years and years of TouchWiz, I switched to the OnePlus One. I can customise just about every aspect of my phone and I didn’t have to hack it first. If Samsung released a Note phone running CyanogenMod with S Pen tweaks, I would be in heaven. I was going to buy the Moto X + 1 since it also should have a 64GB option and I love their approach to Android but their sales support was nonexistent when I tried to buy an X from them for my brother. He ended up with a Nexus 5. I can’t support a company when their employees were so indifferent to actually trying to help me get my issues solved. I’ve never been so angry with a company in my life. And this includes years of Apple hating.

    6. Im not sure a Note and Moto anything can be mentioned in the same sentence. Highly unlikely people will be coming down to these 2 options as their next phone. Just my two cents….

      1. I agree. I like the large screen of my Note 3. My wife likes the small size of the X. I am jealous of the clean UI on the X, but the bigger screen on the 3 was the ultimate driver for me.

        I have three kids and they all have the OnePlus One (it took me months to get the invites). That is a great phone running CyanogenMod at a bargain price ($349 for 64 GB). They got that phone based on price. If I were to get a new phone, I like the OPO. The 5.5″ screen is nice for me, but it won’t fit in my wife’s pocket.

    7. Yes, they are both phones, but there aren’t many people that want a phablet simply based on the size. I mean yeah, I could carry my ID in a purse, but I’m a guy and I don’t want to look like a girl everywhere I go so I have a wallet. The specs are impressive on the Notes, but most people just want a phone with decent specs.

    8. 1. You sound exactly like the Samsung fanboy Richard Yarrell. Right down to the could-be-trademarked over use of the phrases “pimp slap” and “plain and simple” and “gold standard”, and the laughably ridiculous spelling/grammar errors. In fact, because of this and the fact that your comments are hidden, leads me to believe you are Richard.
      2. If you had any brainpower at all, you would easily recognize the fact that the Moto X was never intended to be in direct competition with the Note series. Screen/device size are completely different, emphasis on capabilities and proficiencies are completely different, target audience is completely different. Good try though.
      3. I had no idea there were such things as “Galaxy Note limes”.

  12. Those front facing speakers though!!!!! <3<3

  13. Professional moto leak…telling people to shut up over the screen size with a , we got this swagger

  14. 4.7″ is perfect.

    1. Old baby hands phinn is at it again

  15. Front speakers and great size = win

    1. If it feels like 5.0 will be a good size.

  16. Why bet that they are just moving the speaker when there are clearly 2 front cutouts? If you think they are just moving it, then why not speculate what the top cutout will be for?

  17. I want moto. X 6″

  18. Its nicw looking, I’d choose this over any phone out today, except the original Moto X. Just too big. Give me back my Thunderbolt and Incredible sized phones.

  19. Ok, now you’ve got my interest Moto!

  20. nooooice…!!!

  21. It will be close enough

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