LG joins the Open Automotive Alliance to help car OEMs create better connected experiences


Android Auto Open Automotive Alliance

LG has just officially announced their involvement in the Open Automotive Alliance. The new group — which focuses on bringing smart connected experiences to the road — mostly consists of auto manufacturers, but it’s not weird to see a company like LG in the mix. Not only will LG’s own collection of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches help enable Google’s Android Auto future, but they also have a pretty nice audio business that features a car audio fork.

LG’s AVN (audio, visual and navigation) platform will look to add to the smart services already available in many cars, as well as interface seamlessly with Android Auto cars like the ones revealed at this past Google I/O. LG didn’t go into tremendous detail about what they’ll be doing and who they’ll be doing it with, but we imagine they’re already deep in the brewing process with at least a few different car OEMs. Let’s hope we hear more before the year turns.

Quentyn Kennemer
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