Jun 30th, 2014

The World Ends With You Android 4

With all of last week devoted almost entirely to covering Google I/O and the developments therein, it’s easy to see how a few, non-IO things could have slipped through the cracks. Take Square Enix’s latest title to hit the Play Store: The World Ends With You.

Portable gaming enthusiasts will no doubt remember this as one of the better — and more unique — takes on the RPG genre when it debuted on the Nintendo DS back in 2008. Since then, the game has gotten a facelift courtesy of flashy new HD befitting of our modern mobile devices. Although it’s a bit pricey at $18, the game has already garnered 90 out of 114 5-star reviews on Google Play, with the original Nintendo DS version receiving 78% 5-star rating on Amazon (where it still retails for $34).

Now, we’re not saying this game is for everyone.  We’re sure its steep price tag has already sent more than a few of you reaching for the door — but Square Enix fans should know what they’re getting. There’s no question The World Ends With You is a solid entry to the RPG genre, one that is severely lacking on our Android devices. You can find links to this wonderful game below where, if nothing else, you can bookmark it for the next time you come across a Google Play gift card.

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