What will Android 5.0 “L” be called? [POLL]


Android L

The hype beast is alive and well. We are less than 24 hours away from Google I/O 2014, and the rumors are swirling like a tornado. Less than 12 hours ago the idea of Android “L” being announced at I/O was considered highly unlikely. Now, thanks to some quotes from Android chief Sundar Pichai, we will be expecting it.

There is still one big question to be answered when it comes to Android 5.0: what the heck will the “L” stand for? As I’m sure you are well aware, Google uses a dessert theme for naming Android versions. Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, and KitKat have been used up to now. The two popular choices for “L” are lollipop and Lemonheads.

Lollipop would be a more traditional Android name, but with last year’s KitKat theme we can’t rule out name brands. So, wise Phandroids, which one will it be? Does Google go back to the traditional generic dessert names, or do they continue to pair up with candy companies? Let us know in the poll below and state your case in the comments!

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  1. No option for LSD? What about liposuction?

    1. As long as there’s an other, there’s an option for everything.

    2. Brah, did you download that new nightly? Now my phone is on LSD!

      That could be fun… Or get some people arrested…

  2. marshmallow?
    gummy bear?
    gummy worm?
    sour patch?
    ding dong?

    1. Starting with L would be a good start.

      1. Although if android goes around the horn some day, I’d love to have Ding Dong. I can only imagine what the Easter Egg in the settings would look like..

  3. licorice, lemon meringue, then there is the whole proprietary naming thing like Kit Kat was

  4. Lion, like the candy bar.

    1. There’s a candy bar called Lion?

        1. I saw someone else post this idea. It has merit.
          1) It’s another Nestle product – good chance Google extends their partnership
          2) Lion is not currently sold in USA, but this would be an excellent way to enter
          3) So much you can do with Andy and Lion, except refer to Apple in anyway since they had an OS named Lion once……. :-( – OK forget it, Apple will sue over this…

    2. Nice idea, but 1) It’s not a confectionery product known worldwide, and 2) They’d be sued by Apple for operating-system-name trademark infringement (OS X 10.7) ;-)

  5. I’m pushing for Lesbian…. what? lesbians need love too….even if they don’t love you back… Burn!!!!

  6. Those are the only choices? I was going for licorice.

  7. Not Lemonhead – that brand to me doesn’t have the worldwide recognition like KitKat did… Licorice would be hard to make into a cool looking Andy. So I think it it will be lollipop or some SURPRISE like LifeSaver

    1. That’s what I wanted to say – never heard of Lemonhead.
      And I’ve been to the US 4 times, did all my grocery shopping, never came across such brand name…

      1. U.S. ? Lol… I. Had assumed it was a European thing because I’d not heard of it before.

        1. Well… is there anybody here who knows Lemonhead? :D

          1. So it is a US thing after all.

          2. Yes I actually have about 5 boxes in a bag atm. Couple if Applehead boxes too

          3. Yeah they were the candy nobody wants when kids go trick or treating… They taste like stale yellow starbursts

  8. Lucky Charms — another corporate tie-in.

    [Sugary cereal is almost a dessert]

  9. Laffy Taffy

    Girl, shake that laffy taffy
    That laffy taffy
    Shake that laffy taffy
    That laffy taffy

    1. Calm down.

    2. Damn, u beat me to it… And that’s the exact song I had in my head when I thought of it

      1. You must be a genius too, lol

    3. Down 4 life!

  10. Remember we all thought it was going to be key lime pie for K.so now that we all think it’s going to be lollipop its going to be the most ridiculous that we don’t think of.

  11. Liquorice. No way it’s Lollipop or Lemonhead

  12. I think its going to be Android Lorna Doone

  13. Lemon meringue?
    Lemon curd?

  14. Lutefisk

    1. I threw up a little in my mouth reading that. Thanks.

      1. You’re welcome.

  15. Is it a happy coincidence that L is the Roman Numeral for 50?

  16. Laffy Taffy… U heard it here first folks!

    1. Hey! I’ve said that a few times here this year :p it makes sense too since wonka is owned by nestle I think who makes kit Kat so they can stay with the same partner haha

  17. Lava Cake

  18. Two poll options? Really?

  19. Licorice, or, Lemon Meringue Pie are my two guesses. If it’s lollipop I’ll flip a table.

  20. Hopefully they go back to the original naming. pattern. I can only take so much of this under-the-table corporate advertising. And yes, let’s call like it really is. Nothing but high execs getting extra perks and kickbacks.

    I say L for Licorice

  21. I think Licorice is more likely than lollipop.

  22. Lingonberry Pie?

  23. Liquor Hole has my vote.

  24. Was always rooting for Liquorice

    1. You can make a nice black Andy the Android from liquorice

  25. I highly doubt they’ll use anything involving lemons given the connotation, lemon laws etc.

  26. Don’t care what it’s called as long as someone, either HTC or some ROM team make it available for my HTC One M8

    1. If HTC doesn’t make an official update for M8 users, someone would cry fowl. The M9 won’t even be out yet, so you’ll get this update.

  27. Android “LOL”

    1. 2nd best one yet (Android Lesbian from down below takes my vote).

  28. Nothing with the word “lemon” in it will happen, since it’s all to easy to spin the negative connotations of the word to disparage Android.

    “You got a lemon” etc.

    1. My thoughts exactly

  29. Looks like Phandroid’s Rob Jackson correctly guessed 3 out of the last 7 android names (and those were the easy ones (eclair, honey, jelly)) — http://phandroid.com/2013/09/11/android-dessert-names-list/

    Eclair (Eclair)
    Froyo (Frosting)
    Gingerbread (Gelato)
    Honeycomb (Honey)
    Ice Cream Sandwich (Icing)
    Jellybean (Jelly)
    Kit Kat (Kiwi)
    Lollipop (or Lemon Meringue Pie) (Lemon)
    Marshmallow (Marshmellow)
    Nougat [Noodle (Nerds would be hilarious)]

    1. Nerds seems almost destined to be it.

  30. We got some hard letters to deal with in terms of candy names if Android plans on existing in several years…

  31. lifesaver.

    1. I love lifesavers as a name, but i wonder if they have enough international distribution and notoriety. Even better add a mayday button feature called lifesaver in it.

  32. L for Lion followed by M for Mountain Lion.

  33. Jump off the desert band wagon and call it Android 5.0 Latte.. Right anyone? Hello?

  34. Most likely:

    Alternatively (in no particular order):
    Layer Cake
    Lemon Drop
    Lemon Meringue

    Comedy answer:

  35. Lime Pie

  36. I vote for LemonParty

  37. Android 5.0 Latte, sponsored by Starbucks. It’ll have an app with free drinks for users of Google Wifi.

    1. I like that but don’t you know what latte means?

      1. milk, right?

  38. Android 5.0 Liquor Lahey

  39. Lollipop is way more likely. Though I still like Lemon Merengue Pie.

  40. I don’t think it will be anything with lemon in the name. Lemon generally means “bad”.

  41. Laffy Taffy anyone?

  42. Liquorice

  43. I can only take so much of this under-the-table corporate advertising. And yes, let’s call like it really is. Nothing but high execs getting extra perks and kickbacks.

    1. No money changed hands in the kitkat deal, it was purely just mutual advertising. Why shouldn’t google get something for an arbitrary software name, you never even see on your device?

  44. Lemon Pie or Lemonade

  45. KitKat followed by Lion Bar

    1. Lion bars aren’t sold in the u.s. so it’s a no go.

    2. Android Lion, followed by Android Mavericks? Don’t think that one will pass somehow ; ) (but I love Lion bars!)

  46. Lemon lime bitter :P

  47. I can hear the iTrolls already. “Google knows android sucks, that’s why they’re all called lemons now.”

  48. android 5.0 lemon lime

  49. Didn’t see lollie pop

  50. Why Lemonhead? Nestle doesn’t own them, and they are owned by a small little known company. I’m expecting Lollipop or Laffy Taffy if anything.

  51. Although this rumor has not been confirmed, according to reports from some of the leading tech, Lollipop Android 4.5 will be released together with the Google Nexus 8 in July. Tablet device with 8 inch screen it is said took LG as a manufacturing partner.

  52. My vote is for Licorice. We don’t have a clue yet. This means that whatever it is is months away from release.

  53. What about Lemonade?

  54. with the system themed dark it could be licorice? or if not dark themed it could be ladyfinger?

  55. Lasagna? ;)

  56. if we move slightly away from desserts….Lucky Charms?

  57. Le coq lemongrass lizzle bizzle les miserables

  58. Lemon meringue xD

  59. Licorice

  60. Liquorice…because you can make some cool logos with something that’s basically a string.

  61. Lemonade

  62. Liquorice…. can’t spell that without Liquor.

    Or Lady Fingers…

  63. Lazy American

  64. Bust the trend… how about Lloyd?

  65. Leche Flan

  66. Oreo just released “Limeade” flavored cookies today. They must be the new sponsor for the OS, like Nestle did with “KitKat”.

  67. Welp, we still don’t know

  68. I predict it will be called Android L!

  69. I’d put all my rupees on…



  70. What if the new Android L version is named Android “El Goog” 5.0?

    Afterall, Google IS pretty sweet! O_o

  71. Limburger

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