Phandroid readers love their iPhones! Which iPhone 11 model did you buy today?


Like it or not, today is officially iPhone 11 day. Apple’s new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max went on sale at 5 AM Pacific with orders set for delivery starting September 20th. But wait a second, isn’t Phandroid and Android website? Don’t we hate everything that the iPhone stands for? Why are we asking our readers if they purchased one of the new iPhone 11 models?

Well… because you guys seem to love your fruit devices. According to our stats, 13% of all mobile traffic that hits our servers originates from an iOS device with 10.4% coming specifically form iPhones. We’re not here to judge, but we do want to know which iPhone you purchased.

We picked up the iPhone 11 Pro so that we can test it against the best devices Android has to offer. There will definitely be camera comparisons coming as soon as we get our hands on the phone, but we’re open to other suggestions as well. In the meantime, fill out the poll below and let us know if you’re among the 10.4% of Phandroid readers who love the iPhone. There’s no shame in it, just the acknowledgment that some of you have the capacity to live Apple’s products, despite their shortcomings. 😋


Nick Gray
I'm a life-long tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC. After writing about tech for more than a decade, I jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of Editor in Chief at Phandroid. Please contact me at [email protected].

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