May 27th, 2019

Huawei is having a rough month. The US Commerce Department blacklisted the company leading to Google being the first to cut all business with them. This left them without any future access to Google services like the Play Store. From there it all spiraled down, with Intel, Qualcomm, the WiFi Association, ARM, and more ending business with the Chinese company. You can read our in-depth rundown here.

With a 90 day reprieve for Huawei to maintain current hardware and some time for the US government to make a deal with the company, it seems like something may be worked out. In fact, it seems pretty likely. But the PR damage has been done, and the future of Huawei in the West is uncertain.

So tell us, how likely are you to pick up a Huawei smartphone in 2019? Has all this commotion scared you away, or do you think all of this will be worked out soon? Will you be keeping existing Huawei devices, knowing they will be mostly unaffected? Let us know in the poll below!

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