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The biggest day of the year in the Android blogosphere is almost upon us. The doors of Google I/O 2014 will soon open, and thousands of enthusiasts and developers will pour into Moscone Center. For those of us that won’t be in attendance the excitement is just as real. Leading up to the event there is always a cluster of news, leaks, and rumors about what we might see. We will be at I/O to cover the news as it happens, but until then this is what you should expect to see at the show.

Android Wear launches with new smartwatches

moto 360 designs

This one is a no brainer. Just three months ago Google surprised everyone by announcing Android Wear, a new platform for wearables. Along with that announcement was the unveiling of the Moto 360 and LG G Watch smartwatches. Right then it was very apparent that we would see more about this new platform and devices at I/O.

Expect to see both the Moto 360 and LG G Watch on stage to show off Android Wear in-depth. We’ve seen some demos of Android Wear, and even a video for developers, but there is still a lot to learn about this platform. Those watches won’t just be on stage for demo purposes, either. We expect to get pricing and release dates for the 360 and G Watch, plus some Android Wear device announcements from Samsung and HTC.

The LG G Watch will be given away to all attendees as an entry-level device to get developers working on Android Wear. The retail pricing of the G Watch will likely be in the $200 or lower range, while the Moto 360 will be priced as a more premium device. Expect to see a lot about wearables and Android Wear.

Google Fit will get you in shape

android fit

A couple of weeks ago we first heard rumors of Google releasing some new API’s for health and fitness tracking. These API’s, called Google Fit, will be available to developers to implement in their own apps. The data collected will be stored in the cloud and available to access from anywhere. Since Android Wear will be a big part of I/O we expect to see Google Fit announced alongside it.

Wearables like smartwatches are the perfect devices to track fitness. Companies like Fitbit, Jawbone, and even Samsung have built fitness trackers that can be wore on wrists. If you’re going to have a smart device on your wrist at all times it should also be able to track fitness. If Google Fit is indeed announced at I/O we also expect Google to announce some launch partners. Android should finally be getting more fit.

Google finally does TV right with Android TV

Android TV Apps

Back in April we saw some leaked screenshots of a new project from Google called “Android TV.” In May we heard about the project again, and this time it was reported that Google would unveil it at I/O. Other than those two stories there hasn’t been a lot of news about Android TV, which leads us to believe there will be at least some mention of it at I/O.

Android TV is said to be a lightweight version of Google TV. A small and simple streaming media device like the Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Google admittedly tried to do too much with Google TV. It was bulky, complicated to set up, incompatible with some cable companies, and expensive. It was a product that seemed to have tons of potential, but never really caught on. Ever since its launch in 2010 the platform has received little attention and app support. Obviously Google needs a new approach.

With the Chromecast they created a useful device for a very low price. Android TV will take that idea a bit further by implementing an interface and allowing search. We’re not 100% certain that Android TV will be shown off at I/O, but we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it is. Google wants to be on every screen you turn on. The TV is a big part of that plan, and Android TV would go a long way in completing Google’s picture.

Android Automotive puts Google in your car


So far we’ve talked about Android on your wrist and TV, but how about your car? In January Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, which included Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and NVIDIA. Google wants to create a great info-tainment experience for cars. The system will likely allow drivers to control their phone from built-in dash displays, similar to Apple’s Car Play.

At CES this year Audi was the first car company to show off an Android device for their vehicles. They were showing off an Android tablet with the Audi S8. Some of the features that Audi touted include navigation, beaming DVDs to the tablet, controlling windows, locks, and temperature, and the ability to detach the tablet to use at home. Check out our video below.

Since that announcement in January we haven’t heard much from Google’s partners. I/O would be an excellent time for some new information about Android in cars. As with the living room, Google wants to be on every screen you see, including in-car displays. The car is one of the latest battle grounds for companies like Apple and Google. It’s a big win for whichever company can use something as expensive and long-lasting as a car to hook you into their ecosystem.

More focus on design

quantum elements

A big focus at I/O this year will be design. It wasn’t long ago that Android was considered an ugly mess, but a lot has changed since then. Ever since Android 4.0 it seems Google has put a lot of time and money into making their products look great. Android 4.4 KitKat was all about refining the Android UI, but if recent rumors are true the next version could see a much bigger update.

The probability of Google announcing the “L” version of Android seems very unlikely at this point, but we could start to see some of the new design language. Rumors of a Bond-esque initiative called “Quantum Paper” have shown us glimpses of a brand new look and feel for Google mobile and web apps. They are planning to unify how things look across platforms and devices.

Another design project that we will hear about at I/O is Polymer. This is a tool that lets you build responsive websites with easy building blocks. The idea is that reusable elements will appear across platforms with minimal work from developers. Some of this can already be seen in the leaked Gmail mobile and web apps. Polymer is really just a precursor to Quatum Paper.

Will Hangouts get some love?

Hangouts wm

Will we finally see Hangouts merge with Google Voice? Will Google match Apple and add the ability to send SMS from the desktop? Both of these are valid questions heading into I/O. The former has been an often requested feature, but we don’t expect to see any major Hangouts news from I/O. Usually there are many leaks building up to the release of major features like these. We haven’t seen anything that would lead us to believe Hangouts will be getting any love.

Apple did make a major push into messaging with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Google really needs to do what everyone has been asking for years: merge all of their messaging platforms into one unified interface. Adding SMS to Hangouts on the desktop would be icing on the cake. Let’s do this, Google.

Is a new Nexus tablet coming?

Chock this one up as “highly unlikely.” Just this week we saw a leak of the rumored HTC Nexus tablet. We do believe that this tablet could be true, but the timing is so close to I/O that we would be shocked if they had a device ready to show off already. With all of the new Android Wear hardware to show off, we think a Nexus tablet would be a bit too much.

Weird stuff from Google


The last thing you can expect from Google I/O is some weird stuff. Google is not afraid to try crazy ideas. A couple of years ago they had people parachute out of a plane into the convention center during a keynote speech. Last year the CEO talked about wanting a special section of the country for experimenting without rules. They have a product called Google Glass. This is a company that can, and will, try anything. Be ready for the unexpected.

What do you expect to see at Google I/O this year? There is so much new Android and Google news just waiting to explode. We can’t wait to see what Google actually does announce. Is there anything that would leave you disappointed? What is the one thing you want to see the most? Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. If you guys get any extra Android Wear equipment from the event how about sending it a brothers way… LOL

    1. We always give away our haul every year on the site. Expect a contest to follow shortly after the event comes to a close.

      1. I know… you guys treat us very well. I am just unlucky and never win anything. LOL Enjoy the event!!!

  2. i can’t find “next android version”

    1. “The probability of Google announcing the “L” version of Android seems very unlikely at this point”. I agree with the article too, usually a billion leaks by this point. But maybe Google will surprise us.

  3. All i want is the Moto 360 to launch and for Google Voice to be fully integrated into Hangouts. Doesn’t seem like to much to ask, does it?

  4. I just want to be able to fully backup my apps and appdata with a built in feature instead of having to root

    1. So true. This is actually why I have an iOS device dedicated to gaming, and why I wont put hours into a game on Android (I swich Android devices too frequently).

    2. going back a few years, I really enjoyed Blackberries and their Device Manager which did this. It was available ten years ago. Heck, I would even do it with a cable, but, there is easily the capability to do it to the cloud, via Wifi or bluetooth.

    3. No root needed for Helium, check it out in the Play Store, helps me backup my phone without getting my corporate email shut down for rooting. Not a built-in function but well worth the price IMO.

      1. It still involves going out and installing software on a PC and having to connect it every time you want to back it up. If I remember correctly Google had something close to what I was looking for when they released ICS. I remember setting up my galaxy Nexus and all my apps starting to download. If they could implement this properly I would be thrilled.

  5. Really looking forward to the next version of Android.

    Personally I have little to no interest in google wear. Not spending money on phones, tablets AND watches. A smartphone does everything I need.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. Like Joe said, a redesign of Google apps and services — sure. But don’t expect Google to even mention the next version of Android (possibly allude to it).

      1. Actually, it’s almost confirmed that we’ll be seeing the L release at I/O, inferring from the latest interview with Sundar Pichai. This is meant to give companies more time to test the software for their fall release of phones for the holiday rush.

  6. Will Google be leveraging the anti-gravity technology that Chavez uses for his hair?

  7. Wish there was an “All of the Above” category. I’m most intrigued by Android Auto, so I voted for that, but all of the potential topics are ones to be interested in.

  8. “Last year the CEO talked about wanting a special section of the country for experimenting without rules” wow, does anyone else think they heard exactly that statement from Cave Johnson CEO of Aperture Science? LOL. Go Google! We need a portal gun as long as it’s Android based :) Just preferably without a homicidal AI running the testing facility :D

  9. I want Google voice to be able to make and receive calls on android. I don’t care if it’s merged with hangouts or not. An equally awesome option would be to have WiFi calling and texting similar to T-Mo’s baked into the android OS. I would switch to T-Mobile if I could make and receive calls and texts over WiFi from a Nexus/GPE device. As it is I can’t find a device worth switching to.

  10. “Adding SMS to Hangouts on the desktop would be icing on the cake.”

    I’m annoyed by this comment. having SMS from the computer wouldn’t be “icing”, it should be required.

    1. Be it hangout or G voice, I’ve been sending sms through my desktop for a few years now. Granted it must be from a Chrome browser. I don’t see it as much of a stretch.

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