Sep 17th, 2021

Android 12 is around the corner, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 have arrived, and the Pixel 6 launch is looming. There’s a bit of a “lull” in the Android space right now, which Apple has deemed as the perfect time to open pre-orders for the iPhone 13. Earlier this week, Apple held another live-streamed event, where it showed off the four different iPhone 13 models, along with new iPads and a semi-new Apple Watch.

We know many of you are diehard Phandroids, but there are still those of us who enjoy both Android and iOS. Admittedly, I was up bright and early this morning just to make sure I could get in my pre-order for the iPhone 13 Pro in Silver. But we want to hear from you! Did you pre-order the iPhone 13 today?

The next question we have is for those who did order the iPhone 13 today. Which model did you get, and let us know what color you picked!

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