Feb 4th, 2014

Yesterday, Google announced some very good news for fans of Chromecast, the $35 media streaming dongle that helps folks easily get their photos, video and music onto their TVs wirelessly and efficiently. That news was that Chromecast’s public SDK is final and now available to any developer wishing to add Chromecast support to their apps.

You had to guess Koushik Dutta would be one of those apps. Koush has updated his AllCast app in the Play Store to finally support Chromecast again, a process which the renown developer says took just 20 minutes thanks to how the APIs have been built.

If you don’t remember, AllCast was one of the first apps that implemented Chromecast outside of Google’s bubble, but was quickly shut down after Google disabled the API calls it was using in order for it to function. Koush suggested Google did this to intentionally block third party development, which did have a bit of truth to it. Google says they didn’t want to give developers early access because of the simple fact that APIs weren’t ready, and reassured everyone that they would eventually open Chromecast to all.

We’re glad to see Google held up their promise. The latest upgrade to AllCast can be found in the Google Play Store, but note that you’ll need Google Play Services 4.2.34 in order to use the Chromecast features. That version of Play Services is rolling out to everyone in a staggered fashion, so you’ll have to be patient if it hasn’t shown up yet.

[via Google+]