AirCast (formerly MyCast) now available for testing, lets you beam Gallery content to Chromecast [DOWNLOAD]


Aircast landscape

We told you guys about Android developer Koush Dutta’s AirCast app (formerly MyCast) a short time ago — an application that allows you to play video stored on your Android device (and even those store in the cloud) on your shiny new Chromecast.

Aside from the name change, the app has undergone further revisions and is essentially ready for the public. Well, whenever the heck Google can get around to finalizing the Chromecast SDK. Because Google has been dragging their feet on whitelisting the app, the ClockworkMod dev decided to work around the Chromecast SDK entirely. Better for us, as we can now partake in the KoushCasting fun.

While the app is currently available for testing, keep in mind it is programmed to self-destruct after 2 days. Koush also mentions he’s managed to baked in additional framework extensions to allow any app that uses the Android audio/video player to beam content to the Chromecast. If you wanna give AirCast a spin for yourself, download link provided below.

[Download AirCast | via Google+]

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  1. Just tested with my ol’ nexus 7. Works incredibly well. I like.

  2. He released a new version today.

    1. Mean to link to that version. Download link has been updated.

  3. Although I am quite pleased, it did lag considerably with my s4. For clarification, this is not a complaint.

    1. Yeah, I saw one of the known issues having something to do with the GS3. Hopefully he can iron out all the bugs in future releases.

      1. 720p mkv perfectly smooth on y GS3. Haven’t tried 1080p yet. Hope they can find a way to do subtitles.

  4. Does this require a rooted phone?

      1. Nice…sending your article to my non-rooted Android owning family members now, also!

  5. My chromecast won’t arrive for another month but it works with cheapcast perfectly lol

    1. You should check best buy, I found 2 at my best buy and canceled my amazon order. Best buy has been getting these a lot faster in stock.

      1. online BB is sold out. you’ve been checking with your local store?

        1. Yes. Local store. They get new shipments all the time. My bb happens to be close to me so it’s easy to walk in and check. They have a display on tvs and one in computers. I found 2 by the tvs where the roku and stuff are at.

          1. did the store show it’s availability online? according to the website, no stores have it in stock within 50 miles of my zip code….but i’m not sure how much to trust that.

          2. No, online it showed not available. I just found it by walking into my store and checking the shelves. That’s only true way since they move so quickly.

          3. from working at bestbuy I can tell you checking online is next to worthless. The inventory system updates to the website archaically slow and even the inventory system can be severely off. If you call and find the nicest human you’ve ever met they might check the computer, but as i said that system is less than reliable. If you go to a store and look around yourself is your best bet, and then bug someone to check system/look in back. That being said bestbuy has tons of theft on small items, so generally rule is if the computer shows less than 3-5 units it means sold out, because they have probably been stolen already. Also there could be a box of 50 sitting in the back, but you aren’t allowed to sell them until someone moves them in the computer.

      2. I have been checking with them just in case, still out of stock in my area.

  6. This is shockingly good, better than when I mirror from my laptop.

  7. So after the 2 day self destruct it no longer works right? I no longer can stream my media.

  8. Can I reinstall after 2 days self destruct?

    1. Wondering the same thing……

  9. My sole purpose of buying the chromecast would be to be able to only stream local media. Currently I use my laptop and connect via the hdmi cable to my projector to see my movies. If I can use the chromecast to steam the same media with out the hdmi wire with same quality, that’s what I am looking for.
    So, is it that I buy the chromecast and install the Aircast and I will be able to use it for only 2 days is it?

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