Mar 25th, 2013

While many would agree that HTC hasn’t made much noise in the industry over the past couple of years, most would concur that their marketing hasn’t been so brilliant. It’s appropriate, then, that the company will retire the tagline “Quietly Brilliant” moving forward and instead focus on a “bolder” approach to marketing.

“We haven’t been loud enough,” said Benjamin Ho, HTC’s latest marketing chief. Ho joined the company in January, but the HTC One is his first real shot at putting his own stamp on the Taiwanese OEM’s marketing efforts. The opening salvo of Ho’s more aggressive approach to marketing came on the night of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling.

Not only did HTC station reps in Times Square to showoff the One as Samsung streamed its event live, but they company took a bold stance on Twitter, inciting the hashtag #TheNextBigFlop while openly criticizing the GS4.

The new approach comes with a 250 percent increase over last year’s digital marketing budget along with a 100 percent increase in traditional marketing spending, which is good news for Ho as he attempts to do his part to right HTC’s sinking ship. There seems to be a prevailing thought around the company that the One is their best shot at reversing declining profits. For that matter, the company is all in.

[via WSJ]

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