HTC no longer ‘quietly brilliant’? Company drops tagline from marketing efforts


While many would agree that HTC hasn’t made much noise in the industry over the past couple of years, most would concur that their marketing hasn’t been so brilliant. It’s appropriate, then, that the company will retire the tagline “Quietly Brilliant” moving forward and instead focus on a “bolder” approach to marketing.

“We haven’t been loud enough,” said Benjamin Ho, HTC’s latest marketing chief. Ho joined the company in January, but the HTC One is his first real shot at putting his own stamp on the Taiwanese OEM’s marketing efforts. The opening salvo of Ho’s more aggressive approach to marketing came on the night of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling.

Not only did HTC station reps in Times Square to showoff the One as Samsung streamed its event live, but they company took a bold stance on Twitter, inciting the hashtag #TheNextBigFlop while openly criticizing the GS4.

The new approach comes with a 250 percent increase over last year’s digital marketing budget along with a 100 percent increase in traditional marketing spending, which is good news for Ho as he attempts to do his part to right HTC’s sinking ship. There seems to be a prevailing thought around the company that the One is their best shot at reversing declining profits. For that matter, the company is all in.

[via WSJ]

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  1. HTC needs all the help they can get in the marketing department, other than that i will buy the HTC ONE simply cause it is a beautiful device. I am soooo sick of my G S3, I am not being sarcastic either. The S4 looks way too much like the S2, not the S3, which to me is simply redundant and a very bad move by Samsung,

    1. While I won’t be purchasing either device, I have to disagree that having the device appear similar to it’s predecessor is a bad thing. Personally, I think it looks more like the S3 than the S2, but I do see why someone would think that (the more squared appearance). At the end of the day, what does the appearance of the device really have to do with anything? Most people slap cases on their devices right away for protective purposes, which hides the appearance to begin with.

    2. your parents conceiving you was a very bad move as well.

  2. Two things is wrong with the one… The HTC logo, and the battery. If it wasnt for those two it would definately be my next device. Now i am waiting for the moto-phone. Until now, it sounds interesting!

    1. The battery is right up there with iPhone 5 and Note 2.

      1. The gas mileage is right up there with the Prius and the H2.
        OK maybe my version was a bit more extreme but you get the point. I have a Note 2 and a iPhone 5. and the Note gets MUCH better battery life… I use it more too. Apple is the “bring a charger” kind of phone.

    2. To some people phones pretty much do the same thing. They don’t care about the major differences, so they go for the small things.

  3. At least HTC recognizes that their marketing is terrible. Now they actually need to execute. Saying ‘we suck’ but then continue the suckage isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    1. You should read the article, it’s interesting. ;)

      1. I get that they are increasing their spending, but that doesn’t mean their marketing will be anymore impactful. HTC does not have consistent marketing, so that is something they need to work on. If their twitter campaign is any indication, they still don’t seem to have it right in their marketing department.

        1. You said that they needed to act.
          They actually already started, it’s mentioned in the article.
          Nobody knows yet whether their new strategy will work better or not, but the fact is they’re working on it. Right now.

          1. Maybe act wasn’t the best word. Perhaps execute would be better, although it’s still similar.

            For over a year HTC has talked about what they are doing wrong, but they seem slow to actually act. They mentioned over a year ago they release too may phones, then released a whole crap ton in 2012. I am hoping the One is their One phone this year and we won’t see a handful of spin offs in a month.

          2. Yeah, that’s true, they screwed up big time with the One brand.
            But that was just their line of devices they tried to change, not their whole marketing way.
            With a new marketing chief (for two months only…) who dropped HTC’s iconic tagline (much older than the One brand) and already started a more agressive campaign, you can’t deny that they’ve just initiated a big shift.
            I see what you mean though.

      2. My other responses?

        1. Yes, duh! your other blasphemous responses where you desecrate and lambast dear tech leader Samsung’s holy name, @camelsnot:disqus is the arch bishop of the church of Samsung.

          1. Hahaha.

  4. “While many would agree that HTC hasn’t made much noise in the industry over the past couple of years…”

    ‘We haven’t been loud enough,’ said Benjamin Ho, HTC’s latest marketing chief.”

    Their new tagline seems obvious to me…


    1. Loudly obnoxious. LOL.

      1. haha, or that too. At the end of the day, I just want the phone and I want it now. They can be quiet, bold, italics, I really don’t care. Just freakin’ take my money and give me one of the phones that I know is sitting on a shelf somewhere.

  5. I always thought it was ridiculous reading ‘quietly brilliant’ while listening to the loudest start-up vibration known to man whenever I turned my phone on. It wasn’t quiet, and it wasn’t brilliant.

    1. Man you are just terrible.

      1. Right? Dude’s everywhere today.

        1. He loves to complain about people complaining and only has negative things to say.

    2. Do you not find it an avoidable contradiction? I mean marketing should be clever.

  6. Nothing can’t go wrong… it is the metal one device.

    1. sense, you need to make it.

  7. HTC could become loud and shout to the rooftops, but I wouldn’t necessarily jump back on the bandwagon again, unless they added a microSD slot, and bigger battery. None of their excuses held up last year, so they have to realize that consumers are much smarter about their smartphone purchases than they were even 2 years ago.

    1. Just because you add more cores to a phone doesn’t mean it’ll run faster. Hence those on the S4 Snapdragon. Still dual core and running great. Battery technology has gotten better. A larger battery won’t solve your issues. Better battery technology will.

      1. Numbers don’t lie, when it comes to the battery life. Razr Maxx, Maxx HD and Galaxy Note 2 killed all of the other OEM’s, as far as battery life is concerend. HTC’s excuse, last year, was that they were concentrated on making the device “thinner” than the competition…with thinner form factors (or very close in dimensions) and better battery capacity. And if the OEM’s were to “wait” for battery technology to get better (majority of consumers still purchase the same types of batteries they purchased back in the early 80’s, when I was a kid), there would be no advancement with battery life (as far as the consumer is concerned). The most recent trend has been following the lead of Samsung’s making the Note last year. Then, after the Note 2, all of a sudden there were a ton of manufacturers following the same lead (bigger screen, bigger capacity battery, as thin a form factor as possible). I have long waited for HTC to get back on track, because I have owned so many HTC devices before. As soon as I heard their PR statements making excuses for their choices last year, I’ve held off from purchasing any of their products. Just looking at the physical dimensions, the Razr Maxx has very similar dimensions to the HTC One (it’s actually shorter), but I guarantee that the Maxx’s battery life will still be better than the One’s small step up from 2100mah to 2500mah.

  8. And yet still I know people who don’t know much about phones. They just follow what they hear on TV and guess what? People know about the S4, but no one I talk to knows about the HTC One. Well those who don’t stay in the phone game, at least.

  9. “HTC: Ignorantly loud.”

  10. Well, brilliant would involve making great phones. They have made good phones, but not great. How about a micro SD card and removable battery? Customers want that stuff. If you guys put that stuff back, I would gladly jump back onto the HTC ship and leave Samsung.

  11. or


    hehe jk

  12. I wish HTC would put some focus on their EVO line. I’d leave the Galaxy S line and go back to HTC and Sprint if they’d re-energize the EVO line and make it revolutionary like the first one.

    1. I’m disappointed in a way cause I just bought an EVO 4G LTE last July and now they’re dropping the EVO line for the One…WTF what’s gonna happen to us EVO users…?

  13. Nope, brilliant belongs to Samsung now, they earned it.

  14. i expect big things from HTC

  15. hTC gotta be bold and aggressive with their marketing campaign, period. AND LAUNCH THE ONE ALREADY!!!

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