HTC calls the Galaxy S4 the “Next Big Flop” — do you agree?


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The crowd seems to be split in the Galaxy S4 race — some are delighted about what Samsung’s brought to the table, and are looking forward to purchasing this thing. Others seem vastly underwhelmed, and were hoping for something a bit more. You guys are raging on in the comments section and responding to our poll with haste, but one major competitor decided to chime in with a rather boisterous tone.

That competitor is none other than HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer had a lot to say during Samsung’s Galaxy S4 press conference — the Twitter stream is actually a bit more entertaining of a read than the press conference was — but one tweet in particular caught our eye. HTC thinks the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the “next big flop,” as it adorned the launch with a hashtag saying as much.

We obviously don’t expect competitors to shower gifts of praise and love over each other, but it’s not everyday a competitor comes with this sort of blow to the gut. Would you agree with HTC’s assessment or should the OEM just keep its focus on delivering the as-yet released HTC One?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HTC should be that lucky.

  2. I have mixed feelings. I like the screen, but, i’m very underwhelmed with the looks of the device. I understand they have a recognizable device, and they want to feed off of that, however, they should have removed the home button at the bottom and went with onscreen buttons. They also should have done away with the plastic body and and went with something more sturdy like the HTC One. I understand that might have been difficult with them keeping the removable battery, but they could have put a even larger battery and not made it removable and that would have been ok like the Razr Maxx. I like a lot of the features, but wonder if it is more gimmicky. I’m also curious to how much room will actually be left on that 16gb model after all of this Samsung bloatware or software is on it. They should have went with 32gb and 64gb models, or just went with 64gb at the subsidized price of $199 and they would have killed the competition.

    If HTC can keep up with the updates i’m tempted to go with the HTC One, or I might just stay with my S3 and wait on the next Nexus if it comes to Sprint.

    1. Based off HTC’s past with updates, I think you will be in for a bad time.

      1. Are you one of those people that actually sticks with stock software and relies on manufacturers and carriers to deliver updates?

        1. What if he were? Not every phone user has a clue about roming and rooting. I think folks who frequent forums forget they are the minority; not the majority.

      2. i dont know my evo lte got jelly bean around the same time as gs3

      3. We shall see. Everyone seems to forget before the S3 Samsung had horrible updates also. I almost didn’t even buy my S2 because of the poor updates of prior Samsung phones I had. My S3 has been a whole lot better though and Samsung seems to have learned their lesson and let’s hope HTC has.

    2. I’ for one, am very glad they kept the home button. That’s one of the reasons I’m staying with Samsung. I don’t want soft buttons taking up some of the screen real estate. The look could have been better but personally I don’t mind. For me, it’s not a fashion accessory but a communication and entertainment device.

      1. You must have never used a phone with on screen buttons because they disappear when you watch videos or play games therefore you have more screen real estate. When you have buttons at the bottom of the phone you lose valuable screen real estate and the buttons are always there.

        The phone is a communication and entertainment device and should look like the $700 to $800 they want to charge people for it.

        1. The screen remain the same size with on and off-screen buttons. On-screen buttons take some of that space. The off-screen ones do not. I have the on-screen buttons on my tablet and it’s okay for a 10″ screen, especially since it’s 16:10 so they don’t interfere as much. Even if they disappear in games or movies (how do you press on them then? don’t they just dim like on a tablet?) they’re still annoyingly present the rest of the time.

          1. When you touch the screen they appear or you can set it to have 3 small dots appear.

    3. So stupid. On screen buttons are horrible.

  3. Coming from a company that can’t get a launch right. LOL The One is more locked down and HTC can’t even get it out on time. Not a fan of Samsung ‘s delivery or the overload of TouchWiz, but it’s still the best Android phone to date.

    1. To be fair they said late March and we’re not there yet. Everything else you heard is just rumors at this point.

      1. Unless HTC made a huge change with their bootloader, the One is going to be yet another locked down device. A coworker recently had to spend 2-3 hours rooting his Evo 3D (complete with wire trick). There’s no reason the process should take that long. The company’s recent track record of updating their devices is not good and HTC Dev had been releasing incomplete kernel source. I hope they prove me wrong and drastically overhaul the way they do things. I’ll take cheap plastic feel and open over pretty and locked down any day.

        1. The One already has root and bootloader unlock available. In addition to a dev version of the phone announced. I believe S-OFF is the only thing left standing.

        2. Actually. They just announced a developer version of the phone, with an unlocked bootloader and an unlocked sim.

          1. That doesn’t fix HTC always putting small batteries in their non-removable battery phones.
            Everything else is fantastic, and I can live without an SD card when there’s 64gb of storage.
            But having to charge 1/2 way through the day is just no good to me, especially when they could have chunked it up a little and added a beefier battery.

            Just my $0.02

          2. Ditto that.

            I could live without microSDXC for 1.5 years if I had 64GB internal, but in order for me to choose the HTC One over the S4, it’d also have to have a LARGE non-removable battery, and unlocked bootloader.

            You listening HTC? ~3000mAh battery + unlocked bootloader + fixed button layout (or no buttons at all) == you’re my new #1.

          3. battery life is not an issue with my One S, then again I dont treat it like it has endless power or should have endless power. If you overuse the S4 battery it will drain just as fast.

          4. difference being… you can have a 2nd battery, or an extended battery.

            I have the extended on my GNEX, best $30 I spent on the phone IMO.
            I go the entire day (I mean a full 24 hours) on regular usage (emails, calls, web, texting) throughout the day, average between 3.5-4.5 hours of screen time. If I don’t use my phone very much I get days of minor usage out of it.

            If I can’t get through the day on one charge then there’s a problem. If HTC did a 3000mAh battery, this discussion would never have happened :)

          5. so you want note 2 then? even the s4 doesn’t have 3000mAH battery. let’s get real.

          6. Guess what: Even the RAZR Maxx is slightly thinner (0.35″) than HTC One (0.37″), AND IT FITS A 3300mAh battery in there! Now do you understand? HTC sucks on the battery front.

  4. I don’t think HTC should have stooped so low, However the S4 seems to me anyway very gimmicky

    1. Exactly! HTC is in no position to talk smack. Just concentrate on the task at hand, remain Quietly Brilliant & get the ONE to market ASAP.

  5. lol. if HTC dont make a fortune next quarter. they should just tap out.

    samsung GS4 will sell better than the ONE. one X was supposed to beat S3 last year.

    1. GS4 will sell more units because it’s the Bud Light of phones….

      1. I actually like that analogy

      2. That was pretty good.

    2. Why is everyone hating on the best phone period… HTC One by a mile!!! Don’t get lost in the hype’ u might aswell act like an iFaN … Did u guys know there’s a HTC one developers phone .. Solves all problems FAST!!! STORAGE 64 GB if u need more than that then (damn) put it in a cloud.. Coming from a guy that never uses a case or screen protector’ all natural lol

      1. 1. I don’t want to spend that much money on a version that the original should’ve been.

        2. I buy my phones on contract.

        3. $100 more for HTC One 64GB Vs. Galaxy SIV 32GB + 32GB SD card that I already have.

        1. Yes I get it… But even 32 is plenty plus a cloud.. It basically come down to this : hardware : HTC
          Software : coin flips on preferences but I’m a rooter so it doesn’t matter
          Battery life : Samsung by a hair but not much
          Processor : Samsung but who needs 8 cores ??? S3 has two! Yet no complaining from anyone as well as i5 has duel..
          Display : HTC hands down
          Trust those that haven’t left apple yet will live how the HTC feels in hand just by raw materials..
          So ask urself do u really need extra extra extra storage/ battery? I bet 19 of 20 people the read this does not have an extra battery in there pocket.
          Developers will make the ONE trully the ONE! I don’t need gimmicks I just need it to work when I tell it and when I want it..
          Sent from my HTC sensation running 4.2 with 9 hour battery life with regular useage. Extra battery for extreme times but just collects lint in my pocket..s4 will out sell the ONE just like a corvette will out sell a Ferrari..

          1. I don’t like using the cloud, I like having everything there when I need it. Display is as preference based as Software, I still like the “over-saturated” colors of Amoled over SLCD. I’ve never bought an extra battery because I’ve never had trouble with battery life since my S2, but I like the fact that I actually have it as an option. Just like everybody with an iPhone says they don’t really need an SD card slot or removable battery and prefer to be locked down by Apple. HTC is the new Apple.

          2. I have one extra battery in my pocket, and two in my coat.
            For my HTC EVO. Such a shame they don’t want my business anymore.

          3. Are u talking about the original evo? If so , then u sir need any new phone will fix ur problems lol… I loved my evo but with 3 hours talk time I to had extra batteries but that was the phone that changed the market..

          4. 9 hour battery life? Thanks for remindming me why I switched to Samsung after the Evo 4G. Pull 24 with my s3 no problem.

          5. S3 is a great phone .. U can’t compare the original evo nor my sensation to the s3 .. Evo had like 3 hours tall time my sensation states 5 1/2 – but with the community I get 9 .. I can only imagine what I can do with the ONE ‘ And as long as it makes it through the day I’ll be happy… I do have a car with a car charger and an office with another… But u sir don’t ever compare the Og evo to the ONE IN ANY ASPECT except the HTC logo.

          6. This is just nonsense. You’re seriously arguing that an improved processor isn’t important?? It’s the name of the game, otherwise we’d all still be running a 500mhz piece of junk. 32gb is plenty? Depends on the user, in my case it definitely isn’t. I have backups, map data, videos and photos all using up space. Who carries a spare battery? Me for one, and I’d guess I’m not the only one. I have a Sensation and I always travel with at least one spare battery. 9 hours is fine when I have easy access to power, but that’s not always the case.
            I don’t want gimmicks either, but none of the features you mention fall into that category.

          7. U sir are right.. But technology has changed ..only time will tell but for me its easy the ONE IS THE CHOICE’ mind you the U.S. will get the snapdragon processor witch will prolly be the same as the ONE (snap 600).. So don’t judge a book by its cover ..

          8. I’ve owned an Orbit, an Orbit II, a MyTouch 3G a Nexus 1 and now a Sensation, all HTC phones, and I’ve never owned a Samsung device of any kind. I agree that HTC phones have generally had very good hardware, although the Sensation is an exception (the antennas are terrible), but nice-looking hardware doesn’t make up for a lack of hardware features. I was holding out for a One but decided on a Sensation instead when the One arrived with no expandable memory and no accessible battery.

          9. youve owned crap HTC phones, most of those phones are mid to low range android phones, ive had a G1, a G2 and now the ONE S. I too didnt like the no access battery but i got it because of the awesome software and there is no danger of freezing so its not an issue. FYI not having a removable battery is not a “lack of hardware features” its a lack of what YOU want in a phone. For most normal folk the battery and storage is fine.

          10. LOL. Not sure why I’m even responding to this nonsense. Having outlets is the same as being able to change a battery??? Really? Not having a removable battery IS a shortcoming, without it you don’t have that option, with it doesn’t stop you using your miniscule charger in the ubiquitous power outlets you mention. And for an HTC fanboy, you seem to be somewhat ignorant about their products. All those phones were top of the HTC range at the time I bought them (although there might some debate about the MT3G since it was a G1 without a keyboard). Unfortunately, HTC seems to have decided their strategy will be to copy the Apple hardware feature set, and the latest One will be stillborn as a consequence. I’ve always liked HTC, but unfortunately they seem to have lost their way and will shortly be back to the niche manufacturer that nobody had ever heard of that they were when I first started buying their devices.

          11. this is none sense, i currently own a 16GB galaxy s3 and never once I took out the battery or add sd card. still 6GB free space. I use my phone to listen to music, watch some youtube video, play some games, text, phone, do some general work such as email, etc…..never have any issue. the s3 has 2100mAh battery and 16GB space. if this is fine for me and I’m sure many are fine with it, 64GB and 2300mAh is now an issue some how? common man, let’s be real here. you sound like someone who could just whine about anything.

            i mean by your logic, i’m sure there is someone out there that wish the note 2 has 5000mAh battery or 128GB SD card extension and so on. can’t please everyone. but for the mass meaning 99% of buyers, the 32-64GB and 2300mAh battery on the HTC one will be more than enough. If you are the minority, then go get something else. fair enough?

          12. i had all those things on my T-mobile G2, with a 32gb card. i had more than 100 apps, map data, videos, photos, music…..i never came close to filling that 32gb card…its nonsense to say 32gb is not enough. If you need that much more storage you need a laptop. not a smartphone. If you can carry a spare battery its no different than carrying a charger.

          13. Just because it’s enough for you doesn’t mean it’s enough for everybody. And if you can’t see a difference between carrying around a spare battery and carrying around a charger, then you’re probably incapable of using your phone properly anyway.

          14. if that last sentence of your response was what you think was a sly way of insulting me you need to go back to grade school my friend. Outlets are everywhere, its the SAME as having a battery. Only a moron needs more than 32gb of storage on a cell phone. Thats how you word an insult, get it ? No one could ever use all the things that you can store on a card that big, no one! To say that and a non removable battery is a dealbreaker in buying a phone as awesome as the ONE in favor of the plastic GS4 is to further paint the moron picture on yourself.

          15. whoever have complain about the battery, sd card, just go buy a note 2 or s4. iphone still outsell any galaxy and has zero sd card or removable battery. this prove majority of people don’t care about them as long as battery is decent or enough storage. 2300mAH and 32-64GB is plenty enough for 99% of users. you are the minority my friend. quit whining at everything and go get your s4. thank you.

          16. Not to mention is is not 32gb, but about 27GB free for apps and media.

          17. I do not like the cloud due to having to always have a connection to use it and when you do use it and have no wifi, you use the data cap and it drains battery more than local content. For those reasons, $crew the cloud as a main storage point.

            I travel and do not always have a stable connection in a lot of remote areas.

          18. Plenty for YOU perhaps, but your standards are your OWN. 32GB means 27GB of actual storage for apps and media, and then have to hope the area I am at has a wifi connection for the cloud and if not, I use my data cap for my own content…. Riigght. Not to mention battery consumption is higher getting the cloud data than local content. $crew the cloud.

        2. S4 comes with 16 standard

          1. I know, but I was implying that I need 64gb and I will be picking up the 32gb version of the S4 (If I actually get it)

          2. So you have to pay extra for a 32 gb?

          3. $50 extra for 32gb (if it’s like the S3 pricing) compared to $100 extra from HTC One 32gb to 64gb.

          4. so its ok to charge 50$ for 16 gb but not ok to charge 100$ for 32 Gb, cause it sounds like math to me.

          5. Haha! Well yeah if you look at it that way. But the 64gb version of the S3 had the same increment in price as the upgrade to 32gb. And it would also be cheaper to just get a 16gb version S4 and then buy a 64gb SD for $50-$60. So no matter what you save with SD slot rather than none at all.

          6. To be fair, the internal storage is generally much faster than the fastest (class10) microSDXC card.

      2. $649. I rest my case

      3. HTC lost me after I bought the HTC Fuze and then The HTC Thunderbolt. I’m pretty sure their new phones are a lot better now, but I will never buy one from them again. Samsung got me with the Galaxy S2 and S3, I love their phones, never had a problem with them. And the cloud is good if you have unlimited data but I don’t so I prefer phones with an expandable memory.

    3. The One device(s) beat Samsung in sales? That’ll probably never happen unless Samsung really screws up… But if you do a raw comparison between the One X and the S3, I think they are two very close devices.

  6. I concur.

  7. I’ll pass on the Galaxy S 3S. HTC is getting my money this round. At least until I see the latest from Motorola and a new Nexus.

    1. Good luck with crappy HTC products. I’ve been burned on the Evo 4G and Evo 3D, never again HTC.

      1. People said the same thing about Samsung after the Behold and even the Galaxy 1.

        On that note, don’t forget Hyundai in the 80’s and Kia. You can’t always hold a grudge. Sometimes a company (especially when they’re the under dog) comes back hard. I think HTC went hard in the paint with the One and it shows.

        1. Upvote for Waka reference.

        2. Sorry Chris, as a former die-hard HTC “Guide” on Android Forums here, I completely and totally disagree with you. HTC has lost any rights to my money and respect. I used to tell people to buy nothing but HTC, but there’s no way I could recommend HTC any more. I’ve been burned too many times by HTC so no way I’m going back.

          1. Expand more on how you got burned by HTC… Humor me

        3. Chris htc did go hard with the One but until you have made a dent in Samsung market share shouldnt the keep quite until that changes. What if samsung turned marketing on HTC and lack of sales, lock bootloaders, etc.. Then what would HTC be saying,,,

          1. Apple could turn around and say the same thing to samsung. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I applaud their interest in gorilla marketing tactics. It has treated samsung very well and it is very entertaining to sit back n watch.

        4. I think the HTC One would be a good phone if it had:

          Revomable battery, SD slot, Unlocked bootloader/S-off, and Shipped with 4.2.

          I like the aesthetics and front-facing speakers, but that’s it. I’m also not a fan of the Windows Phone-looking Sense 5.

          1. Totally agree, though I’m not convinced that Android 4.2 is especially important.

          2. Honestly, what is so great about 4.2 that people are DEMANDING it out of the box. I could skip 4.2 completely and focus on Key Lime Pie.

          3. Wants an sd slot even though he can’t install apps on it.

          4. Doesn’t need a removable battery, and it’s more solid with a unibody. Doesn’t need an SD card slot, 64 GB is quite sufficient. There’s a developer edition announced already, and I’m sure it will get 4.2.

          5. I really could care less about the removable battery because I’ve never had a problem with battery life with my S2, S3, or Note 2, even my Motorola Photon’s battery wasn’t that bad, but the HTC phones that I’ve had before are a different story.

            As far as SD slot goes, I don’t wanna pay an extra $100 for 32GB when I should be able to put my 64GB SD that I already have inside instead.

            As for the developer edition. Again, why should I pay extra for a version of the phone with features that the original should’ve come with? Plus, I won’t be able to get the developer edition on contract with Sprint so it’s even more useless to me. And when it comes to updates, HTC is like the old Samsung.

            HTC is pretty much taking the Apple route in their business practice and I’m not gonna give my money to them for it. And I’m not denying it’s a good phone, it’s the second best in my books.

        5. Thank you. Everyone is dogging me because I said the same thing. Samsung has been one of the worst companies at updating their software on everything they make. I got burned on so many bluray players in the past that they never updated or only updated once. I was burned on too many phones they never updated at all. Heck, SII was never supported the way it should have been. My S3 has been a whole lot better experience So I’m hoping that HTC has learned their lesson. Going with the One on every carrier with the same name and same software will allow them to update phones much faster.

        6. I agree that Hyundai and (to a lesser extent) Kia, have gone from the bottom to near the top. But it’s the people that suggest that HTC has ALWAYS been about quality that crack me up. HTC comes out with one decent phone and suddenly their history gets buried? Took Hyundai/Kia almost 20 years.

      2. How did you get burned? My dad is still rocking an Evo 4G nearly 3 years later and it’s running fine on CyanogenMod. HTC makes some damn good hardware, and thankfully there’s some awesome people in the community that pick up the slack on the software side.

        1. HTC Evo 4G with the common microUSB charger failure. Happened on 3 of my Evo 4G’s that I tried to make last. Then Evo 3D black screen of death killed two of my Evo 3Ds. After that debacle tried to unlock the bootloader on the future HTC devices, and the HTC unlock was hard to use and didn’t give you S-Off.
          Never had issues with Samsung, nothing even close. HTC quality control sucks, and lack of consumer friendly features like microSD slots, killed it for me. I want more options as a consumer, not less.

          1. I’m one who also went thru the broken charging ports. The fact it was happening to so many people was disturbing. More bothersome they; either HTC or Sprint, decided to place this defect onto the customer by having their techs (upon taking it in for repair) flag the phone as damaged so replacement came out of pocket. After 3 replacements I was done with HTC.

          2. ive ONLY had HTC phones, never, ever, ever had any issue. Well actually i had an issue with my G2, had to replace it. But that was it. 3 phones in 4 years. The G1, the G2, and now the One S. If you get a defective phone, it happens, if you had 2 in a row, id say its how you use the phone. Maybe you should direct that anger back at yourself. no one else has the issues you people CLAIM you have. How is it not consumer friendly to give you tons of internal storage so you dont have to get an SD card ?? Its about choice, you like Samsung, great !, dont down HTC because you abuse phones…i wonder how many of those EVO 4Gs got the “black screen of death” because you dont know how to root properly and you bricked it ,or downloaded a bogus app with malware off the internet because youre too cheap to get it from the play store, took it back and said it was the phone so you could save face.

        2. I agree .

        3. The EVO 4G was the last good HTC phone imo (Even with the charger port issues).

          1. I might argue the EVO 4G LTE picked that flag back up, though it has the non-removable battery issue.

      3. Root and load a AOSP ROM and HTC is amazing. I owned only HTC up till my Galaxy Nexus. I Rooted and booted the Sense crap.

      4. I’ll admit I feel burned by my Evo3D. Marketed as a flagship phone and then left to waste away… mostly Sprint’s fault though. The HTC hardware itself is fantastic.

  8. Hell HTC has room to talk smack…. as a jaded user of the Evo 3D, I have gone Samsung and never looked back. HTC sense is over-bloated crap, combined with no battery / no microSD card makes their phones fail. Samsung S4 will be a hit, because the S3 was so good there was not much physically to improve on.

    1. Your phone doesn’t have a battery in it? Just kidding.

    2. Root and boot Sense.

      1. Never, I’ll talk Sense over nothing any day. I prefer TouchWiz though.

    3. So touchwiz isn’t over bloated crap? I have a note ii and I’m ditching it as soon as the one is in the US 4 months with this and it creaks and squeaks all the time. Touchwiz is worse than sense in my book.

    4. I agree, due to HTC phones being over-bloated they are very laggy at times. I’ve had Samsung ever since and couldn’t be happier. We’ll see what company ends up selling more phones. My money will still go towards Samsung any day over HTC.

  9. LOL…HTC killed off the microSD and killed off the removable battery, replacing it with a whopping…2300mah battery?…LOL. Good luck with that, once people load up all their apps and all their accounts, sync’ing constantly, and then trying to get the same outcome as initial tests. HTC is reaching with the “hope” that they’ll steal some thunder. I have loved their build quality almost every year (with exception to the EVO 3D gimic phone), but I still feel their devices are not advancing towards integration with overall tech.

    1. Not to mention locked bootloaders, bloated sense with “black screens of death” even on stock devices with the latest updates… this is why HTC fails. On all of my many Android phones, only HTC has managed to brick my stock phones with black screens of death.

      1. Opposite experience for me.. I only owned two android phones ever… the HTC Hero, and currently owning the Evo LTE. I modded the hell of my Hero, just to make it functional, including rooting, Cyangenomod, and overclocking… It stood the test of time and abuse. I see HTC products as great quality phones, although the newer ones having a locked down bootloader, it’s not that difficult to unlock it with the help of XDA. Also, HTC is making available dev editions of the One, which means an unlocked bootloader. I can see myself owning the Evo LTE just as long as well.
        Don’t blame HTC because YOU bricked your phone. Don’t get bitter, get better.

        1. Don’t even bring up the Hero… I still have nightmares from that phone. Although nothing beats the horrors I had with the Samsung Moment… T_T

          1. Lol… The Hero did suck, but at that time, it was pretty darn good. You can only imagine what I did to that phone to get to run smoothly, but that was when I fell in love with Android, so there is that.

        2. G1, G2, and One S ….not a peep, and certainly not repeating problems. I havent had to root and rom an HTC phone since the G1, the software stays current, im not a phone whore that needs the newest version as soon as its premiered. Plus ROMs are watered down versions of the actual software. If I want it that bad ill just get a new phone, but as i said im not that kind of phone user, nor do i have tons of money to do that. I have T-mo, so im waiting for their new “no contract” plan to go into effect. $99 down on any phone I want and then pay off the rest over the next year or so on my bill….works for me. I have to look at the ONE and the X-Phone !

    2. SDcard actually slows your phone down. No matter what class you have.

      1. First I have ever heard that theory. I have never experienced performance lag due to microsd and have never seen that mentioned on any forum. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a HTC hater. I had the HTC Mogul, Touch Pro and EVO. Didn’t like the 3D and was highly considering the EVO lte, before the Note 2 was confirmed for Sprint. I just prefer the direction Samsung has been going more recently and HTC is going away from the most important factors that I prefer… extra storage internal and microsd, as well as bigger battery with thin form factor. HTC already mentioned last year that people supposedly prefer thin over battery life and cloud storage over hard file storage. That was after the One was released last year and was their explanation for non-removable battery (only 2100mah) and no micro sd (with exception to evo lte). I don’t like relying on the cloud for media and would prefer slightly thicker phone for 1000mah extra battery, which the note 2 and razr maxx hd and razr maxx offer.

        1. Well, as far as the SD card, that’s not news. I suspect the main problem is that people buy crappy SD cards (to be fair, that’s most of them) or else buy cards with, say, very good sequential write speed (“class 10” etc) but really bad random I/O speeds (i.e. high latency) and then put their apps on those cards….. That all said, I, too, strongly prefer to have a replaceable battery and removable microsd cards. If only the Samsung case were as nice as the HTC One, it would be a no-brainer.

          1. Slow down transfers I’ve heard dependant on the class of card, but I’ve never ever heard of it slowing down performance of a phone overall. And regarding apps, That’s simply not true since ics. Unless a person is rooted, apps can’t even be moved to the sd. Now if we are talking that regard, once a person is rooted there are many things they can do to combat slow performance of apps, on the sd like overclocking. Besides, the truth is, HTC’S goal isn’t to steal the development or tech customers, it’s to steal general consumers that have absolutely no clue about anything being discussed here.

        2. And it’s funny. The Galaxy S4 has a removable battery, a larger battery, AND is thinner than the One.

          GS4 has a 2600mAh and is 0.31″ thick

          the HTC ONE has a 2300mAh and is 0.36″

          So, what’s the deal, HTC?

          1. Exactly. I remember reading the article thinking HTC needs to come up with Beyer PR statements then that. It was one of their VP’s of product development that made those statements. If Motorola and Samsung both figured out how to get bigger capacity batteries into smaller chassis, there is absolutely no excuse for HTC, except maybe their engineers can’t figure it out? Motorola went with a non-removable battery in the razr maxx and maxx hd and that thing is still relatively thin. It’s about as thin as the original EVO and that was only 1500mah battery.

      2. Well I could really care less about opening an app 0.08 seconds faster for the extra $100 it would take for me to get 64GB on the One compared to just sticking my 32GB Class 10 SD card that I’ve had for almost 5 years into my 32GB SIV.

      3. Prove it. That is not an obvious characteristic of either the hardware or the OS. I rather suspect that my sandisk ultra uhs-1/class 10 64gb microsd probably has both as good or likely better sequential and random throughput than anything from the manufacturers.

      4. No, it doesn’t. If you move your apps to the SD and it is slower than the internal memory (meaning crappy sd card), then yes those particular apps will be slower. I install my apps on the internal memory and music, pictures, movies, emulator ROMS go on the SD card.

  10. please, they’re one “blink-feed” away from chapter 11…

    1. Lol you win Russel

    2. lol yeah funny.

    3. LOL!!! You’re killing me here. That was hilarious!

    4. Winner

    5. too much of win in this comment…

    6. Good comment! HTC should be carefull that they don’t land the next big flop.

      1. guess i missed the humor in it, HTC trumps Samsung in all things. Theyre far from chapter 11

        1. HTC has been flopping since 2011 and if you don’t believe me just look at the history of their profit. The One will fail just like the One X series did.

          1. Profit aside, HTC makes more quality devices meaning they don’t cheap out to sell out. They understand ~$600 is a lot of money and give more of an effort than Sammy and Apple to give you what you pay for.

          2. They dont cheap out? hahahaha. We talking about the same HTC that made the Dinc2 and all those other masterpieces of quality?

          3. um, the One X was not a “series” it was a single phone. My ONE S has been awesome from day ONE, the ONE wont fail because its a quality phone. The ONE X and ONE S and ONE V and the EVO version sold great. They are highly rated by people that actually own them.

        2. haha. You funny.

  11. Remind me again of HTC’s market share and current earnings?
    Only the losing side would talk smack to the winning side.

    1. So earnings translates into winning? If that were the case, Apple is doing a whole lot of winning lately and isn’t about to stop.

      But if you put all that mess aside, when it comes to pure hardware and design, some people just might like what HTC brought with the One. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m definitely sold.

      1. Chris I’m so disappointed in you. You’re a HTC fan boy now despite the lack of consumer considerations from HTC – locked bootloaders, no microSD card, no battery, etc… this all go against the spirit of Android. If you like HTC so much, why don’t get an iPhone? About one and the same.

        1. dude stfu, ur repeating what everyone else whose hating on the one is saying. all of ur so called shortcomings u listed for HTC are all fixed at XDA… People can make their phones what they wanna make em nowdays…so really whats ur point? and micro-sd????sorry to say but eventually samsung will be moving away from that as well, i imagine when that happens then ull start bashing samsung too….i dont recall u being the deciding factor in who can like what, so stop hatin on chris and go get a life. personal preference is personal preference, who cares what the average consumer thinks, when it comes to personal preference its what sets you apart from other people u genius

      2. Your sold on the One…yeah no kidding. Your HTC fanboyness is showing big time, but I still love you anyway ;)

      3. Yes winning does mean making money in this game cause no ,matter his good the HTC one is if it doesn’t sell and make them momey they will be in a lot of trouble..who’s position do you think HTC like to be in,there current postion or in apples or samsunngs position… IMO other than the design and maybe the screen the s4 is the superior product…bigger screen and bigger battery in a phone thats smaller than the one is a win in my books also from the leaked photo samples along with the camera sensor which is huge on the s4 it looks like the camera will be better…oh yeah and removable storage and battery which is another plus…

  12. So HTC , let’s look at some of your recent earnings reports before you chime in.

  13. The looser are all was going talk trask

    1. Samsung is just as guilty of trash talk. Remember how much they made fun of the iPhone whilst copying it at the same time?

      Ninja edit: I still rock my “Dude, you’re a barista” t-shirt occasionally.

      1. Stop making sense, Ben.

        1. Was that an HTC pun? My Sense is 5.0 (or will be)

      2. And after all the winning they did with the S3, they actually have the right to trash talk unlike HTC

  14. When it comes to US specs, I would take the One, the One also has so much better quality. Honestly, kinda disappointed with the S4

    1. not saying i don’t agree but honestly i thought the same thing last year with the gs3/evo LTE so i got the evo. afterwards i felt like i should have gotten the gs3 instead

  15. I would take the S4 over the One. Bigger screen, expandable memory. Screen size is important to me. I have a Note 2. I surf, read and text more than I talk on it.

  16. first Apple, and now HTC.
    Those people have been pressed by their boards to do something to stall Samsung…

  17. Wow, HTC. The only thing you guys have going is a better design. Improve your marketing and your sales compared to the S4, and then we’ll see what happens.

    1. Exactly, HTC phones look/feel nicer than Samsung phones but they don’t have better specs or features.

      1. better screen and same processor in the U.S.

        1. umm to be completely accurate, it’s the same core, but clocked about 10% higher on the s4 than the htc.

          1. that’l make a difference! …..S/

          2. octa core for the rest of the world :D

  18. I love HTC and Samsung but this is going to come back and bite them in the ass when the Galaxy S IV sells triple what the One sells. Remember how the One X vs. S III battle went?

  19. Obvious feature envy! Can’t believe they would take the low road on trying to win over customers. Samsung is making Android their own with all the software features they’re adding. Normally I prefer stock Android, but for the first time I’m thinking I may be missing out. It is amazing at how many features they are bringing to the table.

  20. They didn’t call the phone a flop, they called the event a flop.

    1. “#nextbigflop” implies an attack on the actual galaxy s4 phone itself, which just sounds bitter since the galaxy s4 is spec’d better than the htc one. only thing htc one can boast is its ‘looks’.

  21. What’s the point of “design” and “quality” when it’s going to be put in a case anyway? My S2 has been in a case and still looks brand new.

    1. not everyone used cases. my evo lte went caseless 6 months after i bought it and my nexus 4 case less as well

      1. majority of people do

        1. to be fair, what are you basing this off of? case studies or just what you have seen in your experience. Cuz in my experience i’d have to say its about 50/50. And many of the cases they do have are snap ons that conceal the back but not the front and overall shape. Even if 60% used cases, 40% is still a huge chunk. Cut your salary by 40% im sure you’ll notice a difference. I’m not saying design is the be all end all. But people DO take it into consideration, at the very least, if you havent heard of the phone before you will stop by and play with a good looking phone that catches your attention.

  22. Well I won’t go that far but I would say its pulling Apple like tactics.

  23. I’m anxiously waiting for the One, couldn’t care less about the plastaxy s4.

  24. Let’s be honest… the S4 fell from everyone’s expectations. But is it a flop? I wouldn’t say that…
    The S4 is still a great device, but with a lot of gimmicks attached.
    HTC has definitely stepped their game up, but they shouldn’t bash the top Android device manufacturer and seller. I am sure HTC will do better this year with their amazing One device, but the Samsung will most likely sell a lot more devices.

    1. This should be the top comment. Bravo.

    2. Besides design, it pretty much met all of my expectations and threw in some cool features I didn’t expect. The One is a good phone… in a locked down iPhone kind of way. No SD, No removable battery, Locked bootloader/S-On. That’s what’s keeping me away from this phone.

      1. Actually… HTC is offering a dev edition of the One… which means an unlocked bootloader, but I’m not sure about S-Off…
        For my needs, the One is great; With the new and more efficient processor, I’m sure it’ll last 7-10 hours on medium use, and 32 gb is enough fot my music and apps. I guess it depends on each person.

        1. the cost of the “developer version” is also significantly higher

          1. The pricing of the HTC One isn’t even announced (without contract)… How can you say that it is significantly higher? I’m sure the unlocked version of the One and the dev version would be dollars from each other. Also, the dev version is $650 (already announced).

        2. I agree. I’m up in the air about which one, no pun intended. However, being able to get the HTC One for $199 and get 32GB is huge for me. I signed up for the special Best Buy was having at Christmas where you get a $50 gc for ordering your phone from them. HTC is giving a $100 gc when you buy the HTC One and ship them your old phone. I will only be out of my pocket $50 when it’s all said and done, and that is hard to turn down.

          I do wish the HTC One had wireless charging like the S4 though, but they said the same thing for the S3 an it never happened. On the Dev One i’m pretty sure I read the S-off is still… well….off..

    3. Just for the sake of argument, you call the features on the s4 gimmicky but yet said that htc stepped up their game? Isn’t htc’s gimmicks are all about the camera? There’s really less innovation to be noted there, unlike what samsung has brought to the table.. Htc one has a good design, but it looks like the BBZ10.lol.. it doesn’t look original , and quality issues? We’ll have to see when it comes out.. :)

      1. I don’t think anything about the HTC camera is gimmicky. Although ZOE is part of the camera, it has some cool useful features to it. The innovation that Samsung brings to the table are mostly gimmicks, I don’t see myself using most of of those features Samsung is so proud of.

        To be fair with the design, HTC already created it on the Evo LTE (top portion), so to me, the design of the One is just evolution. I think BB copied aspects from both Apple and HTC when designing their phone, imo.

  25. sour grape. nothing to show. so putting others down… so sad.

  26. the S4 is pretty dissapointing. Salute to HTC for sending shots at these cornballs

  27. Lol this will be so funny when the s4 sells more than the one then they will see who really flopped …

  28. i do not like the design but spec wise it matches the htc one. i mean all the phones this year pretty much have the same specs like they always do. which differs is the custom software and build design. there are standard features that run across the board for every carrier. it’s a given like the next level in processors, screens, and camera features. so you can’t say a company copied another. these phones were built in advanced. it’s not like they make it overnight or wait until something is announced and say lets make these features. not enough time to do that.

    1. Its also has a bigger screen and battery along with SD card in a small device…the HTC one has a lot of bezel which I hate.

  29. I find the S4 unimpressive but I wouldn’t call it a “flop” either. I’m planning on getting the HTC One. BUT, that said — HTC should get their house in order before making such a statement…March 15 launch, anyone, anyone?? (crickets)

    1. meh, the twitter post called the event a flop…

  30. Wow. How unprofessional.

  31. Htc so 3 years ago and samsung full of plastic both are a disappointment.

  32. I dont know why everyone keeps saying gimmicks. Well of course it’s gimmicks. A smartphone to me is 4 basic functions. Calling, music, browsing and media consumption. Other than that ate bonuses that ate welcome. I mean come on .what more can a phone do for us?

    1. Make us sandwiches.

      1. I’ ll try next time. ;( Sorry. Are* not ate

  33. The presentation was definitely garbage, lets see if the ONE can sell any units.

  34. I completely disagree with the tweet even though the htc one impresses me more and will be my next device

  35. Okay so htc has no room to be speaking however, they have a point. The Samsung Galaxy S 3..I mean 4 looks the same just with a .2 inch bigger screen. I am no phone epert but theyre making a mistake making two of their “biggest” selling phones so close together in screen size. 4.5inch is a large enough screen for a phone, but if you want a large one then get a Note.

    1. This is called brand recognition. And all the hands on s i have seen said they the s4 feels better and sits more comfortably in the hand.

      1. Samsung’s famous ads against iPhone buyers, “But, how will anyone know I bought the new one?” “It looks the same as the old one.”. Enough said.

        1. Agreed.

  36. Lets be honest the only reason Samsung has come to gain its market share is because they spend money on advertising….some only motorola had done…..lets be honest the general public don’t know anything about unlocked bootloaders yada yada they only want features. If HTC ran ads as often as Samsung there would be a lot more Samsung ads bashing HTC than there are about iPhone

  37. I liked LG’s Times Square comeback. This looks like something you’d expect from Cartman.

  38. I don’t think it will be a failure. They’ll still sell millions of these S4’s. But they’ve proved again that they can’t be truly creative or innovative. They make good copy products with minor improvements and marketing gimmicks. Given that Apple’s iPhone design is getting boring, maybe Samsung must start copying HTC or Nokia.

  39. HTC finally fights back and people rage on them? Come on Samsung took a phone and tried way too hard to make it more than that! Hell half the pathetic show was about the camera! To a guy who has opened both notes and s3 this was bad! Where can I sign up for the HTC one?

    1. samsung didn’t attack htc with bitchy remarks, they reserved that for apple and promoted android in the process, seriously reminds of the major nelson’s “wheres the console” tweets about the ps4 event. i know htc and microsoft are close, but are they using the same marketing team?

  40. Its definitely not going to be a flop but I’m leaning towards buying the HTC One.

  41. Sales ≠ quality.

    HTC > Samsung.

  42. Dear God when will people move away from SDHC support? It’s dying and you should just deal with it now rather than later!

    1. A total failure of a troll post

    2. I’m curious how you’re dealing with it (no ‘SDHC’ support) and why you are so vehemently opposed to such a seemingly harmless thing.

      Some of us have valid need for large (storage-wise), physically small, easily changed, local storage for our pocket sized computer phones. Many of these same valid reasons apply to our need for battery swapping as well, BTW.

      Even if I had unlimited data and was willing to trust a cloud, I’m too often in places without plumbing, so have to store the new data locally for later reporting.

      There are many valid reasons some of us desire swappable power and memory, so please lighten up!

  43. HTC just jelly, haters usually are.

    1. Haters Gonna Hate

  44. In my humble opinion, HTC should’ve stuck to it’s guns. Stuck to it’s recent woes. Improve your sales, improve your marketing dept., increase your sales! Manage your existing phones & customers, stick to your promises. If you promise an OTA on a specific date, stick to it. This is one point where I respect Apple – they stick to their promises.

    But trust me, HTC makes absolutely awesome hardware. My first phone was an iPhone 3G….next was the Nexus One (HTC made) and now the One X. I’m truly amazed by the build quality of HTC phones.

    So, I just think HTC should shut up and focus on getting more phones out the door….focus on killing Samsung…..cause again – in my humble opinion, Samsung is more about Quantity at the cost of Quality and HTC is more focused on Quality!!

    Good luck HTC – you do have 1 fan with you….Just would like to see more improvements in you!!

  45. coming from a phone maker who’s last big thing the dna crashes constantly…to dis a phone that has a few generations of killer sales and excellency with a mild handful of issues hmmmm i call bullshit :-)

  46. HTC, go home. You’re drunk.
    They kind of have a point. The S4, while a big improvement over the S3, didn’t do much of anything to improve from the Note 2.

  47. I have read several comments, and currently own an S3, but people are treating Samsung like R.Kelly (just cause he made I believe I can fly, don’t forget he peed on a chic) like Samsung did with the fascinate,captivate, stratosphere, appeal,Ace,beam,blaze,attain,focus,epic,illusion,conquer, droid charge, and the nexus s. HTC has an awesome new phone and some of the new tech in the S4 came from the One maybe people forgot where Android got started and where the first Nexus came from!

  48. I think the HTC One is great. You guys have to remember that they are going to look at the big picture, and sadly, most people don’t hack their phones, carry extra batteries around or even store more than 32GB let alone 64GB worth of files.

    1. But most care about good cameras. 4MP won’t cut it.

      1. Oh Wow I didn’t realise it was only 4MP

  49. Chris, it took me a while to realize, after looking on several forums but HTC is already winning. Look what they have accomplished, when was the last time you’ve seen such a divide in the android community, they have essentially did what any good marketing campaign should do, get you talking about the product. They haven’t had a buzz like this since maybe the Droid Incredible!

    1. Unfortunately, forum fights doesnt mean sales win. The brand that makes the store salesmen and carriers dance to their tunes end up winning the fights. That’s Samsung and Apple for now.

      1. I beg to differ I don’t know how long you have been an android fan but this very same argument happened when the Galaxy S came on the scene n and eventually samsung lost that battle until the SII came on the scene.

        1. my last three phones : Nokia N900 ; Samsung Omnia W ; GS3. yeah, am a big shot super android fanboy. I see how in-store salesmen manipulate customers into buying products that give the stores more sales margin and it is the sad truth. here are some pathetic reasons that they say:

          1. HTC products have extremely poor battery life

          2. Samsung Galaxy Y is the best budget android phone

          3. Windows Phone? no body buys that. we havent sold a single phone in months.

          blah blah blah. The same applies to many products

          1. AMD processors burn after a year
          2. Samsung home appliances last longer than anything else
          etc etc.

  50. How is the S4 a flop? Samsung delivered a Full HD AMOLED screen and an 8 core Exynos SOC compared to the Full HD LCD and Snapdragon 600 SOC that many Samsung enthusiasts were expecting, With a return to more Galaxy S2 esq physical design features and a Polycarbonate build quality that maintains a removable battery and expandable storage, Samsung has delivered almost everything anyone could’ve reasonably expected from them. Add in Samsungs vastly superior UI and software, and it makes the HTC One look laughable.

    1. The US version of the S4 comes with Snapdragon S4 Pro. LCD’s are much more crisp and natural.

  51. Maaaaaaaaaan HTC, sit ya ass down. When you actually selling something… Then you open your mouth.

  52. HTC should be more worried about being the BigCurrentFlop.

  53. Lol jealous because like ALWAYS, their flagship doesn’t even compare. Take your beats crap and find a real innovation.

  54. #nextbigflop? HTC autobiography

  55. Full plastic and ugly S4 is really dull, but next slop? Definitely not, as Samsung is best at capturing and integrating everything from others and vastly improves the overall user experience and functionality.

  56. Sorry but i don’t want none of them, waiting for the xphone or betting on Sony xperia Z.
    HTC ONE is locked down as hell.
    Samsung have too many bling, S-that, S-this, pfff… and no real game-changing feature.

    I prefer to wait for Google IO and the rumored Xphone or nexus X, if not i’ll buy a Sony

  57. The $amesung $4 – so $amesung pulled an apple with the SIII S adding a load of new ‘features’ to the same old boring design. So 3.1 Galaxys phones and once AGAIN the SAME old 2 soft keys and NASTY home button – yawn yawn yawn.

  58. In all honesty though that launch presentation BLEW. And the S4 is totally the the Galaxy S3S. It was a bit of a let down. The updated camera is a great feature, The processor for the USA version is the same as the Note2. and the screen will be a bit better, but in all honesty why not just pick up a Note2 for half the cost.

    Not to mention who here wanted to have to sit through any of those stupid skits. Jeeze we are techy nerds not hipsters. Just show us the device give us the juicy details and get our a$$es out the door. That was the biggest waste of time ever.

  59. wow, an irrelevant company (htc) makes a ridiculous statement in a misguided attempt to become relevant again.

  60. didn’t live up to all the hype

  61. The scream is faint from the sinking ship….

  62. Iphone was the best for awhile that’s why it has such a large following and get bunch a hype. Galaxy line has had big hitters for a while and the s3 is the best phone out with out needing modding. They see no need to update the s4 line too much because of the great success the s3 has had. So all the hype over the s4 is due to such a great l I’m ne of phones….. the htc one will likely have all the flaws of a normal htc phone. Yiull have to mod it to enjoy it and for many that’s not convenient and a hassle. Plus besides the nexus line who gets updated faster then everyone els?

  63. I know all’s fair in the corporate world, and no one has to “play nice” in advertising, especially with products competing in the same ring. But Samsung’s approach – subtle jabs when needed, is ultimately much more impressive and effective, then HTC’s butthurt approach here. Seriously, looking at that tweet I picture Samsung and HTC as two people, Samsung makes a sarcastic, witty joke which flies over HTC’s head and they respond with “yeah I know you are but what am I, poo head!” that’s about as mature as this PR “tweeting” seems. While the s4 is a needless upgrade for s3 users, it’s a brilliant product for people buying a new smartphone. HTC’s only upgrade is the “build” which is a moot point because A. One scratch or dent on metal devices sticks out like a sore thumb, whereas its visually forgivable on plastic, and B. No matter how “premium” your device looks, plastic or metal, 99% of the time it’s gonna end up living in a 20 dollar bit of rubber or plastic in the form of a case. Not to mention Samsung at least trying to bring some new and innovative features to the table. HTC: “durr we’re gonna super-impose a cheap ripoff of FlipBoard onto our homescreen” totally not a flop…

    1. Agree with your view on s4. Its a fantastic device for people who are upgrading from a 2 year old device or for whom it is a first android smartphone.The people who are disappointed are actually-

      1)People who were expecting too much.They thought it would be a complete overhaul inclusive of design, specs etc.

      2)Existing sgs3 or note2 users.They thought maybe it would be a big enough improvement to warrant a purchase.imo that was wrong cause their current devices are good enough to last a couple of years plus i guess samsung didnt even try hard enough to woo them this time round…

      3)people like us who follow tech blogs.It’s because we all already knew the specs from rumors…

      In my opinion its a decent upgrade. C’mon they gave everything reasonable…Exynos Octa? Check. 13mp camera? Check. Shitload of software features which you cant count in one hand? Check. Plus they werent really gonna change the design of their all-time best selling device…

  64. Foot in mouth.

  65. It won’t be a flop, but I bet $100 that the S4 won’t outsell the S3 either.

  66. The S4 obviously won’t flop as there are lots of die-hard Samsung fans. In saying that, every HTC One or S4 poll I’ve seen today favors the HTC.

  67. That is a pretty primitive behaviour for a competitor. I have had about 20 different HTC’s since 2002. But I guess that was it.

  68. Nope. Not a flop, but mostly due to marketing. Samsung is Android’s Apple.

    Most won’t even know what the One is. I’m one of the few that does my homework and will be buying the One.

  69. Just wish HTC would get on with selling phones and not get involved in the same crap that the Apple and Samsung have been doing. Selling is what they need to concentrate on not childish bickering of the big two and the numerous hordes of Fanboys

    I am getting the HTC One BTW but think the S4 is as good (it’s just not to my taste).
    The Xperia ZL would have done me if it came to these shores as would the Optimus G or Nexus 4, but just like Everyone other than Samsung and Apple forgets there’s a big wide world out there and some of the people want what you wont sell them….

  70. HTC needs to focus on there phones and stop worrying about what Samsung is doing

  71. Hey HTC ” The Next Big Flop” has already 40% more demand than GS3..how about you?

  72. This is happening again just like last year, people were arguing which phone was better, even I went to forums because I was planning on getting the s3.. What happened with the one x anyway? Wasn’t it almost a flop or totally flopped plagued with issues? Here we go again in the android civil war battleground .. LOL.. I’m not buying a new phone, I’ll save my arguments for next year.. Lol

  73. HTC? New detergent??

  74. The presentation to me was good except for the unnecessary jokes that killed the presentation.. The concept was food though, was fun..

  75. What else should they say??

  76. Well then HTC I hate to break it to you but your idea of a flop and mine are quite different. For example I’ll be ditching this HTC Thunderbolt in favor for the Galaxy S IV. You can have your flop product back I’ll buy Samsung and get something that actually works!

  77. That tweet doesn’t sound quietly brilliant. But the HTC One does appear quite superior.

  78. They need to release a HTC One+ with a micro SD slot :P

    1. Thanks, Ross. The attitude that policy demonstrates is enough to keep my wallet going elsewhere.

  79. I agree with HTC prevision. Probably I am the only one in that position, but I have not seen the innovation in this new Galaxy device. A camera of 13 Mpixel is the innovation? What are the real differences between SIII and SIV?

  80. Totally agree!
    HTC One is the king.

  81. Bold words for a company that isn’t planning on launching their “flagship” phone on Verizon

  82. currently i have an S3 with 16GB on board and 32GB SD.card. my titanium backup is over 4GB. not counting music which is around 5GB.so basically. that 16GB is gone. comes down with the 32gb NOW. which has some files apps. movies and rom backups. with the ONE. i wouldn’t be able to do all that. many of you gonna be like hey, you have the cloud. well, i dont always have connection where im at. school yes. but work no. so, having that SD card option is important to me. again. im not buying the ONE or S4.but, we all know whos gonna win this year. the one might end up being smartphone of the year but it will not be the best selling phone.
    oh also im part of the 1% that care about SD card slot and removeable battery. the average joe dont give a crap about that. :D

  83. “Blow to the gut”?? HTC who is one P&L away from being so far in the red they have to desolve is being ironic it seems. They go the Apple/Nexus route of no sd slot or battery options and expect all consumers to lap it up because their device is more “purrtee” is shallow. More like blow to the wind.

    Rigid designs are great until you drop them. The glass is the first thing to fail in a rigid design, since the energy has to displace somewhere. Though I agree the HTC is “purrteer”, I chose the broader function of the S4.

    That said, the S3 has been fine, so might skip this release altogether. Might.

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