Here is the HTC One crashing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 party


Last week as the Phandroid staff waited in line amongst a crowd of journalists outside of Radio City Music Hall on a chilly Thursday, a peculiar site caught our eyes. Several girls in HTC garb were handing out snacks and drinks to those in the queue. This was peculiar, of course, because we were all waiting to see Samsung’s big Galaxy S4 unveiling. Over in Times Square things got even more interesting.

As Samsung did their literal song and dance about the Galaxy S4, HTC reps crashed the party. They demonstrated their HTC One to regular people wandering the streets of New York, offering an arguably more convincing look at a new product than what was provided by a handful of Off-Broadway actors on stage for those keeping an eye on Samsung. Yes, this is an edited video clip showcasing only positive reactions of wonderment and joy, but you have to admit HTC showed some balls with this one. They wanted to go hard in 2013, and it looks like they are doing just that.

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  1. HTC is becoming the new apple.

    1. how so? personally, they need this sort of attention if they are going to climb out of the hole they have been sinking into over the past 2 years. What better impact than stealing the attention of everyone waiting to see “the next big thing”.

    2. Funny, I’ve only read 3 articles on Phandroid this morning, and Samsung, HTC, and LG were all called “the new Apple” in the comments.

  2. If HTC were a person, they would be the kind of dude who crashes your date and then tries to make moves on your girlfriend all night.

    1. This borders on shady marketing…. If it were Apple doing this, people would be majorly pissed off, including me. But as it is HTC with the hyjinx, I think it’s clever and maybe even some friendly competition, little jab here… jab there….

      1. Samsung is big enough that it wont hurt them. So its pretty much just entertainment for us. haha.

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        1. You realize she’s a prostitute, right?

        2. Where do these jackasses come from?

  3. Why is everyone so fired up about this phone! Its an htc! Htc = horrid battery life! Bottom line…

    1. Not true. I could pull a day easy on my One V

      1. I second that. My One V is using the stock kernel, but a custom ROM, and I can get a solid two days of texting, music in the car, and about 20-40 Ruzzle games and Reddit all day.

    2. The battery on the HTC One is pretty good. Easily goes a day of minimal
      daytime but very heavy evening (it’s new and I’m playing!).

    3. I own a HTC EVO 3D and I can empty my battery with 2-3 hours of heavy usage I had to buy a second extended battery to make it through the day. Plastic, removable battery > metal finish no removable small battery.

      1. You need to upgrade to a new HTC phone. They have new technology, and the battery on my EVO LTE can make it through the day with moderate use.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I like the style of the One and the metal casing. I love the idea of having front stereo speakers. But the idea of not be able to swap the batteries scares me, also I just brought a new 32gb SD card to keep my music there.

          1. Use USB OTG if you really want the phone. It’s not pretty, but it’s something you can live with.

      2. droid razr maxx hd’s battery isn’t rmovable but at least it lasts long.

    4. My One X+ has great battery life compared to previous phones…

    5. Groundless. I only owned one HTC (the og Incredible) but it had great battery life. Now my wife uses it and I am JEALOUS of her battery life. My SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus barely gets a day (granted I use it more). Under heavy use, I can blow through a full battery in 2 hours. It’s why I will never own a phone w/out a removable battery.

      1. I can eat up my Note 2 battery with as little as six and a half hours of on screen time, or I can get an extended battery to get 13-20 hours of on screen time. Your talking about a Nexus which shouldn’t be compared to other Samsung phones (which have removable batteries). HTC is the one with non removable batteries.

    6. I got the Evo Lte, with its 2000 mAH battery, my phone lasts between 7-10 hours on moderate use (YouTube, Reddit, Pulse, browsing the web, etc). With the One’s 2300 mAH battery and more efficient processor, I suspect it to last just as long, if not longer.

    7. meh my HTC Sensation does alright even with this ~2 year old battery in it…

      1. That’s not bad. You’re getting 4 hours of ACTUAL usage. I haven’t gotten that since Gingerbread on my E4GT. Granted that’s an older phone with older tech in it. LoL!!

    8. Mostly HTC = Horrid Support.

      Samsung fixed their image by getting Jelly Bean to the Sprint Galaxy S3 on October 25 (and further, only 3 months after the device launched).

      The Evo 4G LTE never got Jelly Bean until December 13th. 6 months after Jelly Bean came out. A month and a half later.

      Until HTC proves they want to release software updates, they don’t have my business.

  4. I’m getting the HTC One, and the phone has great potential, but I think instead of doing things like this, they need to work more on marketing!

    1. What better form of marketing is there than actually showing people what it can do in person?

    2. I kind of like this tactic in marketing, especially when people were getting tired of the Broadway presentation of the S4… Gives HTC a chance to show off the phone and spread the word on how great of a phone it is

  5. Still not buying one.

  6. maybe htc will upgrade the battery specs?

  7. So Lame And Unprofessional&Shady Hope These Tactics Come Back To Bite Then In The !@#^&!@#$%^&*())_

    1. Somebody’s mad. Can’t handle the competition.

    2. I think you missed Samsung’s ad campaign where they essentially did this, but only with actors waiting in line for the iPhone 5. Everyone said it was hilarious but when HTC does it…. it’s “shady.” -_-

  8. Cmon HTC….

  9. Yea too bad they can’t give us a release date?

  10. Friggin awesome. Grass roots at its best!

    1. Seriously, I would love to see a Samsung rep meet these HTC guys head-on for a “phone off.” Lol

      1. At least he’d know how a metal body on a phone looks like (he may not know) and may even know how to inovate…

  11. Always liked HTC phones and espicially there build quality battery life on my desire HD is still ok after nearly 3 yrs. Sometimes people expect to much its a phone at the end of the day not a tablet / laptop.

    Don’t like Samsung cheap plastic phones.

    Cant stand Apple full stop.

  12. Don’t be fooled, the HTC One has DDR2 Ram, it’s 18% thicker, has a higher PPI and better sound, and design BUT you know HTC and you know Samsung. These phones are always thrown out as prototypes to their Q3-Q4 phones.

    The Note and the next HTC will be the second iteration of these phones. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing a One + is 4 months with DD3, 5″,and a slimmer build. It’s tempting, but if you have a 2012 HTC phone that came around the time the S3 came out, you can wait.

    Unless you don’t want to depreciate your phone’s value anymore. Then go ahead, I would choose the S4 for it’s better screen even though it has less PPI.

    1. Well, HTC already stated this is the only One we’d see this year, so I guess they have learned…

  13. Basically the same marketing move that Samsung did with Apple customers.
    Why not? Showing off the actual Product is always the best way to sell it.

    1. Gosh. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone but somehow, they all seemed to forget. *sigh*

  14. It’s fair. Samsung made fun of Apple’s lines and now HTC can do the same for people waiting for Samsung.

  15. The HTC one wasnt released in Brazil and it will not be. Very nice HTC ignoring the 4th biggest smartphone market in the world.

  16. this is their marketing strategy…:-)(low cost)….htc only fails bcz of its low marketing budjet compared to sammy

  17. phew, it just doesnt get worst than life companion.

  18. Believe it or not, but I may consider getting this. All I want is root. I don’t use AOSP, so I’d be good regardless. If I can root and SixAxis Compatibility works with this I’ll cry. I think I’m getting the HTC One. The 64GB one of course. I’m almost full with my 32GB micro-sd card. LoL!!

  19. Hell yeah HTC gettin all the attention :D

  20. Can’t wait to get this phone

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