Google Glass eye-piece patent secured


Earlier, we learned about a patent Google secured that detailed a way to control and interact with real-world objects through the use of augmented reality. That particular patent was an early glimpse into several possibilities Google Glass might enable, but it wasn’t necessarily something Google was promising would come to the unit in working capacity.

Welp, another patent was secured today, and it’s one of the most important of them all. It’s patent application 20130070338, and it details the eyepiece that will feed all the information you require straight to your eye. Without it, Google Glass isn’t Google Glass, so we’re sure a big sigh of relief made its rounds around the research and design offices at Google’s Mountain View campus once they were informed of its acceptance.

The patent is quite large in scope, detailing 28 different claims and detailing how the eye-piece is functional at a very technical level. For a typical casual techie, reading the patent application is like reading Latin, but the gist of it is that there isn’t much anyone can do to hurt Google when it comes to this tech — it’s theirs, and they’re putting it to work quite quickly. You can check out the application in full here if you’re curious.

[via Patent Bolt]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. cool, im gonna get my eyeglasses hooked up with Google Glass

    1. i want BLACK/charcoal and BLUE Google Glass!!!
      + 1 sunglasses version ^^

      Google = WOW.

  2. OK kids. Now this is a real patent. Just like grandpa had in those days.

  3. DUAL-GOOGLE GLASS! Now that’s ballin’ :D

    1. AAUGH!!

  4. Apple successfully defends the rectangle as their own innovation, so google skips such form factors completely by designing tech that interacts directly with your eyes. And then proceed to patent the hell out of it, lessons learned.

  5. Google glass in 3D = win, I like the Homer Simpson hair in the picture.

    1. No, that’s Charlie Brown. Poor kid had to deal with chemo from such a young age. And Lucy. AAUGH!!

    2. With 3-D is absolutely a win, no luck here apple lol

  6. I put this post on cnet, and was banned for posting it. They called it malformed content. Here’s the post. One person’s useless feature, may be a must have for someone else. It’s only useless to cnet editor’s. They’d badmouth google glass, which will be a true advancement in how we communicate, and live. Best tech I’ve seen in years, and cnet will find a way to say it’s not innovative, cause it’s a google idea. Cnet loves the fanboyism, more hits, more money. Hah, hah!

    1. Well, you’re always welcome to bash cnet at any time here on phandroid!

    2. I see that as a reminder of the iPod days when the iPod was missing features it didn’t get a mention in their reviews, but when any other DAP was missing the same features they were severely down rated.

    3. “They’d badmouth google glass, which will be a true advancement in how we
      communicate, and live. Best tech I’ve seen in years, and cnet will find
      a way to say it’s not innovative”, you must be a lonely person with no friends to think this is a “true advancement in how we communicate and live”, sad, very sad.

      And ads make the World spin.

      Google controlling your life, no thanks, I’ll pass.

  7. Google Glass PRE-ORDERS FTW!

    Chromebook Pixel
    Android 5

    made in USA FTW.
    Google is amazing.

    1. Sneakers, don’t forget those. You’ll be a cyborg!

  8. Wait, Google stole my idea of the “stick man”.

  9. ” We’re told to expect a smaller initial order for now as Google Glass probably won’t be in as high demand as its Nexus line of smartphones and tablets. This could be due to high price, a much more niche product, or a combination of both.”

    If google learned from Nexus 7, 4 AND 10 production issues, it should be the same thing I learned about thanksgiving….

    – It is better to have too much than not enough.

    If you have too much, you discount them down to cost, have a “sale” and get them out of a warehouse (or make turkey sandwiches the next day :-])…worst case scenario you break even. But to not have enough? you tarnish the image of (perhaps) the most innovative product since the original iPhone, or sliced bread.

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