Mar 21st, 2013

A new patent related to Project Glass could give us an idea of how Google plans to merge the high-tech eyewear with our everyday lives, and it’s a pretty damn cool concept. Using everything from built in sensors and connectivity like RFID and Bluetooth to visual identifiers like QR codes, Glass could detect everyday objects and “project” an augmented reality user interface onto them.

The result might be a virtual control panel for opening or shutting the garage door or an interactive “display” on the fridge door reminding you to pick up some milk. Based on what Google has shown us about Glass, these objects could be controlled by voice commands (of course, all would need to be fitted with some sort of wireless connectivity for any of this to work).

At first, Google Glass seemed like a pretty bizarre concept for a company like Google to develop. While it still might be a bit ahead of its time (like many Google products), the more we learn about how Glass is envisioned to be part of our everyday lives, the more and more exciting the possibilities seem. We’re looking forward to having a go at the smart headgear the first chance we get.

[via Engadget]

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