Report: Google is indeed working on an Android powered smartwatch [RUMOR]


Here’s to hoping the UI looks a little something like this concept

It’s a rumor we’ve heard before. Google isn’t content with Glass being the only form or wearable Google technology and will soon introduce another piece of jewlery, an Android powered smartwatch. Back in October of last year, we saw a patent filed by Goog’s from back in 2011 giving us a clear look at their plans for a smartwatch. More than a simple “smartwatch,” the patent filing showed a device similar to Glass with a mounted camera and even a clear flip cover for displaying augmented reality type information in the real world. Pretty much like Glass, but on your wrist.

Tonight, The Financial Times is confirming Google’s plans to release a smartwatch, this coming from their own inside source familiar with the matter. Other than that, we know little more other than this is not the same smartwatch Samsung recently mentioned in their plans to beat Apple to the punch (it’s been rumored that Apple will announce their own smartwatch in a few months time).

When it comes to Google’s smartwatch, don’t let that their patent filing get your hopes too high. Right now, everything is still hearsay and it’s entirely possible many of the ambitious augmented reality features in the watch were scrapped in favor of Glass. Whatever they’re working on, it’s big enough for Google to call in the big guns. They’ve recently recruited the once Apple fanboy Guy Kawasaki to help with their smartphone division, while Andy Rub tackles bigger fish in their X Labs.

We expect to learn more during this year’s Google I/O in May. You may remember last year saw the debute of Glass, and maybe this fabled smartwatch will have have Sergey Brin making yet another dramatic entrance. Anyone excited? For those that would have felt self conscious with Glass on their heads, will a smartwatch make the next best alternative?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Google Glass eye-piece patent secured

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  1. I think it should be how we control Glass. :p

    1. But really though… how much of nerds would we look like if we had an Android smartwatch, to control Google Glass, so that we could “see” what’s on our Android phones. :P

      1. And I thought I would look cool. :'( You have crushed my dreams. No, but actually, I would look like kids that I would beat up if I were a bully.

        1. You mean he’s not cool???? :(

      2. We’d look like this kid.

        1. He’s got it all, man… xD

        2. He’s not wearing glasses so he’s not a true nerd.

          1. Nintendo did have a headset controller, this guy isn’t complete.

          2. No, that means he’s not a hipster.

      3. Lol yeah, I rather think that the watch is for people who don’t want to wear Glass.
        Glass is made for much more than just see what’s on your phone though.

      4. For me, Google Glass will be used to capture my action shots of sitting in my house.

  2. The problem with the current “smart” watches is that their functionality is extremely limited. I would be intrigued by a “watch” with a large enough screen that you could actually do stuff on.

  3. As long as I can say “kit pick me up in front of the building” and it works, I am down! ;-)

  4. A watch to see notifications that pops up on Google Glass that says something from your phone, which is already portable enough…
    If I see someone wearing both Google Watch and Google Glass, smh…

  5. This is your year, Google! Google TV, Google Smartwatch, XPhone… I’m excited! I need to pull away from the Galaxy brand. I like my S3, but I’m not a fan of the direction the Galaxy brand is taking. I’m waiting on the XPhone, before jumping to Sony’s or HTC’s flagship. WOW ME!!!

  6. If it can keep track of my calories I burn I’m sold.

  7. Price it under $200 I’m buying. I’d have to try Glass first before I make an opinion over it.

    1. ‘Course Glass is currently priced at $1,500 dollars so I’m guessing you’re gonna go with the watch :p

      1. I’ll be waiting for the kyocera version, dirt cheap.

      2. Glass isn’t priced currently…

  8. Who needs a watch?

    1. People who need to know the time.

      1. Yeah because a watch is the only thing that can provide you with the time.

        1. If there’s no clock on the wall.

          1. cough…phone…cough

          2. Phone too

          3. Welcome to phandroid. We’re all about phones that can tell the time.

          4. Watches and glasses too

          5. Yeah but the really nice looking watches don’t even tell time.

          1. nah they have had really bad reviews, the last one predicted the world was going to end 3 months ago.

          2. I bet it didn’t even have an unlocked bootloader

          3. Damn! That was clever!

        2. Unfortunately, it looks a lot douchy-er if you check your phone during a meeting/interview/class/whatever than if you check your watch.

    2. * A watch is immediately viewable
      * A watch is always with me even when a phone is not
      * You can’t always trust the clock on the wall to have the correct time

      1. Very strange. I haven’t seen a wall clock in years.

      2. A watch is like a pair of shoes. It feels much better when you take it off.

        1. I sleep wearing a watch.

          1. And a 3 piece suit :P

          2. With socks on.

          3. Only socks..?

          4. and a tie. Preferably with full internet access

          5. Laugh all you want now, but once we have Android smartwatches with large screens and cell data plans, I’ll be the one with the Internet always at my fingertips. :P

          6. Well, I might also get one but I’d still put it in my pocket so that it doesn’t feel like I’m always checking my blood pressure. Yes, the first smart pocketwatch!

      3. I never wear a watch , and I always have my phone with me.

    3. I wear a watch to work.

    4. Mine makes a great dive timer, compass, and even shows me the time. So far it’s never failed, despite all the water, heat, cold, vIbrAtIOn, drops on hard surfaces, and pressures from 100′ water depth to 38,000′ altitude (left in unpressurized compartment) it’s been subjected to repeatedly. It’s time is accurized daily from the National Institute of Standards and Technology via vlf radio, and it’s been running on the same un-recharged battery for several years. It’s even readable in the dark without pushing any buttons. As yet, phones don’t meet those specs.

      There are just so many instances where fumbling for a phone to check time or time an event (dive, descent to decision height on instrument approach to runway, for two critical examples) is just not using the right tool for the job. I like being able to obtain some time-critical information (couldn’t resist) with a mere glance at my wrist.

      You asked…

      1. but I don’t think we’re seeing all this talk about smartwatches just for all the divers, pilots and people who sleep in their clothes. There must be a bigger market that Apple, Google and Samsung are seeing but I’m not seeing it.

  9. Smart watch + Google Now = instant win. Super excited for this year’s Google I/O, cannot wait.

  10. Hope they don’t kill support for this like they did for my poor motoactv.

  11. first apple, then samsung, now google

    1. Actually, first it was IBM, then Pebble.

    2. You mean first rumors of Apple…

    3. Apple neither confirmed or leaked a smart watch like samsung and Google have. So no the correct way to phrase that would be First Samsung, now Google.

    4. ummm, no.

      1. Kickstarter’s “Pebble Smartwatch,” — Launched April 2012 and
      proceeded to break every single KS funding record. Released January
      2. Sony Smartwatch — released September 2012.
      3. WIMM One (from WIMM Labs) — Announced August 2011
      4. Fossil Meta Watch — announced May 2011 (for developers only).
      5. Allerta’s inPulse Watch for Blackberry — first seen in October 2009.
      6. I’m Watch — made in Italy, first announced at CES 2012.
      7. Sony Ericson Liveview — First announced September 2010
      8. Samsung GT-S1100 touchscreen watch — MWC, February 2009
      9. Samsung S9110 touchscreen watch-phone — July 2009.

      “first Apple,” my ass!!

  12. Can’t see smart watches having more than a niche market, I don’t like the feel of having something permanently strapped to my wrist, no matter how many features they pack in it won’t offer anything that a smartphone cant do except being marginally easier to look at.

  13. Isn’t there already an Android-powered watch with MotoActv? I have it and love it.

  14. What I want for a watch face. A tiny Android robot at the very center, with two long extended arms coming from the shoulders that act as the clock hands pointing at the dial numbers.

    1. Don’t Worry… XDA will have it ready a week after the watch is out… :D

  15. Yea those private chat sessions really pay off

  16. How can she be without work if she has been working on the internet? Internetlogic/10

  17. It is rumored that this is truly happening, really.

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