Mar 21st, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:17 pm

Here’s to hoping the UI looks a little something like this concept

It’s a rumor we’ve heard before. Google isn’t content with Glass being the only form or wearable Google technology and will soon introduce another piece of jewlery, an Android powered smartwatch. Back in October of last year, we saw a patent filed by Goog’s from back in 2011 giving us a clear look at their plans for a smartwatch. More than a simple “smartwatch,” the patent filing showed a device similar to Glass with a mounted camera and even a clear flip cover for displaying augmented reality type information in the real world. Pretty much like Glass, but on your wrist.

Tonight, The Financial Times is confirming Google’s plans to release a smartwatch, this coming from their own inside source familiar with the matter. Other than that, we know little more other than this is not the same smartwatch Samsung recently mentioned in their plans to beat Apple to the punch (it’s been rumored that Apple will announce their own smartwatch in a few months time).

When it comes to Google’s smartwatch, don’t let that their patent filing get your hopes too high. Right now, everything is still hearsay and it’s entirely possible many of the ambitious augmented reality features in the watch were scrapped in favor of Glass. Whatever they’re working on, it’s big enough for Google to call in the big guns. They’ve recently recruited the once Apple fanboy Guy Kawasaki to help with their smartphone division, while Andy Rub tackles bigger fish in their X Labs.

We expect to learn more during this year’s Google I/O in May. You may remember last year saw the debute of Glass, and maybe this fabled smartwatch will have have Sergey Brin making yet another dramatic entrance. Anyone excited? For those that would have felt self conscious with Glass on their heads, will a smartwatch make the next best alternative?