Ravensword: Shadowlands brings impressive RPG to Android [VIDEO]


If you were looking for a new RPG to sink your teeth into, Ravensword: Shadowlands should be on your radar starting… now. The game is another entry into the growing series by Crescent Moon Games, and it’s easy to classify this game as a mobile version of Elder Scrolls, except it has big, awesome dinosaurs to take down instead of dragons and other ghastly creatures.

The game is fully 3D and features the ability to pick locks, get around stealthily, ride horses and other flying mounts, find loot, discover magical runes, upgrade armor and weapons, and a whole lot more. It’ll cost you $7 to be a part of it all, but you don’t quite see a game this beautiful and this deep hitting the Google Play Store every other day. Give it a try in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Downloaded. Installed. Will report back. O_o

    1. Definitely let us know. I’m interested, but I don’t know if I want to bite the bullet yet.

    2. It has been 39 minutes… :D

    3. yer really want to know how much you need in app purchases on this, been needing a good new rpg for a while.

    4. curious if the controls can be mapped with a ps3 controller so i can play with my gameklip.

  2. You had me at Elder Scrolls. How many previous gigs of my Nexus 4 will this take up?

    1. 500mb

  3. I’ve played The Bard’s and Aralon. Both very enjoyable mobile RPGs. Looks like this is next on the list. G/f’s are over-rated anyway!

    1. I dunno. Some of those female elves you find in WoW look pretty hot.

  4. For $7 I feel totally ripped off that there is IAP. They should have to state that up front. Plus it is very buggy. First time I player I could not get the second level as my player just fell to his death over and over. Might be worth $2, but not $7.

    1. What sort of in app purchase do they have? Is it something essential to the game (as in you cannot fully play it without it) or is it stuff like weapons and armors?

      1. There is no iap. He’s trolling.

        1. Yeah there are. Go to the backpack, and press “Shop” in the lower left.

          1. so what? i finished whole game without pay anything. u can buy gold/talents point from shop i u are looser lol its basicly cheat, u want heat – pay. simply as that

          2. It simply should not be there in a $7 game. If you want $10 then charge that. Don’t try to rip me off.

    2. Absolutely do not need to make IAPs in the game. Essentially the IAPs are sued to speed things up… i.e. buy a level up, get some gold, or buy skill points. Nothing that anyone who has even the slightest amount of RPG experience needs to buy if they don’t want to.

  5. IAP and 7$? thats just too greedy!! ill pass..

  6. Give it a try for $7? No thanks, I’ll wait for Chris’ review ;)

  7. I uninstalled and was still able to get a refund, when I came across in-app purchases to purchase extra gold coins.

    1. That sucks… I really wish this business model would go away. I’ve given up on mobile MMORPGs because they all do this.

      1. Agreed. I was very surprised and completely taken aback, when I came across this.

  8. The game seems to run really well and the controls aren’t perfect but they hold up. I found some first impressions here

  9. It’s not a great game. It’s like a cheaper version of Elder Scrolls with really crappy controls.

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