ASUS Padfone 2 approved by GCF, LTE radios on board


As we wait for the official announcement, the ASUS Padfone 2 has just been approved by the Global Certification Forum ( a board that ensures global compatibility between networks and devices). The report shows a flurry of radios and networks the device will be compatible with, but the most exciting news will be that the device will come LTE-ready.

This version of the Padfone 2 comes with LTE connectivity supported by networks in Europe Asia and Latin America, but it should come with US-friendly radios if it makes it to the US (let’s hope so).

We have already seen the leaked specs and benchmarks. These prove this smartphone/tablet/netbook to be powerful enough to make your world go around. All details should be coming afloat by October 16, so definitely stay tuned to Phandroid for this one.

[Source: GCF Via: Unwired View]

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  1. If it doesn’t have Key Lime Pie it’s dead in the water.

    1. lol not quite. KLP isn’t even out yet, nor announced. Rumor is 4.2 is still going to be JB.

      1. Someone with inside info has said it is Kumquat and not KLP

        1. Most people won’t know what a kumquat is but they will make fun of it.

    2. Asus have (IMO) a good reputation for updating their devices in a pretty decent time frame, so I’d certainly disagree with this.

  2. I hope it is actually a Nexus :)

    1. I would die if it was. Crossing my fingers hoping. :-)

  3. Another POS by Asus! How the devil do you release a phone with only 2gb of internal storage, does Asus think it’s 1995? Please don’t buy this phone, it’s about as useful as a used menstrual pad!

    1. That’s 2GB of **RAM** bro. I haven’t seen any mention of storage space yet. I highly doubt they would go below 8GB thought. Likely 16 and/or 32GB as that is the high end standard.

      1. Yeah, but does it have a Hemi?

    2. Please tell me this is a joke otherwise we’re going to have to banish you to iPhoneland for your stupidity.

  4. Dark horse nexus ;)

  5. T MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh please god. If this is confirmed for T-Mo before the Note 2 release then I will wait it out. I guess the Nexus lineup would hopefully be outed also by then. But I would go for the Padfone over the Nexus I believe. If no news though then Note 2 here I come.

  6. Please , let it be a nexus with a 4.7 inch screen on the phone no smaller and micro SD on it with a SD on the tablet and oh yes removable battery and I would definitely get it , I HAVE been patient since my HTC hd2 .

  7. If it’s equivalent to the Optimus G in hardware and has a uSD card and a removable battery I’d buy this before I bought a Nexus, Asus updates their phones very quickly and the added software for tablet compliance is pretty cool if you want a tablet device as well.

  8. @ ari_free, I can dream about a high end spec fone from a good company (for me that’s from Asus and not LG) and i cannot afford two contracts( i.e fone and tablet) so it makes sense on my part at least to get the padfone 2 but it is wishfull thinking on my part as I would like a tablet as well but one like the nexus seven I have, (tongue in cheek) with pure android . Added bonus , tablet having a SD card. Too much to ask, BTW I prefer android over apple any day.

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