Leak details ASUS Padfone 2 specs, quad-core and 13MP camera included


With ASUS ready to announce the Padfone 2 on October 16th, it was only a matter of time before the leaks started rolling in. Here we have what is said to be a snapshot of the back of the Padfone 2’s retail packaging, complete with a rundown of the hardware powering the brains of the phone that can in turn power a tablet. Just as previously rumored, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is insider, running at a 1.5GHz clip. Also featured is a 12MP camera, 2GB RAM, and a 4.7-inch Super IPS+ HD display.

All is wrapped into a frame that measures in at 9mm thick while still packing a 2140mAh battery. The specs are pretty impressive on paper, and the multi-funtionality that will presumably get the same tablet and laptop docking options as its predecessor make it a pretty complete device that should be able to compete head-to-head with the most powerful handsets on the market. Now let’s see if ASUS can take advantage of its unique positioning.

[via Mobile01]

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  1. This could be my next device! I’ve been waiting for a 10″ Phablet!

  2. I want one of these so freakin’ bad!!! Almost wish I hadn’t purchased a GS3. :(

    1. I was just about to pull the trigger on a GS3 too! Glad I held off. This WILL be my next phone/tablet :D

      1. /netbook

      2. I’m probably gonna get down-voted for this, but it bothers me…
        “a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor is insider, running at a 1.5GHz clip”…
        shouldn’t be 1.5GHz chip?

        1. Actually, clip is correctly used here. It means rate of speed. I doubt it was a typo since the letters L and H are not next to each other on the keyboard. As for insider, that is probably a typo, unless the author meant to write “inside her”. But I doubt that, because we normally don’t think of tablets and phones as female (like we do ships).

          1. How about the packaging clearly stating 13mp camera and the write up saying 12 ? Made me chuckle :p

    2. I’m torn. Is it worth leaving LTE to get something like this?

      1. LTE isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when the network is bogged down. Went to 3G only to save battery lately, not noticing a huge difference, personally.

        1. Sucks to be where ever you are. I consistently get 30 Mbps down and 10-20 up where I live on LTE.

          1. I used to in Chicago but its been a long time since I’ve gotten those speeds.

          2. touchee

          3. i get 10-20 all day on hspa 42 and still have a battery

          4. Considering I get 15-20 hours a charge moderately using my phone on constant LTE, I would say thats plenty fine.

      2. Ummmm…according to the image…this is an LTE device.

        1. For me, that depends on if it comes to Verizon. I don’t think any Asus phone has yet and I wouldn’t switch to AT&T for it.

          1. ATT HAS LTE

          2. Yes we all know.

  3. As people on other sites have pointed out: If you look closely at the Display Icon in the bottom left part of the picture, it says “Super AMOLED” inside the Icon and “Super IPS+ HD” below it.

    Now this could be an indicator for a fake or a package production fail.
    I am very excited to see what the Padfone2 will be like. I am very likely to buy it.

    1. The icon is also half a mm higher up. I hope it is not fake, but right now i am assuming it is :(

    2. The original padphone had AMOLED on the phone and LCD on the tablet, maybe that is what the smaller AMOLED icon inside a bigger IPS icon is supposed to represent?

      1. Yes, possible as well.

    3. Possibly a graphical ‘typo’ just like the typo of 12MP in the article when it’s really 13 MP.

  4. Any chance this will come to Verizon?

  5. Looking very promising :) Needs to have Ubuntu for Android though!

  6. Assuming it’s not a fake due to the combination of AMOLED and IPS on the packaging, I would definitely be super interested in this. Especially if it came with stock~

  7. i hope this phone would come to the U.S. on tmobile.

    1. I as well. I pulled the trigger on the SIII, but I would buy an improved PadFone in a heartbeat, especially if they snuck the quad core version of the S4 in there.

  8. Asus makes me want to cheat on my one x Sooooo bad…..

  9. Great stuff coming down the pike.
    A fan of combined use devices.

  10. Looks to be a solid device! ASUS and LG are dropping some tough devices this Fall! Spec wise, they’re better than the I5, so that makes me happy

    1. lol i5 I heard ios6 maps are getting criticized and people want Google maps back.
      I want either phones with jelly bean plus nexus branding.

  11. I hope the tablet screen is 1080p. This is a ridiculously badass device.

  12. I think Asus should have gone with something along the lines of the Galaxy Note only with 6″ screen and less bezel. Having to carry the screen around with you defeats the purpose of the hybrid concept. Why not carry a Transfomer around with you wherever you go and use whichever phone you want?

    1. Because then your tablet won’t have the same information as your phone? It also won’t have data unless you tether your phone neither will it be able to charge your phone.

      I don’t know but I really like this concept and hope it becomes successful.

    2. What if you don’t care to carry a tablet around, and just want a tablet/netbook at home without actually buying a different device as well. Also keeping all information together, I believe ASUS is really pushing their cloud storage, amongst other companies.

  13. Bye bye GS3. Was nice knowing you, but we both knew from the start it wasnt going to last….
    You were the first phone I’ve ever cased because i was to ashamed to look at your ugly purple exterior afterall…..

  14. This is killer… If Asus does the same un-bloated UI scheme as they did with the Transformer Prime, this would be the best Android device yet.

  15. They actually going to release this version in US this time?

  16. i will only buy the phone if it’s fits with the 1st padfone stations..hopefully it’ll fit n the price of the phone is affordable….cross fingers……….

  17. As much as I am NOT excited about the world moving to bigger (gi freaking normous) I would take this over the new nexus.. Asus ftw <3 I hope they make smaller (I mean 4") screened phones soon.. I would be all over it!


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