Benchmark results show quad-core CPU for ASUS PadFone 2


The followup to the ASUS PadFone has made an appearance in the AnTuTu benchmark database, and the results suggest a slightly beefed up phone-in-a-tablet is on our future. From the sound of things, ASUS is going quad-core this time, which seems like a no-brainer given the PadFone’s position as a top tier device in the company’s product lineup. All signs point to the manufacturer sticking with a Snapdragon, but in this case going with the S4 Pro as opposed to the dual-core edition found in the first PadFone.

Otherwise we know very little about how the PadFone 2 will update the original, but there are rumors of 2GB of RAM. As with the Transformer line, we expect ASUS’ improvements to mostly focus on bringing the device in line with the current generation of high-end devices more so than a total redesign of the original concept. There is no word on when we might see the second edition introduced, but an introduction during CES in January seems plausible.

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  1. I really would love to have this along with the KBD dock. I love the idea of a phone/tablet combo that if I wasn’t needing the tablet, I could leave it behind(at home/work/etc.) and just have the phone.

  2. I wonder if the screen will fall apart on this one, or if the volume and power buttons will fail to work like on the Infinity?

  3. Maybe they will bring this one to the US?

  4. I would just be happy if they brought this to Verizon

  5. Include Ubuntu for Android this time and this would be a killer all-in-one device

    1. Yes please! This would be the best device there is!

  6. I guess AT&T canceled launching the orginal which is a good thing this sounds better

  7. Im still pissed the original never made it stateside…… will this one?

  8. I had almost all but forgotten about the first PadFone. I hope the PadFone 2 has a more favourable life story.

  9. I WISH they would make this a part of the nexus lineup….

  10. I’m completely in love with the concept!
    Now get it right and bring it to Verizon…please??

    1. why you’ll just be limited on your data

  11. YES! Now please bring the handset screen resolution 720p (HD) and I am pre ordering today ASUS! Thanks for this awesome news Phandroid!

  12. Might consider if they revamp/update the outer shell of the tablet. The phone has been updated, but not the shell.

  13. If they get this right, and by right I mean 4.5″+, 2gb ram, Full HD on phone & tab, and the stated S4 processor…. well I couldn’t think of a good reason not to get one.

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