Will an IPO make Huawei more successful in the US?


Huawei has had a rough time making a name of itself in America, and one of their latest videos proves that. The Chinese manufacturer is mostly known (or not so much) for making affordable, low-end smartphones. The average consumer wouldn’t know the same company is releasing some top-notch smartphones across the globe, though.

The Huawei Ascend P1 S was remarkable, and also one of the thinnest devices in the world. The company’s device portfolio also includes the Huawei Ascend D Quad, which happens to be one of the first devices to be announced with a quad-core processor. Our review of the Ascend P1 also proves Huawei has great potential to become a big player in the Android market. All these devices have specs that would compete with the best smartphones of their time, but none of these have come to the US.

In an attempt to change this, the company is said to be in talks with investment banks. Huawei is looking into the possibility of an IPO (Initial Public Offering). By selling stock to the public, the company’s course, investments, sources of income and projects would be more transparent. This would alleviate any Western fears of Huawei keeping a close connection with the Chinese Military, allowing them to gain more contracts in the US and other large markets.

Whether this happens or not, we are not sure how much of a successful future Huawei has in the US. While its smartphones are powerful, capable and aesthetically pleasing, the other companies have a very strong foothold on the US market. I simply can’t imagine a customer seeing a Huawei Ascend D Quad next to a competing Samsung product and picking the latter option.

Consumer mentality in the US can be very much based on brands, more so than quality. Huawei would certainly need a good boost from the carriers to bring it up to par with the “big guys”. Otherwise, the company will end up next to the likes of Pantech or Kyocera, which have made an attempt to release competitive devices without much success.

But if Huawei could gain more contracts in the US and release a series of great smartphones, while keeping those updates coming, I say it probably has a great shot at getting rid of its bad fame. An Android fan can dream, right?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. side view kinda reminds me of all Galaxy S2 variants.

  2. Might help them more to rebrand their devices to a more western sounding name if they want to get into the western market. Lexus (Luxury EXports United States) was very successful doing exactly this, removing the cheap connotation that came with the name Toyota at the time.

    1. What he said!

      Don’t see them having much chance though, if the US is like the UK, the media really are loving to beat on China as the rising evil. We know how you lot are still hating on Commis (through poor education as usual).

      1. you’re talking nonsense

      2. poor education? Look at your spelling.

        1. My spelling?
          Please educate me!

      3. Actually if you read up about Huawei, you’ll see that there is good reason we don’t trust them here in the United States. Heck, the US government even stepped in and told Sprint, “no, you will not contract Huawei to build your 4G networks”

        1. Way to prove my point. Thanks.

        2. 60 mins had a report about this company and how the US does not want them handling any telecommunications

  3. Huawei has had a very difficult time selling their products, regardless if they’re good products or not. There’s just so much stigma connected to Huawei that it seems as if nobody in the world really wishes to do serious business with them, I kind of feel bad for them. Yes true they’re not Apple, Samsung, or htc but I’m very sure their higher end models could prove to be better than past Pantech or Kyocera products. Having said that, I really wish they’re given a fair shake of course just because they may start making high end quality products in the future doesn’t mean people will actually buy them. People are very fickle, especially tech nerds.

  4. Smh, why do I need them when I already have plenty of Android OEM’s to choose from? My phone will always be a Samsung, HTC, Motorola or Sony. And if the rumors are true then maybe an LG Nexus. Huawei can stay where they are, whatever they make I’m betting one of the later OEM’S I mentioned can do it better.

    1. …But if Huawei made the next Nexus you’d look into and consider it… I say bring the competition! We need it. We also need more choices as tech nerds!

  5. “I simply can’t imagine a customer seeing a Huawei Ascend D Quad next to a competing Samsung product and picking the latter option.”

    I think you mean the “former option”.

  6. Any competition is good competition. If they can make reliable, quality products affordable it can only help the consumer.

  7. I’d rather have more choices. Bring it on.

  8. strange, I remember way back in the day, when HTC could not sell a phone with their name on it…:-) t-mobile and a few others had to re-brand HTC phones as their own….aka T-Mobile wing..etc etc

    1. when htc stock was 5$ …went as high as 1500$ smh

  9. ill buy the stock if invested my 300$ in htc instead of buying that good old g1 i would have made alotttttttaaaaaaaaa money lol

  10. goota have a name change !
    id say … Hi phone 5 lol

    1. I’d rename it to “yes way!”

  11. No

  12. thats exactly what I want, the communist chinese watching every move I make. wake up tou idiots

    1. Go to bed, jlschilz098.

    2. I think your tin foil hat is a bit tight, sugar.

  13. “Will an IPO make Huawei more successful in the US?”

    I don’t know but perhaps she will.

    1. I don’t know about the USA but it would make me a lot of money:-) Scratch that, I’m a patriot and if Huawei is a security threat they will get zero of my dollars.

  14. I’d say they have their work cut out for them, but they already seem to be rising above the rest of the lot of “lower-end” manufacturers and at least attempting to gain some real respect in the market. (I say go after LG)
    Phandroid has done a lot to make folks aware of the brand and keep them in the conversation by posting stories about the company and their products.
    When it comes time to replace my Bionic, I hope that they have an offering that ranks among my choices, as I will consider their products at this point.

  15. if US billionaires gain majority of it. Wouldn’t that be fun for a change… someone outside of China buys a Chinese company. It would go against the current trend of China buying up the US, one company at a time.

  16. ascend d quad is ready for pre-order in norway. 3000 nok for the baby =)

  17. They got grilled on 60 minutes today…

  18. Did anyone watch 60 minutes Sunday night? Why the hell would we want them to be successful?

  19. Good 60 Minutes episode tonight 10/7 about Huawei. US government doesn’t want them here in the US and are going out of there way to make sure they don’t come. Check it out on their web site.

  20. in my opinion Huawei is not too big competition to Samsung smarfons or Sony

  21. Sadly no, since the American government wants to ban all Chinese companies in the USA because they are “tools of the enemy government.”

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