ASUS schedules dual Padfone 2 launch events for October 16


ASUS isn’t keeping any secrets with an invitation they just sent out to press in Italy and Taiwan. Emblazoned in bold lettering at the top of the invite is “Padfone 2.” So, yep, the cat’s out of the bag. Interestingly, ASUS is actually holding two concurrent events to introduce the followup to the phone/tablet combo released earlier this year, on in Milan, Italy, and another in Taipei, Taiwan. Few other details were provided, but with no attempt to keep the subject of the event a secret, we couldn’t as for much more.

Speculation points to the Padfone 2 receiving an upgrade in processing power to a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset. Otherwise, we expect the device to cosmetically mirror the first edition. Other potential improvements include more RAM, a higher resolution display, and Jelly Bean at launch. What ASUS should really consider addressing is the pricing and release strategy of the device, which attempts, like the device itself, to straddle the line between smartphone and tablet computer.

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  1. Phandroids, please join me at All Things D, to defend out Android Honor. I started visiting their discussion sections, and i’m getting raped for being the only Phandroid.

    1. It’s a mobile operating system, get over yourself. We’re not at war with iOS and WP7. Let people use what they want.

    2. Yeah!!! While we are at it lets go march and dig up Steve Job’s body. Take off the turtleneck and burn it and cook delicious apple pie on the flames.

      Ridiculous comment is ridiculous.

      Totally agree.

    3. We can defend android here. Other sites don’t need more hits.

  2. I would like to see this on Verizon with a S4 Pro, 2 GB of RAM, 720P IPS Display, and JB to kick it off. With a removable battery and a Micro SD slot.

    1. You read my mind!

  3. Awwwwwwww yeah! This is going to be epic! :D

    1. It better! Kidding. I’ve been waiting for something weird along the lines of padfone since my phone got stolen (now using old Droid 2 *shrugs*) and this could just be it. Can’t wait for the release. My other option would be Razr M + N7

  4. This would be epic if they included Ubuntu for Android support this time! Excited to see what they have in store regardless though :)

  5. Honestly, as much as I like Asus, upgrading the processor and the screen isn’t enough for this concept to be commercially succesful IMO. I think they seriously need to consider re-designing the concept for Windows 8 where having phone, tablet and computer integration is actually plausible, because until Google merges a touch integrated version of Ubuntu into Android the whole idea is just going to come up short.

    1. Nah, it’s fine with Android :)

      1. Windows 8?

  6. Launch it in the USA already!!!

  7. Oooooo this is one of the few things that could deter me from a Galaxy Note 2.

    1. Screen size dog :)

  8. Capacitive buttons? Really?

    1. Capacitive buttons mean we get the entire real estate of our screen to actually use as a screen.

  9. I have been eagerly waiting for the padfone 2, I am hoping that it will come with pure android stock so I can get it , here in the UK they tend to be biased against android and promote iOS , that why we did not get previous Nexus’s or if it was available it was next to impossible to get it, that’s why I stopped buying phones from carphone warehouse and tmobile as they would tend to support iPads and iphones and had to stick with HTC hd2 for almost 3 years after my g1 and as I was disillusioned with the bloat ware of HTC I promised myself nothing but pure stock android, hence getting the nexus7 and now waiting for the next smart high end phone having pure android, not Samsung maybe Motorola or Asus.

  10. Unless it’s a new Nexus, I’m not interested

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