Take offers with you with newly introduced ‘Save to Wallet’ feature


Find a good offer but not ready to act on it? A new feature coming to Google Wallet will allow you to quickly save the deal for future use, and reminders will make sure you get in on the savings before time runs out. Google announced the new “Save to Wallet” feature at a developer session at Google I/O, which includes an API that will be made available to a select group of retailers.

Save to Wallet will appear as an option on a store’s website, and choosing to add the deal to your account will let you take advantage by presenting the digital coupon in store or by simply tapping your device at checkout (thanks to NFC). Google hopes by bridging the gap between online and physical stores and sharing offers between the two that the number of Google Wallet users will grow. Google also hopes to do the same with payment cards, which can also be saved directly to a Google Wallet account.

Save to Wallet will be available through a limited number of retailers to start, but as the service grows Google hopes to introduce more partners.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I need more place in Monterey that actually SUPPORT Google Wallet…

  2. I need more places in Monterey that actually SUPPORT Google Wallet…

  3. Soooo, the Gap and a bunch of athletic shoe stores then? Wallet really needs more partners. It’s pretty lame so far.

    1. Isn’t it anywhere those mastercard paypass or whatever are accepted? I see those at about every department store and big box retailer.

  4. Wallet still NEEDS TO BE FIXED ON OUR EVO 4G LTE DEVICES !!!!!!!

    1. And on the Samsung Galaxy S3. It was working on the 16gb verisons, then it stopped today and said it’s not available in your area. The 32gb versions have never worked, and gives the same error message. Other tech web sties state Google is aware of it, and a fix should be out soon.

    2. Amen.

      I’m really wanting to try this thing out, ugh.

  5. Siri was a marketing ploy that could not be repeated and defended if the like occurred again with the iPhone 5. But if Apple has something along the lines of Wallet — that actually works and is usable — it will put Android to shame. I would go so far as to say the I/O event this week will be viewed in retrospect as a success or miserable failure solely on what Google has in store for Wallet.

  6. Google didn’t announce anything at I/O for Wallet. It’s pretty much dead now. Isis have both Chases and Capital One. My two main cards and I’ll still rather Google but they have no one except Citi Mastercard.

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