Sprint pushing first software update to Samsung Galaxy S III


Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t even in the hands of all customers who ordered one, but its first over-the-air software update is ready to be installed. The update is nothing major; the results of which will likely go unnoticed. The singular item in the changelog? A security update. The minor patch will bring the phone’s software to version L710VPLF9 and is going out today. Those purchasing a new Galaxy S III will receive the update after completing activation.

[Sprint via AndroidPolice]

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  1. now if we can go pick up the phone. im tired of waited for it

  2. It’s not showing up on my 2 S3’s.

  3. It would be nice to see an update that fixes the gestures. Mine won’t sense the gestures that involve the accelerometer after it has been on for a certain amount of time.

  4. Still waiting for my S2 to get ICS, no doubt in my mind they are sitting on it to not detract attention from the S3.

    1. If you’re on AT&T, don’t download the ICS update for the S2. The s2 forums have been flooded with users complaining of this update screwing up everything from wifi issues to the disappearance of notification sounds. (and everything in between) Stay on Gingerbread until they work the bugs out, otherwise you’ll be hating life (or rather your S2!)

  5. Dont you think they should make enough phones for the people before worrying about putting updates out. WOW they want to beat apple but their release SUCKS.. I am still waiting on Best Buy Mobile on my White one. Why have a release date if it doesnt get released..

    1. Had mine since the 22nd, ordered from BestBuy as well..

    2. Uh…? Security update is coming from the carrier, ryt? If it was Samsung directly, then an update would be going to ALL their phones. LoL!! Comparing Sprint to Apple. =.P

  6. Where did hulu go on many s3?

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