Which Version of Android Are You On? [Poll]


We see the periodical updates from Google on which operating system versions are more highly adopted and which are struggling to grow but we’re curious as to how our own reader base is distributed. We want to know which version of Android you are on. Whether it be via custom ROMs or official OTA updates, be sure to select your OS in the boxes below for both phones and tablets.

Personally, I’m on Android 4.0.3 thanks to owning a Galaxy Nexus but we know there are many of you who don’t have recent Nexus devices and are still rocking the latest and greatest. As I don’t have an Android tablet I won’t vote in the poll.

In the comments section, be sure to further discuss which phone you have and how you’ve gotten to whichever version of Android you have if it wasn’t an official OTA update. Poll options do not include triple digit increments for phones and do not include double digit increments for tablets. Let’s hear it!

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  1. I get the distinct impression that a LOT of us are chronic ROM flashers lol

    1. That’s me ;)

    2. I was till i made the jump on my DX to CM

      1. Hell, I run CM9 on my GNex and still flash an updated KANG at least every 3 days lol

        1. 3 days? wimp. i’m refreshing the rootz pages 10 times a day waiting for my next “fix.” :P

    3. Well need an update to the poll asking which are running 4.0 because of ROMs and which have it because they have a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.

  2. TP ICS ftw

  3. I have the Droid 3 running Android 4.0 via Hashc0de’s CM9/ICS Port, Alpha 4 or 5 i think to be exact, waiting for the camera to be working till I update again

  4. Droid Incredible 2, rockin android 2.3 since july of ’11. OTA.

  5. 4.0.3 via aokp M3 for G-Nex

  6. My tablets still have Android 2.3.6.  You don’t have that as a choice.  

    1. Yes they do. 2.3.6 falls under 2.3.

      EDIT: Ahhh tablets….. ok.

      1. For phones, yes.  For tablets, no.  Only tablet options are 3.0 and 4.0.  I’m on 2.3 with my rooted Nook Tablet, but can’t vote on tablet OS either.

  7. G2x rooted 2.3.7 Phoenix blood rom

  8. 2.3.7 CM7 on the Motorola Triumph

  9. I love how the results from this poll won’t even come close to matching up with the official numbers…most of us that read these blogs want the latest and greatest…**cough***nexus***cough***

  10. Galaxy nexus. Was yakjuxw 4.0.1 but changed 1.5 month ago via odin to yakju. Immideatly after I got 4.0.2

    1. Which radio are you using?  And what service provider?

  11. Samsung Vibrant – 4.0.3 thanx to ICS Passion V12

  12. Rocking 4.0.3 on my i9000 thanks to T H. build 15

  13. 5.0 jelly bean

  14. SGN ICS, TPrime ICS, Gtv Honeycomb

  15. CM7 2.3.7 on The O.G. Evo last flash mid Oct.

  16. Droid inc and droid charge both ics 4.0.2

    1. What Rom for the DInc? Link please?

  17. HTC Thunderbolt-2.3.4-custom ROM based off official firmware OTA

  18. The poll/results are not available in the news section of the PHANDROID APP.

  19. 2.3 on my Streak. Wishing it was 4.0. I have 4.0 on my aria via CM9 alpha port by WinSuk. Not everything is working on it, but it’s stable. I am glad I get to play with ICS.

  20. 4.04

  21. cm9 (4.0.3) on the VZW Galaxy Tab thanks to jt1134.

  22. G2 2.3.3

  23. 4.0.3 on my OG EVO 4G thanks to ICSDeck

  24. SGN 4.0.2 stock

  25. GNex running 4.0.3 (Codename Android 1.3.2), Xoom running 4.0.3 (Team EOS Nightlies), Logitech Revue running 3.2 stock.

  26. 5.0 alpha JellyBean

    1. Send me the rom :D >.<

      1. Can’t. “NDA”

        1. Im running Liquorish aka lollipop

          1. that’s probably a good thing, since “meringue” doesn’t seem to be very stable.

    2. Double Post =(

    3. Didn’t get the Krispy Kreme update?  I’ve been on it for a few weeks now and it’s decent.  About to flash Lemon Pie though so I can have the holographic launcher ;-).

  27. iOS 5.0.1

  28. GSM GNex, 4.0.1 because I’m on a yakjuzs build.

  29.  VZW SGN 4.0.2 stock and at the rate that the updates are going most likely will jump to 4.0.4 with out getting 4.0.3

  30. 4.0.4 rooted baby cakes

  31. Droid x 4.0.1 Encounterics x

  32. Still on the Captivate with 2.2. Tried for 5 hours to root the phone, but couldn’t get it to work. Use two different versions of the 1 root method and it just would not do it. Under contract till June. :(

    1. What problems are you having?  Have you asked for help on the Forums?  

    2. Have you went to xda-developers.com and checked out your phones forums yet? I’m sure they have a rooting guide in there to follow. I’d also put a search in YouTube for rooting captivate and should be how to videos posted also. Should be easy. Good luck.

  33. MoPho with CM9, most beautiful ROM yet

  34. 4.0.3. GN

  35. Droid bionic 2.3.4 stock. Super stable and much better than my Og droid that ran liquid gingerbread 2.3.7

  36. 2.3.7 gingerbread
    Xperia play.
    Will flash cm9 or icx when I’ve got some spare time :)

  37. atrix 4g 2.3.4

  38. Galaxy Nexus / Transformer Prime

  39. SGS running Android 4.0 thanks to CM9 :).

  40. IMM30B / Toro 02-06-12 by Pete

  41. Tmo gs2 2.3.6 cuz there’s not even alpha ics builds. :(

  42. Dinc 2.3.4 tomorrow im receiving my nexsus

  43. T-Mobile G2x 2.3.7 custom rom (eagles blood 1.7)

  44. Sprint Epic Touch 4G with MIUI 2.1.13 (2.3.7 Gingerbread).
    Galaxy OG Tab with MIUI 2.1.15.
    Asus Transformer with 3.x.

  45. Samsung Vibrant – 4.0.3 ICS Passion V12

  46. 3.2.1 on acer A500 O.T.A.

  47. 6.0.1 Lemon Meringue Pie. j/k 4.0.3 HTC Vision.

  48. GNex and TF Prime – both stock 4.0.whatever

  49. Nexus S (3G) running KalimochoAz CM9 v2.1 (ICS 4.0.3) and Nook Color is still on CM7 (2.3.4, I think)

  50. Running android vagina slime topping. For real stock 4.0.4 nexus. IOS 5.0.1 JB & unlocked 4S.

    1. “ vagina slime topping” ew! I might skip that version

  51. EVO 4g with 2.3

  52. Epic 4g CM9 alpha 1. Stable with a few livable bugs

  53. I haven’t rooted my Note yet, so I’m still rocking 2.3.6.

  54. mytouch 4g slide running ic 4.0.3. Asus transformer running 3.2.1

  55. Phone is a Galaxy Nexus running ICS (4.02),  Tablet is Asus Transformer T1 running 3.2.1. Loving them both.  Can’t wait for ICS upgrade on tablet.  Can’t wait for ICS upgrade.  Period.  

  56. Sadly still 3.2.1…. ASUS please release 4.0

  57. Galaxy nexus 4.0.3 rooted and unlocked

  58. Hp Tp ICS  Evo 3d gingerbread Acer a100 Honeycomb Dell Streak 7 Froyo  so im still using the last four I keep the Streak on Fryo for gameloft games changed build prop to lg p999 over 40 games work. All have custom roms but Acer a100 all rooted

  59. Where Is the actual poll??! You guys used to do actual polls where the end user could actually see results and not 5374 comments! CM9 ICS Sensation

  60. Gnex 4.0.3 AOKP 21, impatiently waiting for 22!

  61. Samsung Vibrant – 4.0.3 ICS Passion V12

  62. Samsung galaxy lll 6.66 devil custom hate rom

  63. MyTouch 4g aosp 4.0.2 beta no cam: ( but it is just my music player

  64. Running stock 2.3.3 although on rooted desire hd…

  65. 4.0.3 virtuous custom rom on sensation.

  66. Stock GS2 Epic Touch with 2.3.6 and EL29 update.

  67. I can’t vote on the tablet since my version isn’t listed.

  68. D’Inc on 2.3.4 (official)
    TF Prime on 4.0.3 (official)

    I’m too much of a chicken to root either device.

    1. Too bad….The Droid incredible is an awesome device to have rooted!

  69. HTC aria running Android 4.0.3 cm 9.1

  70. Samsung galaxy note, 2.3.6. Got update when initialized but haven’t been able to get the newest one.

  71. I hard to believe that there is still people running Android 1.0 and 1.5 that follow Phandroid. I think there are Apple trolls that voted in this poll.

  72. CM OS 2.3.5

  73. Captivate is on 4.0.3, same with my HD2. GALAXY player is on 2.3.5.

  74. GN 4.0.2 waiting for OTA 4.0.4

  75. 4.0.3 Gtablet courtesy of Team DRH

    2.3.x Bionic  with TH3ORY ROM

  76. 2.2 Can’t be bothered with HTC’s non-OTA upgrade to 2.3 since it will wipe all my data. Never buying HTC again cuz of their fuck-up. They could at least provide us with a backup option but no i have to buy apps on the market for it. Well FU HTC.

  77. cm7.1 Gingerbread 2.3.7 on Desire. You might like to check out my analysis of fragmentation over time at http://fragmentationwatch.info .

  78. 2.3.4 on the Xperia Neo, but testing CM9 now and then

  79. 4.0.4 beta

  80. Galaxy S II epic touch android 2.3.6 and Galaxy tab 10.1 android 3.2

  81. On 4.0.4 on my Nexus S 4G thanks to leak and unlocking and rooting.  Got 4.0.3 for my Xoom WiFi OTA.

  82. Captivate — 4.0.3 via oneCosmic
    Notion Ink Adam — 4.0 via Notion Ink/Tablet Roms

  83. Samsung Captivate running CM9

  84. Experia play android 2.3.3 wish verizon would update I have to wait for ics update and god knowns when well get that

  85. Droid Incredible
    ICS 4.03
    HP Touchpad
    CM7 2.3.7

  86. Galaxy Nexus (4.0.2)
    Xoom 2 (3.2)
    Galaxy player 5.0 (2.2.2)

  87. If they offered ICS for my ORIGINAL Motorola XOOM 3g version I’d be upgraded. ::sigh::

  88. Droid Incredible
    2.3.7 CM7

    Flashed ICS-deck last week. Nice ROM but missed having all the features of CM.

  89. Thunderbolt, OTA update a few months ago to 2.3.4.

  90. Samsung Infuse 4g. (Victory Rom 2.3.6 Gingerbread. , Entropy Kernal OC 1.6ghz. V6 Supercharged Tweaks.)

  91. EVO3d running 2.3.4 Eternity ROM r97 nightly by Virus from infected rom. Everyone that thinks sense lags and slows down your phone just have no idea what a great dev can do for it. My phone blazes. The base is off the last ota 2.17.651.5 which greatly improved battery life, and data speeds. Sense 3.0 isn’t slowing my phone down. This Rom rocks.

  92. 5.0?

    pfff pussies, I am on 7.5.3 already.

  93. Vibrant, currently with 4.0.3 on the RC4.1, but often doing Passion v12. Acer A500 with Thor’s v96 of 4.0.3.

  94. CM9 on Epic 4g

  95. 4.0.2 baby. Gnex all the way!!

  96. Your tablet poll is missing a 2.0 option. Our 1st-gen wifi Galaxy Tab 7″ is still stuck with Froyo.

  97. HTC G2 – 2.3.4

  98.  Both my android devices are on gingerbread but I am currently waiting for CM9 for my Nook Tablet

  99. (Banana Cream Pie) on my SGS 17, with voice swype, thought-to-text, 90G data with 1.98 tbps connection, built in 4D cornea display implant with 4320P resolution, 64 core 800ghz, 250 gigs of ram, 900tb storage, with 500tb microscopic nano-sd, just the basics.

    1. This I would like. But no doubt it would be released with a 2000mah battery!

    2. LMFAO Everything about this post is HILARIOUS!! Ten Toes UP!

    3. …..I literally LOL’d here at work right now…..thanks for turning my frown, upside-down haha

  100. Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4.

  101. I’d totally be on ICS but they haven’t gotten the camera to work on MT4G yet…

  102. sgs II , 4.0.3 LEAKED BETA LPB, stock rooted
    Asus transformer  tf101, 3.2 stock rooted
    Archos 101 G9, 3.2 stock
    2nd SGS-II, 2.3.5 stock

  103. Gingerbread 2.3 phone. 3.1 tablet help

  104. Gnex with 4.0.2 ;-)

  105. I have no idea what the he ll you people are discussing. :(

  106. Let’s take a poll. Who wants phandroid to finally make a polling system?

  107. Let’s take a poll. Who wants phandroid to finally make a polling system?

  108. Android 2.3.7 cm7.1 HTC desire

  109. HTC Inspire 4g – 4.0.3

  110. I’m rocking CM7.1.0 (Android 2.3.7) on the HTC EVO

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