Minus for Android Updated, Get 25-50GB of Storage for Free


Minus for Android has been updated recently to include a couple of cool changes. Firstly, you’ll now be able to open Minus profile links using the app instead of staying within the browser. It’ll give you easy access to friends’ profiles without having to deal with a web UI over a native one.

You also get basic searching features for users and folders so it’ll be even easier to find the files you and your friends have uploaded. The general round of bug fixes and performance enhancements can also be had.

Minus is kind of like DropBox or, but they are extremely generous with the amount of free storage awarded to users starting at 25GB, something you’d have to pay for with most other companies.

Users who have migrated from DropBox or have tons of good things to say about it. If you’re looking for an online file host and you don’t want to pay a lot to be able to store a lot, give Minus a try. Find it here in the Android market. [Minus via]

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  1. The per file limit of up to 2GB is much more useful than DropBox’s 300MB.

    1. Yes, it’s 2 GB per file and you can also preview or view full size images, music, videos, documents, pdfs etc.. and more.

  2. My minus referal link: 
    If you’d like 2GB free from Dropbox, use my referral link:

    1. I would actually suggest people stick to spideroak and not dropbox or minus – dropbox already has security problems and minus is no better.

      It’s more complicated, but it’s truly secure.

      referral link (absolutely skip unless you’re trying to help me or create a referral chain as we’d both get an extra GB):

      or just go to spideroak and read about it – it has real security, which also means that if you forget your password you can kiss your information goodbye too.

  3. I joined and they only give 10GB – not the 25GB you suggested in the story? 

    1. For 25 GB instant space, you need to sign up via  

      You can get up to 50 GB space by inviting friends via 

  4. I signed up a few months ago and even referred a few people, but I still only have 13gb.  I see that new sign-ups will get “up to 50gb”. Wtf minus?

  5. Did anyone fact check this before posting it as a news item?  It is 10GB not 25GB.

  6. For 25 GB instant space, you need to sign up via  

    You can get up to 50 GB space by inviting friends via 

  7. Minus referral link +1gb:
    Dropbox referral link +250mb:

  8. To get 26GB please use my referal link :

  9. So many people just trying to get more additional space…

  10. I had minus before and had to uninstall it, uploads and downloads would always fail no matter what I was on WIFI or 3G/4G. Hopefully this new update fixes that issue.

  11. Question, how does the link help someone like me increase my storage space? I don’t see a option to enter it in, only provides my link.

  12. This one is my link for 25gb to start.

  13. I have had minus for awhile now and love it. I signed up through the AppSumo link to get the 25gb. Also, one person mentioned failed uploads, I would also get that message in my notification bar, but when I checked the minus site, the files were there! This is a great app with caring and helpful devs. John and his team are awesome! Definitely recommend!

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