Norton Safety Minder is Parental Control for Android Smartphones


The folks at Norton have released another mobile security application called Norton Safety Minder. The app allows parents to monitor their children’s smartphone activity to protect them from the undesirables of the free world. It allows them to view their children’s entire browsing activity, including which sites that visit, what they search for and who they’re texting.

They can block access to certain websites and can even block communication with individual people through SMS and MMS messages. Some of these features are only available through a premium upgrade but you do get some of the more basic features for free. If for some reason your child is young enough to have a smart phone and need to be monitored at the same time, grab it here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son both have android phones.  They are my old hand-me-downs.  Some people think it’s ridiculous for an 8 year old to have a smart phone but it’s cheaper than a DS or PSP.

    But I don’t see a need for an app like this.  It’s just an invasion of the child’s privacy as well as yet another way for parents to use a tool for pretend parenting rather than being an actual attentive and concerned parent.  Besides, I find it funny when my 8 year old son comes to me asking what exactly is goatse or cup chicks.

    That last sentence was a joke BTW.

    1. I agree. My 5 year old son got a TouchPad running CyanogenMod for Christmas, and while I do worry about what he might get into, he’s too young at this point to really be of any danger to himself.

      The scope of this app doesn’t seem like it would do much good in actually preventing the child from finding something, but rather alerting the parent of undesirable browsing habits, etc.

      At this point, I just haven’t shown how to install apps, turn on Wi-Fi or browse the web. Curating his whole experience to kid-friendly games and educational tools seems to be working while his knowledge of the outside world is limited as it is.

  2. “If for some reason your child is young enough to have a smart phone and need to be monitored at the same time, grab it here.”

    can’t agree more with you on that point

  3. I am a single mom of  4 children (12-16). Three of the children have smart phones. My former husband died almost 2 years ago and 44 year old former step daughter makes my life hell by dragging me into court (4 times) with claims that I am unfit mom (even though my older two children have 4.8 GPA’s and my 8th grader got a full ride scholarship to any private high school in the country  nor do I physically discipline or emotional/ verbally abuse my children ) or seeking unconstitutional visitations rights  claiming that she can’t live without them. She gives the children expensive gift and large amounts of money and has even disappeared with my children and communicates with them via texting etc. Because she is a “half sister ” the laws protecting my children under order of protection don’t apply even though I have tried. The only thing that I can do is monitor my children and hold then accountable for their actions. Her psycho has made the difficult job of raising emotionally balance teens almost impossible. I have been looking for something like this. feature in addition to just monitoring my children’s internet activity. I want to raise son’s that have high moral values that are not corrupted by sleazy or questionable media and I never want my daughter’s to lower their values by thinking that all men are “just like that” and settle. I am not a tiger mom but I always tell my children that they can have as much freedom that they can be responsibly handle meaning have and maintain our standards. Thank you for seeing the need for this kind of service. I was floored when I initially started looking for something like this that there was nothing available on the market. 

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