HTC Glamor Surfaces in Three Colors


An image of a new handset from HTC, rumored to go by the codename HTC Glamor, has surfaced. Little is known about the device, but speculation is linking it to the HTC Bliss. As you may recall, the Bliss is an in-development handset reportedly designed with the female population in mind. That device was said to come a in a green hue and resemble the HTC Desire S, though — as shown in the above image — the Glamor will sport three bright color options. There is no telling if the  devices are in fact linked, but it isn’t totally out of the question. Either way, it looks like HTC is prepping yet another mid-range phone aimed at those who want a handset that stands out as much for its looks as it does for its performance.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. I’ll take two ;)

  2. That looks like an HVGA-ish screen, its shorter and fatter, that makes sense. My girlfriend has tiny fingers and definitely prefers the short and stubby ipod screen to the tall and skinny screen on my Milestone.
    Either they’re thinking about stuff like that or their making a product with subpar specs and hoping women will want it

  3. Now this looks nice better than the FaceBook phone ChaCha n Salsa.

  4. Ähm, its not android its brew mp!? no launcherbar at the bottom

  5. womans are too lucky :)


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