Archos Brings Android Home with DECT Landline Phone and 35 Home Connect Radio


It’s not quite the Android@Home initiative we saw at Google I/O, but alongside a new generation of Honeycomb tablets Archos unveiled two new products that see Google’s mobile OS branching out to a couple non-mobile applications. The 35 Smart Home Phone isn’t a new concept as it places the Android OS within the confines of a touchscreen DECT landline handset. You can do pretty much everything you could on a Android smartphone, including syncing contacts, using your favorite apps, and web browsing. The 35 Home Connect Radio is battery powered with built-in WiFi. It gets access to over 50,000 web radio stations and can double as a touchscreen alarm clock with Android widgets for time, weather, and more. The 35 Smart Home Phone will sell for $159 when it launches in September The 35 Home Connect will be $149 when it hits shelves the same month.

[via Engadget]

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  1. What’s a “Home Phone”?

  2. that’s pretty cool. when adroid first came out i was hoping someone would come out with a device like Verizon’s failed home(anyone remember that or what it was actually called?) using android. i think the time is right. hell, i think it would be great if someone could snag up all the hardware big V used and repurpose it with android. 

  3. Home Phone? Useless. Radio/alarm clock – oh yeah baby! And make it controllable via other android device. Also will be nice rooted – just to be able to use other online radio apps.

  4. Does anybody knows which OEM factory did it?

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