HTC And Verizon Testing An Android Smartphone Geared Towards Women


With all the Android handsets out these days, sometimes you forget that with all the “Droids” and highend tech specs, most of these phones aren’t really geared specifically towards women. In fact, I’d go as far to say that most of the time, its more in spite of. Well, Verizon and HTC have taken that into consideration and are testing a new smartphone that would target that female demographic. Right now, the code name for the phone is the Bliss and its said to hit Verizon before the end of this year.

ThisIsMyNext.com provided the leak and even a mock up for what they think the phone may look like, although I think HTC’s Widlfire S would fit the bill quite nicely. Their source didn’t give too many specifics just that it would be a slate type Android device, a softer color hue, offer various preloaded calorie counting and shopping apps, a wireless dock, and even an LED charm notifier for easy access in those tight Jeggings that females are all about these days.

Honestly, its hard to imagine why a company wouldn’t want to target women. They work just as hard as men, always on their BlackBerry’s and iPhones and if it’s one thing I’ve learned through the years, they like spending their money even more than men do. I, for one, hope this phone smells like cupcakes.

[Via ThisIsMyNext]

Chris Chavez
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  1. This woman will be getting an SGS2.My Vibrant will be a nice little media player. Thanks for trying.

    1. those are my exact plans for my epic… just gotta figure the best way to carry both of these big devices at the same time

  2. Don’t they already have a phone like that? I think its called….. iPhone

    1. which can’t be typed on with long finger nails

      1. ?
        Nor could this phone.

  3. there are women that are just as much techies as guys are. imo, it should be clarified that this is probably for the women who are casual about it and just want the prettiest phones.

    1. Too bad 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of “techie” women are ugly :”””(

      1. i’d say 72.88888889% i know i a lot of pretty tech girls

      2. I find that most techie men who complain about such things aren’t prizes themselves.

        1. hahaha i cracked up when i saw your post because its so true! lmao

      3. I’m a “techie woman” who is not ugly… and I can’t wait for the Sensation! (or GS2, for that matter)… lol.

        1. pics or it never happened

          1. i’m a tech girl and i dont consider myself ugly….lol

            but i dont really like this concept of them trying to target the women…much like Verizon did with the mother’s day ad.

            I like the same devices the men do and i dont need a phone that is tailor made for my gender.
            Maybe some women do

          2. Lmao ahahahah

      4. wrong. there are also pretty tech women :P

      5. And then all the techie women CRIED because someone with a name like “softer” didn’t want them.

  4. I can see it now; the iDroid.

  5. Oh the feminists will have a field day with this….

  6. A pink/soft colored variant of the repetitive HTC design I suppose….

  7. @ Keller
    Haha! ZING!

  8. I know we’re all phandroids here, but do we even know if the device will be Android? The title simply refers to HTC & VZW. I mean, I would assume Android, but do we know?

  9. Uh… this woman loves her Nexus One and can’t wait to get her hands on a Sensation. But whatevs…

    1. You’re a good woman. Wish there were more like you….

  10. If you want to appeal to women, just create a 3.7 smartphone with a small bezel (why is the HTC HD2 the smallest 4.3 that will ever exist? small keys at the bottop and small speaker at the top? even the GS2 is taller), A RESISTIVE/or/DIGITIZER SCREEN and a small stylus! A double capacitive/digitizer screen is doable (aka HTC FLYER) so, bring back the htc-diamond-woman-loving to the market! Never seen girlfriends more attached to a phone than their htc diamonds…

  11. One great feature on this phone that may be a win towards females is if the screen is turned off, it features a reflective screen, much like a mirror. This alone may lure a flock of females to this phone.

    Not trying to be a smartass or anything, but I really think this idea would be great for the consumer they are trying to target.

    1. Um, so a FFC.

  12. “In spite of?” What sort of mad witchcraft do you think we women need on our phones?

    ::reads further:: “offer various preloaded calorie counting and shopping apps”

    Oh for fuck’s sake.

  13. It better have a How to Iron app pre-installed.

  14. Yeah I heard this phone is coming with the blue light tech to improve their moods as well.


  15. JFC, condescending much? my rooted Desire running whatever rom i feel like having for the week suits me just fine, and *shock horror* i didn’t even have to grow a penis to have it…eat.me.

  16. Interesting fact: RIM tried this with the style. It was called the lady in development. It was a flop of course, devs underestimate women intellegence. Shopping bloatware? Dangling led? Snapped like a compact? Women may be less geeky on average but they still know what there buying. iPhone is perfect .. 1 moment (vomit.. /wipe mouth) for women. Name brand, easy to use interface and well known as a good phone (true or not). Any lady phone an asian company makes will be just that… a lady phone… and will flop.

  17. Things to include: mirror on screen, flip out tweezers, a screen which can be used by women’s own stylus (their nails) that blue light technology that someone mentioned earlier to improve moods, easily removable phone housing so that they can change design and a little hole in the casing for pretty mobile charms. Oh yeah, put some gorilla glass on it too.

  18. Most of you hambeasts out there have to remember, most of your gender is gullible, not tech savvy and love to shop. This would sell to the teen market like mad.

  19. Let me guess. It will have the color pink.

  20. *facepalm* targeting women = fail. women are not as dumb and impressionable as we make them out to be. targeting teenage girls = win. They are twice as dumb and impressionable as we think they are lol.

  21. Hope it will be a nice test!!..

  22. YAAAAYYY!!!!!

    I am all for more women friendly android phones…..because that would mean I would be one of the few men with an android phone and I got to admit that having an android phone before everyone else and their grandma had it was more fun than nowadays.

    Less men with Android and more girls with it!

  23. Did anyone notice the shopping app and calorie counter app?? funny!

  24. “preloaded calorie counting and shopping apps, a wireless dock, and even an LED charm notifier for easy access in those tight Jeggings that females are all about these days.”
    I hope this is a joke. Honestly.

  25. It will probably come pre-loaded with six shopping apps, Oprah Mobile, Lifetime Mobile, Pink Pad Pro, and a lot of advanced vibration settings.

  26. “With all the Android handsets out these days, sometimes you forget that with all the “Droids” and highend tech specs, most of these phones aren’t really geared specifically towards women. In fact, I’d go as far to say that most of the time, its more in spite of. ”

    Huh? wtf kinda 5th grade writing is this?

  27. I thought the DInc was their Android phone geared towards women…?

    1. My mom got it and loves it. the front facing camera is good enough for makeup, and she’s obsessed with words with friends. one more iphone convert, check.

      DInc2, by the way.

  28. Lanyard holes should be standard on every phone. I will never shut up about this. UNGAWA!!

  29. This is terribly pathetic. Its like all the stereotypes about women from the 1900s were just represented in this post. Comments included. Some of you guys I hope are joking, as with this post; Its a joke whether its meant to be funny or not. This is all just a disgusting representation of how we have receded back to sexism in a lot of ways. I blame the women for this too, bull dikes demanding rights and respect they didn’t earn…… pretty ones just taking advantage. You want to talk about gullible? That game works on both sides. Ie: marriage & divorce. This circus needs to be packed up so phandroid can get back to the real news.

    1. Thank you! I guess my Droid X is just too complex for my pretty little head. Perhaps they would rather I not pick up the new Thunderbolt. Maybe I’ll just wait for the “Barbie” version.

  30. Does it also come with a loaf of bread, assorted cheeses, condiments and deli meats?

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