HTC Thunderbolt Gets a Sense 3.0 Makeover Courtesy of Custom ROM


HTC has made it clear that the Thunderbolt won’t receive Sense 3.0 (they also said the HTC Desire wouldn’t receive Android 2.3…but I digress). If you are in possession of a rooted HTC Thunderbolt with S-Off status and Clockwork Recovery, you can get the latest version of Sense courtesy of the latest version of the Das BAMF Gingerbread ROM.

Though the build is at release candidate status, it still has a few bugs, namely a glitchy front-facing camera. But if you can deal and can’t wait to get your hands on Sense 3.0 (and it really is quite an improvement), you can find all the information at the source link below.

[via Engadget]

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  1. NNow I want to root my thunderbolt, maybe if i got time this weekend

  2. God, I want to root very badly, if gingerbread does not come on the 30th and there is still no announcement she’s getting the root!

  3. Why did HTC even bother with the thunderbolt? It’s been on the market for what? 2 months? And already its denied the latest and greatest features.

    This is why my next phone will be a sensation which is going straight on eBay. The proceeds should cover the next nexus hopefully.

  4. This is almost enough to make me want to root mine. So annoyed that its such a new phone and they can’t update it to the newest version of sense. 

    1. its worth it I’ve had sense 3.0 for about a month? and its worth it . It amazes me the lack of support from htc for a 200 dollar device

    2. My only problem with your statement is you said it’s a new phone honestly it’s not new it may have came out in january but really take a moment to look at it from a different standpoint. What htc created was exactly what verizon asked for they had no idea what they really wanted because if they did the thunderbolt wouldn’t have so much problems straight after it’s launch. I have some friends with thunderbolts and they are totally unhappy with the REBOOTING PROBLEM, AS WELL AS THE BATTERY LIFE, AND CAMERA BUG, TEXTING BUG, AND LET’S NOT FORGET HOW IT LAUNCHED WITH NO 4G TOGGLE TO SHUT OFF AND ON. I openly value sprint because they understand how devices have to be made and they also understand how the device must mesh with their network. Look around you if htc wanted to give verizon a power house device they would’ve done much better than the thunderbolt. Look at the Droid incredible 2 and look at the Sensation and Evo 3d those are TOP NOTCH DEVICE WITH TOP NOTCH SOFTWARE. The thunderbolt has nothing on those devices PLUS all the thunderbolt is only a watered down EVO 4G with 768gigs of ram and sense 1.5 or 2.0 nothing special.

      1. It’s more because of the customers that were unable to wait. They kept pushing Verizon even when Verizon never had an official release date. I think Verizon got pissed off at the customers and just threw the phone at them and said have fun. They were working on all the quirks until I’ve seen some harsh statements towards VZW. I can’t blame them throwing it out if that’s the case. But that is what it seems when I followed the TB news around online.. I can be wrong.. That’s just my feeling. Anyways.. Root is always the way to go. Once a buggy or even awesome ROM is pushed out, there are always great people such as BAMF that takes pride in what they do. I have the thunderbolt and do agree with the text bug and battery life. Majority of the battery life has to do with the software. Ever since I ran Ginger, it’s amazingly better. The other main issue with the TB was the radio software/firmware. Simply updated it to MR2 and fixed the constant 3G/4G switch. In fact, I can be on straight 4G mode all day with 0 issues. For a first 4G phone, I cannot say it’s perfect. But do realize, most issues were just firmware/software issues, not the phone and hardware itself. Think of it as a computer. Take a shitty Vista PC and reformat it to Windows 7.. World of a difference.

      2. My battery life is awesome.  Texting bug? Are you talking about the same bug that spans accross all the devices. the EVO is a watered down thunderbolt.  DOn’t get it twisted.

      3. LOL watered down EVO with MORE ram. The specs are basically identical to the EVO except it has 50% more ram and it looks a hell of a lot nicer than the evo ever did. Plus it runs on the verizon LTE network which is insanely faster and way more reliable and available then what the EVO is running. Yes, it is not great on battery but that being said, it is not much worse than my Droid incredible was. I keep the same chargers in the same places I used to and it NEVER has died on me once since I have owned it. I have had the phone re-boot only twice since I’ve had it and not at all since they released the update. It is an annoyance that they haven’t released gingerbread yet but ROOT is ALWAYS the way to go. You sir have no idea what you are talking about. KTHX

  5. Thought about rooting my tbolt, but only to get CM7. Waiting for a stable release. :)

  6. Root them phones. Running Virus Kingdom Revolution B1.3 sense 3.0 in my EVO and its great!!! Root your TBs and join XDA . Virus has TBs roms cooking also. Dude is a great dev, and my EVO looks awesome, and runs great. I have no bugs, but every phone is different. HTC also said sense 3.0 won’t work on EVO 4g. I beg to differ since I’ve been running it since kingdom port was leaked.

  7. Thunderbolt is an excellent phone. I came from the OG and then DX so I had high standards in build and this phone has lived up to them. It is also hyper-developed with tons of ROMs and dasBAMF has always been my favorite. If you have a Thunderbolt and you’re not running a customer ROM, you’re missing out on a lot, and I don’t just mean Netflix.

  8. Breaking news………….

  9. god richard, the fact that you are still breathing is a horrible thing.  Of course you would dog verizon, and say its a horrible phone because its what verizon asked for.  How about verizon not falling for this gimmicky 3D horse sh t, you are literally so incredibly stupid that its not even humourous.

  10. This ROM is great, I have been running it with almost no bugs, everything works.  My TB is awesome.

  11. Download link does not work.  Am I doing something wrong?

  12. Old news. Follow XDA thunderbolt Rom list 2.0 for more recent news or irc chat #thunderbolt for up to the minute info. The devs are on there a lot and they’re very helpful. Just my 2 cents.

  13. my tb is rooted  with s-off/ rom is basf rc2 3.0 had issue with mr2.5 radio switched back to mr2 now everything is fine.

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