Verizon Announces 21 Additional LTE Markets for June 16th


Verizon just won’t quit with their LTE expansion, it seems, with yet another major expansion set to grace our airwaves come June 16th. It hasn’t even been a week since their previous 9 city ordeal! So who can expect blazing fast 4G speeds on June 16th?

  • Grand Rapis, MI; Flint, MI; Ann Arbor, MI; Lansing, MI
  • Hartford, CT
  • Indianapolis, IN; Fort Wayne, IN
  • State College, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Erie, PA
  • Springfield, OH; Dayton, OH
  • Greenville-Spartanburg, NC

And within those cities, smaller surrounding markets will be blessed with coverage. Details for each market and surrounding entities can be had at Verizon’s 4G LTE news center. Glad to see you keeping the ball rolling on your promise, Verizon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. WTF…here in Charleston, SC still waiting 

  2.  Just like Sprint, starting with cities that don’t even know what the hell 4G is. Oh well, Still waiting on Sprint here in Phoenix!

    1. Half these cities are major markets. 

      1. Agreed…. Verizon is going to deploy their 4G in the major markets first. Especially, those that have the most market saturation and potential customers. You all forget, these companies want to make money. If you live I’m bumfuck, Egypt, you are out of luck. Don’t blame the providers. There is no point sinking millions into a market that will not make them a profit. Welcome to the free-market American economy.

    2.  They don’t just pick and choose.. they have reasons for breaking into the markets they are. As much as I wish they would deploy 4G in Buffalo, can’t blame them for not putting the resources into it.

  3. Shouldn’t they fix the outages before they deploy LTE to additional markets?  I’m glad I’m with T-Mobile. It’s cheaper and IT WORKS!

  4.  I haven’t had a single 4G outage.

    1. I think he is talking about the 1 outage that lasted all of 25 hours before it was fixed. 

  5. Well on their way to surpassing Sprints 4G coverage. And, with a year headstart for Sprint no less. 

  6.  Yay, Erie! Now I can finally look forward to blazing speeds when I upgrade in November.

  7. Greenville-Spartanburg is SC, not NC.

    1. Yes, I was just about to write that. It’s in SC, not NC.

  8. Nice to see Harrisburg is finally getting it.

  9. Again, Where is Richard? When was the last time we heard of Sprint expanding their 4G Richard?

    1. I would just like to be the devil’s advocate here and point out that someone (not Richard) pointed out to me that Sprint *very* quietly expanded 4G service in the San Francisco Bay area in conjunction with Clear, and Road Runner (or some other internet provider, I can’t remember which). There’s a snippet of info about it floating on the web somewhere… So have they expanded it in the last few months? Yep, but the caveat is that it was only expanded once in an almost 6 month period, and only in one small area… As much as I hate to say it, Verizon will most likely have the most 4G coverage of all the carriers by the end of this year, especially at the rate they’re currently going…

      1. Ah, it was Comcast, not Road Runner. Here’s the source:

      2.  They expanded around the DC area too, a month or so ago.  Although, I couldn’t tell by the before and after map.  It think their expansion was more of a “Fill in the holes”, where they were showing coverage, but there wasn’t any.

  10. Thank god somebody else is wondering where richie rich is at? He should be sprints spokesman, all he ever talks is how good his 4g is, I can’t remember the last time sprint expanded theirs, let alone even to 21 new locations. I don’t think they have 21 locations all together.

    DAN4patriots you are the man!!!

    1. LMAO!! I was wondering the same thing. He was on engadget arguing with everyone about how good the evo 3D is.. 

  11. And TMo commentor, question: why are you complaining about vzw having one outage when you have tmo’s 3.5g coverage? Also, isn’t your carrier about to be bought out by ATT? Jw. All the people slamming vzw all the time simply have never tried them or can’t afford them. It’s ok. Think of it like this, if u r a vzw customer you are like the all pro NFL TEAM, if u r sprint or anyone else, your like NFL Europe. Maybe even the NCAA.

    1.  Oh the classic pissing contest. You must be well hydrated.

  12. Well I do give Verizon much more props than Sprint when it comes to this… now just lower your prices and you have an additional customer

  13. Hell I am 25 miles from downtown NYC and I dont get LTE, WTF. 

  14.  LTE coverage literally ends 1000 feet north of my office, unluckily I live 15 miles north of my work also so no LTE at home either.

  15.  Tulsa, OK will waiting for love.

  16.  I live in State College, PA and we’ve had 4g for a couple weeks now.. strange that we’re on the list for june 16

  17. Well, well, well,… I see all all my normal adversaries here guess it must be a great place to gather… Well let me straighten out all this VERIZON BANDWAGON OUT that everyone is drinking. So what they keep adding new markets those people just don’t have clue about what LTE will do to there precious android devices. We all know that generally we SUFFER with battery life every android device does in some form of a way but when you have a entire network bringing more angst to your device then that’s just OUTRIGHT UNEXCEPTABLE… Each carrier has there version of 4g rather we all want to except or not they say they all have 4g but thank god they are all not the same.. ATTENTION ALL ANDROID USERS ON VERIZON… BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF how long does your battery last 2,3, maybe 4hrs tops on LTE… The Thunderbolt on VERIZON has turned out to be the WORST ANDROID DEVICE BATTERY WISE AT LEAST BECAUSE OF LTE… So ask yourself people is that shinny new network that verizon falsely advertises that important to you cause of the speed when you’ll be lucky to get 4hrs worth of battery life on those 2 LTE only devices on verizon meaning the thunderbolt and droid charge… personally I rather have battery life speed means nothing nor does the opening of new markets when your network is the DEMISE OF DEVICES. Plus we won’t discuss the price gauging that VERIZON DOES with all these old speced device…. 250.00 thunderbolt… 300.00 droid charge… I can’t stop laughing… And what’s so funny is on any day your entire network can go out and you don’t even get notification or credit for the time the network is down… Man talk about arrogance… VERIZON SUCKS PERIOD

    1. Ummm if you look at any reviews of your precious Evo 4G when it was released, you’ll find most of them complain about bad battery life. So Verizon has the same problem now. So what? In fact here’s a direct quote from the Evo 4G review by Engadget: “Amazingly, we got some three hours and 13 minutes of run time while using the EVO continuously as a 4G hotspot” 3 HOURS AND 13 MINUTES!!!! How about them apples for consideration you ignorant imbecile? Please, by all means keep going on about “crappy” battery life while using Verizon’s 4G network. I can pull out many more quotes that mirror this same sentiment from major Android news sources about your Evo.  “…2 LTE only devices on verizon…” Yet again moron, Verizon has 2 4G PHONES, but at least 4 DEVICES. Learn the difference or don’t say anything about it. You have no idea how stupid you make yourself sound. “personally I rather have battery life speed means nothing…” This coming from the idiot who argued with everyone that the 3rd party speed tests comparing Verizon’s and Sprint’s 4G speeds were complete BS? Please, remember the shit you speak of so you *might* be able to make less of a fool of yourself. In fact, maybe it would be better if you just never post again. You obviously don’t even know the “facts” of what you’re saying. 

    2. I wonder what your gonna say when Sprint makes the move to LTE? 

    3. Well I see the resident troll *looks at Richard*, I’ll straighten this out for you- you are drinking Dan Hesse juice, do you have a clue about battery life on LTE?, you said yourself all android devices suffer battery life issues, b honest with yourself – battery life is better than that , so ask yourself- are those low prices worth it when you can barely get a 4G signal indoors, personally I rather pay a bit more and know that I have a reliable network, price gouging by sprint- charging an extra $10 when there is no 4G in my area

  18. I rather wake up knowing my service is working without doubt. My consistent 6to10 up and 3to7 down is all I need on my evo 4g. Least my battery last a good 9 to 12 hrs depending on my usage thunderbolt on verizon will never last all that long because you need that LTE speed and as soon as you turn on speedy LTE it will drain your battery SILLY. WHY TO GO VERIZON and you got the nerve to OVERCHARGE.

    1. Personally I find that I have better battery life when Im in a 4G area with my thunderbolt.  I think the fact that my phone is constantly looking for 4G while in a 3G area is what kills my battery.  I got a solid 8ish hours out of it this weekend since I was in a 4G area the whole time which is fine for me since im around an outet half the time or I have a portable battery that I could easily make a full day out of.

    2.  lol your sprint’s 4G:

      Sprint’s HTC EVO Shift 4G vs. Thunderbolt on 3G (Sacramneto/Elk grove doesnt have 4G yet)
      Location: Sacramento/Elk Grove


      Speedtest from:

      if can’t see this pictures:
      VZW Thunderbolt on 3G : 2.02 mpbs downlink | 0.67 mbps uplink
      Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G on 4G: 2.36 mbps downlink | 0.95 mbps uplink

    3. my service works without a doubt on my thunderbolt, my consistent 8 up and 22 down is awesome , Least my LTE signal can penetrate a building and also lasts 9-12 hours with my usage, EVO on sprint will never get the speeds I stated, ALL 4G drains battery silly, why go to Sprint and pay for Not as good service when you can go to Verizon

      1. Just want to point out that the Charge handles 4G pretty good. Better than his EVO would with an extended battery. 

  19. Here’s what I got in Chicago this weekend on my ThunderBolt:

    26 Megabit internet, on a phone. If WiMax is 4G does that make Verizon’s 5 or 6G?


  20. Here in KC waiting

  21. Today (June 1st 2011) I had brief 4G service on my Thunderbolt while driving through Grand Rapids, MI.

    1. I meant June 2nd.

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