Want an App But Don’t Want to Grant it Certain Permissions? Download the New CM7 Nightly


Far too often, we hear of users refusing to install or update an application because some permissions it asks for are invasive and fishy. We hear you – there have been more than enough malware scares to have us concerned. But those of you using CyanogenMod 7 are set to get a very andy tool pretty soon – the ability to revoke specific permissions from an application. Don’t want a certain application to have access to the net? Axe its ability to do just that. The process is simple, as per one reddit user’s quick walkthrough:

To use it:

  • CyanogenMod settings / Permissions / Enable management
  • Applications / Manage applications / tap on permissions to revoke

Revoked permission are marked by a strikethrough.

Revoking and reenabling permissions is applied instantly. Though, at least reenabling “Network communication” requires a reboot (revoking still works instantaneously).

Be warned, though, that revoking certain permissions from certain applications may bring about undesired results. If you encounter errors after doing so, the developer definitely shouldn’t be obligated to help. (Though it’d be awesome if they did!) In any case, the option is there for those of you who want even more control over the apps on your phones. Find it for your specific phone at Team Douche’s mirrors now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1.  This is a great way to cripple bloatware without having to remove it. Now they need to get on it so that rooted users can rent movies…

    1. I haven’t seen any bloatware in CM7. 

    2.  You could alternatively use titanium pro to freeze the app and remove it from your app tray and background processes while leaving it installed.

      1.  +1 to this, you’d be shocked just how many apps I’ve got frozen in Titanium. With this feature I now have more control over my thawed apps. Win!

      2. Or remove it completely via terminal!

  2. i hope MIUI will get this feature too, would be great 

  3. That’s awesome.  Take that yelp and other applications that should have no access to my contacts.

  4.  Nice addition to CM7, I will probably be on CM7 as soon as it’s very stable on my Thunderbolt

  5.  This feature should have been in stock Android from the start.

    1. As much as I would like that I think that it would only cause every developer to build in fail-safes.

      Like, attempt to access a website, attempt to access a contact, attempt to whatever permission it requires and if any of those attempts fail, the app doesn’t do anything anymore.

      With CM7 most developers won’t bother with those measures and the ppl that really want it can still have it.

      p.s. I think it should however be a standard option in the Nexus branded phones

  6. Wow…the more I hear about CM the more I want to go away from Bionix!

  7. This is a really nice feature to have. It would be even better if Android gave you the ability to remove permissions when it asks for them. 

  8. Great feature!

  9.  But those of you using CyanogenMod 7 are set to get a very *andy* tool pretty soon

    “Handy” with a “H” :) ;)

    1. I’m pretty sure that was intentional, mate. As in Andy the Android.

  10.  Nice add in. Been waiting for this for a bit, guess it’ll be time to move over to CM from Oxygen soon!

  11.  Looks like all the fearmongering Pandora users have finally gotten their way

    1. i think you mean cassandras

  12.  i belive its easier to block any app to reach the net using an iptables based firewall such as DroidWall i find it very usefull. and all the linux geeks out there knows what iptables means for a linux based device.

  13. I don’t believe this should be a stock feature. You would only get a bunch of uneducated users disabling permissions they don’t understand, in the end they would hate their phones.

    Educated CyanogenMod users are a different story. But then again, if you don’t trust a permission change an app is requesting, don’t install it! Can you really partially trust an app?

    Poor developers, they are going to have no idea why they are about to get some really strange complaints. :)

  14.  Want all your RAM taken up and no stability even the stable version? Not to mention tons of bugs and 10 minute battery. Then you should download CM7.

    1. I think this may be an overly broad statement. I have CM7 on a device and it has actually improved battery life… Maybe the issues you experienced were make and model specific? 

    2. My buddy kept braggin “Cyanagen this, Cyanagen that….”   , i mean yea its good but it ALWAYS has bugs, even the stable version, i am guna switch back to the stock rom and delete all the bloatware, My battery was better, and my gps always worked , and my FFC worked too, Bye Bye cyanagen

    3. i’ve never had problems with cyanogen. are you even sure you downloaded the stable mod.  And if you’re downloading cm7 then you should know how to expand your ram on your android device, and put your cpu settings to on demand. 

      1. I’m not an Android hacker, but I’m pretty sure I know a lot about Android. And Liquid Gingerbread destroys Cyanogen.

  15. Completely stupid!

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