May 23rd, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:46 pm

Far too often, we hear of users refusing to install or update an application because some permissions it asks for are invasive and fishy. We hear you – there have been more than enough malware scares to have us concerned. But those of you using CyanogenMod 7 are set to get a very andy tool pretty soon – the ability to revoke specific permissions from an application. Don’t want a certain application to have access to the net? Axe its ability to do just that. The process is simple, as per one reddit user’s quick walkthrough:

To use it:

  • CyanogenMod settings / Permissions / Enable management
  • Applications / Manage applications / tap on permissions to revoke

Revoked permission are marked by a strikethrough.

Revoking and reenabling permissions is applied instantly. Though, at least reenabling “Network communication” requires a reboot (revoking still works instantaneously).

Be warned, though, that revoking certain permissions from certain applications may bring about undesired results. If you encounter errors after doing so, the developer definitely shouldn’t be obligated to help. (Though it’d be awesome if they did!) In any case, the option is there for those of you who want even more control over the apps on your phones. Find it for your specific phone at Team Douche’s mirrors now.