Firefox 5 Beta Adds Do Not Track Mode, Speed Enhancements; Brings Beta Channel to Market


The folks at Mozilla have published a new beta for Firefox 5. Enhancements include Do Not Track mode, which allows you to opt-out of behavioral tracking. They’ve also made several enhancements to improve performance, such as panning speed and CSS3 animations, as well as overall speed improvements in webpage loading. And with today’s release, they’ve put the beta in the Android market.

Instead of going to their site, downloading the .APK file, transferring it and installing it manually, you can now just download the beta version in the Android market and get the latest and greatest versions as soon as they’re available. Note that this version will be ahead of their stable release in terms of features and improvements, but everything might not work as it should as it’s considered experimental. Consider that warning and grab it in the Android market.

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  1. Flash yet???

  2. I thought FF5 was supposed to bring tablet support as well. At least this beta doesn’t have any UI improvements.

  3. Swiftkey beta is still screwed up with Firefox (even though the changelog in FF says it was fixed). It keeps doubling up the text and not allowing me to backspace to delete it. It gets stuck in a loop and I have to close Firefox.

  4. Pages appear to be loading a little quicker for me on the Droid X… tablet enhancements would be nice. It’s still a beta, so there’s time. 

  5. Still don’t seem to have done anything about the quality of scaled images.

    Considering that every other mobile browser seems to handle this OK and they’ve been officially tracking the bug since last October(ish) the lack of progess is surprising.

  6.  add flash support or GTFO! what are they wasting time for?!

    1. Only if there’s a setting to disable it.  I may like Firefox, but trust me not everybody likes the bloat of flash on a mobile device plus even if you do add it Opera will probably do it better anyway…

  7. They definitely need to still make some MAJOR improvements before i even consider switching from stock browser

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