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Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread. Are you feeling hungry yet? Android’s codenames make each version tastier than the last, but as we all know those updates don’t always find their way to handsets as quickly as we’d like. This has left a platform that many call fragmented, a problem that has long been pointed to by developers as one of the main reasons they feel hesitant about creating games and apps for Android devices. Google has defended the platform, shying away from using terms like fragmentation and insisting on calling handsets with older versions of Android “legacy” devices, but the fact remains that not every handset is on a level playing field at the OS level.

Sure, Google releases their own statistics quite regularly giving a top-down look at the breakup of Android OS versions among devices, but anticipation for yet another update at Google I/O — rumored to go under codename Ice Cream — has us itching to run a poll of our own. So sound off below and let us know the Android version you are currently running on your handset — stock, ROM, or otherwise. (Try to only answer Honeycomb if it your primary Android OS).

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  1. CM7 = Gingerbread on my Evo

    1. same, CM7, 2.3, on EVO.

  2. Froyo is running great on my G1, long live modding!

  3. CM7 on my tb= gingerbread

    1. Does that fucking work? holy shit!?!

  4. Gingerbread on my Nexus S. I can’t wait for some Ice Cream.

    1. Me too.

  5. CM7 port on my Motorola Defy

  6. ANDROID is BEAST!!! but the Ice Cream Sandwich is something im looking forward to. If its anythiong like Honeycomb. but even the name is BEAST! ICE CREAM SANDWICH! who doesn’t love ICE CREAM SANDWICHES?!? ICS FTW!

  7. Gingerbread on my Nexus 1 AND Honeycomb on my Xoom!

    1. Same here!

  8. Thanks Phandroid for making this poll. I thought it would be cool to see what everyone was running.

  9. 2.3 and 3.0

    CM7 – DROID Incredible

    Stock – XOOM.

    1. Well well well, if it isn’t the infamous AT&T facebook spammer himself.

  10. Myn’s Warm on the EVO (Froyo)

  11. TW on my Vibrant

  12. CM7 Gingerbread on Hero

  13. Thats not horribly fragmented! Froyo is just as good as gingerbread anyway the differences are not huge it was nothing like eclair to froyo. If the lg ally had 2.3 ported but there were no roms i would not do it. Big deal.

    1. I agree. The differences between Froyo & Gingerbread are hardly noticeable.

      1. except the interface, but if you don’t run pure/vanilla android you wont notice any difference.

  14. CM7 on my Droid- Gingerbread

  15. Gingerbread Stock Rom on my SGS, still need some fixing & tweaking though…

  16. LGB1.7 on my OG Droid

  17. Samsung Captivate, haven’t run FroYo in quite a while. Gingerbread all the way. 100% stable and incredibly fast. :)

  18. Running Inspired Saga 1.1.1 on my rooted Inspire 4G (gingerbread).

  19. SS 5.2 on my D1 and stock HC on my Iconia A500

  20. Just upgraded my DX to GB this morning, waiting on my Transformer for some Honeycomb action!

  21. Gingerbread on my Nexus One. With Wifi turned off as enabling it makes the phone reboot over and over again!!! I’ve factory resetted twice and same problem… so I am HOBBLING until I get a new phone.

    The S2 is a contender…but what’s with the iPhone-type button!!!!!??? I initially preferred the HTC Sensation but I would have expected more from a ‘flagship’ HTC phone and the initial benchmarks are POOR! dammit.

    1. Sorry, was thinking about the wrong phone.

    2. Incredible and the N1 are basically the same hardware. The Inc kernals had an issue with wifi sleep in gingerbread causing reboots. Maybe play with that, might be a fix for you. Or try a different kernal all together, if you still get the problem it is most likely the hardware, which would then require to get a new phone. But try and save your N1. Dont let anyone tell you its obsolete yet! Its not!

  22. I’m running Gingerbread via CM7 on my OG Droid. Started off with some major bugs, but I tweaked a few settings and it seems to be working well for now.

    Battery life is OUTSTANDING!

    1. i would like to know what settings you tweaked. I dont have to many problems but my battery is not all that great and i was doing a lot of data intesive things

      1. I don’t know what tweaks he applied but there is an app called AutoKiller Memory Optimizer that has advanced root-only tweaks in it’s settings. When I enabled the battery life tweaks it got better. Make sure your using the latest version of CM7 too, some of the initial releases were pretty buggy.

        1. When I used AutoKiller Memory Optimizer I immediately noticed a more responsive and faster phone yet I also found out it consistently killed my texting app (causing me to not get a lot of texts) and anything else I’m using (navigation while driving, music, browser, etc.) and it became a real pain in the ass so I eventually had to remove it since I didn’t know how to tweak it properly.

          OG Droid CM7

          1. CM7 on OGDroid is a beast. That phone is starting to feel laggy but battery life is crazy long.

      2. I have cm7 on nightly 28 running savagedzen 2.0 cfs havs SBC kernel with savagedzen governer. Best battery combo yet for me. No task killer, and I noticed launcherpro runs smoother than adw on this profile. Also flashed with amon RA recovery. I am on a evo so not sure what phone you have and what combos work well but this has been the best for me.

  23. Actually just stepped back to 2.2.2 with a new G2X. Would have held onto to my Nexus One and 2.3.3 but the power button stopped working altogether and I was already on the second one with that same issue. “Vanilla” OS is definitely a major draw for me.

  24. CM7 (Gingerbread) on my N1. Viva le Cyanogen!

  25. CM7 on my N1, 2.2 on my tab, 2.2 on my Vibrant, 2.2 on my G1.

    What poor bastard is still on 1.5?

    1. 5 of them apparently as of now. thats fracking crazy.

  26. 2.1 in nook, 2.2 in Milestone, 2.3 in Nexus One, 2.3 in arc.

  27. Gingerbread GPA14 on Motorola Droid (Original)

  28. cm7 port on my cliq

  29. GSB v2.8 (Gingerbread) on my Eris.

  30. iNSERT cOIN gingerbread

  31. (cm7)2.3 -G2 (cm7)2.3-Nook Color 2.2-Rooted G2X 2.2-g1 (retired) (cm7)2.3 MyTouch Slide (retired)

  32. 2.2.1, running royal glacier, which is a stock rom fixed up by team royal. Battery life is awesome and its super fast. im watching for the official gingerbread to come out for the MT4G before i try it.

  33. MIUI Gingerbread on dInc

  34. 2.3 Project Elite ROM with a HoneyComb theme on the OG!
    And an OC kernel of 1.2gHz

  35. I’m running Android 2.2 froyo with HTC Sense 1.0.0.(HTC desire).
    I’m getting android 2.3 gingerbread with HTC sense 3.0.0 or 2.1. I don’t know after gingerbread, if it is upgradable to ice cream (my HTC desire).

  36. GPA14 = gingerbread on OG Droid. Thanks, Pete.

  37. CM7 Nexus One

  38. Running froyo but not for long. Waiting on CM7 for G2X!

  39. AOSP Android 2.3 on my Sprint HTC Hero. CyanogenMod 7 on my B&N Nook Color.

    It looks like Android 2.3.4 is rolling out in a few weeks too. Yay.

  40. ZTE Blade: 2.3.3 (CM7)
    Nexus S: 2.3.3 (Stock)
    Xoom Wifi: 3.0.1 (Stock)

  41. Gots my Froyo on with a CM6 port on my Motorola Cliq overclocked to 748mhz. Better than 512mhz if ya ask me. Tried another 2.3 Gingy CM7 port but was too herky jerky on my phone. Working on getting the G2x in a week! :D

  42. MyTouch Slide running CM7 (2.3.3). Works like a dream. The only reason I ever run stock is while waiting for CM to be released for a device. Next stop: HTC Sensation!

  43. Leaked Gingerbread for Droid X. Sadly decided to stay on the unrooted version :(

  44. Virus’s GengerSense Desire S base. Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Sense 2.1 at the moment. Usually CM7 though.

  45. Honeycomb on my OG Droid via GJ7z

  46. Too lazy to root HTC Inspire ….waiting for 2.3 OTA

  47. 2.3.3 on both nook color and captivate thanks to CM7

  48. GB mex droid v2 fast

  49. OG Droid running CM7 and Deprimed kernel. (Gingerbread)

    1. lots of OG droid users, love it. That phone wont die, and since it has no locked bootloader good thing! take that moto!

  50. leaked, rooted ,and deodexed 2.3.3 on my r2d2 with crt animation on lock

    liquid gingerbread 1.6 and ocd to 1.1 ghz on og droid

  51. Running froyo on my Evo until the bugs get worked out then I’ll upgrade to Gingerbread w/ sense. I’m also running Gingerbread with my rooted Nook Color. It’s great.

  52. I run Gingerbread when using CM7, and Froyo when using Virus Airborne.

  53. Running 2.2 on my G2

  54. Froyo on my Evo 4g awaiting Evo 3d

  55. I’m running Pete’s “Stock” Gingerbread 2.3.3 (GPA14) on my OG Droid and it runs better now than when I bought it the week the OG was released…

  56. It’s funny how Gingerbread is in 2nd place when there are only 2 phones in the US that have it officially. …gotcha love CM7!

    -CM7 on my Evo

    1. I bet a substantial number of people with those two phones are running CM7 anyways.

  57. This poll SHOULD have been what version are you currently running on your device that you received via an OTA update and not rooted users. We all know there are versions of Gingerbread floating around that don’t have full functionality, and I guarantee some of the almost 900 people that CLAIM they’re on Gingerbread are running half baked versions. (get it….”half ba….oh never mind!) You get the point though!

    1. Everything on my phone works perfectly. Faster than ever ,better battery life, and the sense is also different. I would not trade my phone in for anything on the market today, or tomorrow. Fresh EVO is awesome. Try it before just speculating that our phones are running like crap.

    2. if its 2.3 its gingerbread. Its all pulled from the source, which is available to all. Granted some might have a different bake but dont say the core is not there. thats just not true.

  58. stock froyo on my incredible

  59. Running Fresh EVO gingerbread makes a huge improvement. My phone is running so fine I’m not upgrading for a long time.

  60. Running 2.3.3 on my Droid X and I’m quite satisfied with it. None of these new phones are tempting me for now. Also, I would have a 3.01 Asus Transformer except that it’s near impossible to get right now…

  61. Froyo. I’m really thinking about getting the Gingerbread leak though.

    1. do it, google slayed the battery drain problem with the update from froyo to GB. you wont be sorry

  62. Vanilla (only Acer Contacts and Acer Dialer) 2.2.2 on Acer Liquid A1. Loving it.

  63. HTC Inspire. 2.2.1 Froyo

  64. Darkys rom 2.3.3 runs great on my captivate

  65. Wow almost no Erisii here… 2.3.3 Tazz Gingerbread here. HTC Eris ftw!!

    1. eris was a good little phone… but bubbles do yourself a favor… get an upgrade. No MOTO tho!

  66. Hd2 rocking AOSP Gingerbread GBX v12

  67. Incredible CM7

    1. Same… yes OG Inc, CM7, incredikernal cause CM7 default kernal has no smartass!!!

  68. GSB(Gingerbread) 2.9 on Eris. Runs great, thanks Workshed and XDA.

  69. I’m runnin Bread Pudding….waitin on Banana Split

  70. Completely stock nexus one 2.3.3

  71. Gingerblur 1.3 on my atrix with leaked HSUPA enabled

  72. CM7 On my legend

  73. Unofficial 2.2 on my Samsung Moment thanks to SDX! The devs are already hard at work on 2.3, even though Sprint/Samsung left us with 2.1. Many many thanks to the dev community!

  74. Froyo of course. ATRIX 4G. And not too many hand sets have Gingerbread or Honeycomb Honeycomb only for TABLETS

  75. I’m running Jellybean. Not much of a difference from Ice Cream, but eh, it has it’s positives. Nothing but small incremental increases folks, no one should be getting there hopes up.

  76. running CM7 on my G2. very smooth!!

  77. Froyo 2.2 on my Galaxy S. No complaints, here, but I am definitely looking forward to getting Gingerbread on this sucker. Ice Cream Sandwich? That’s just a wet dream, at this stage in the game.

    Judging from this poll, so far, the Android platform really doesn’t seem to be THAT fragmented.

  78. Android 2.2 on htc desire!!..

  79. Liberty Gingerbread v0.4!!!

  80. Backflip running CM6
    Nook Color running Honeycomb

    1. Cm7 on my N1. Gingerbread

  81. Running gingerbread on my moto droid 1 via ultimate Droid v3.2.5

  82. CM7 Gingerbread on my Milestone. Waiting impatiently for the SGS2

  83. cm7 eris.

  84. Running 2.2 on my rooted Galaxy S and if Samsung don’t hurry up with sorting out the Gingerbread update mess I’ll be sidestepping them for a custom rom.

  85. On my devices-

    HTC Inspire 4G (AT&T;Rooted,Eng S-Off,CoreDroid 5.4 Gingerbread/ Radio w/RIL) 2.3.3 Gingerbread
    Viewsonic gTablet (Rooted,VEGAn-TAB GingeEdition RC1 ROM) 2.3.3 Gingerbread

  86. HTC Sense 2.1 port on my Vibrant 2.3.3 :)

  87. T-Mobile. G2 2.2

  88. T-Mobile G2 STOCK2.2

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