NPD: Android Share Drops for First Time in Two Years with Launch of Verizon iPhone


According to NPD’s newly published quarterly report on US smartphone sales, the Verizon iPhone may have had a bigger impact on smartphone sales than was initially thought. The availability of the device on multiple carriers was enough to push Apple up the ranks to become the third-largest handset brand in the United States. The rise pushed Apple’s overall smartphone market share up 9 points to 28 percent. The gain in ground had adverse effects on Android’s share, which saw a drop for the first time sine Q2 2009. Still holding the number one position, Android dropped 3 points to settle at 50 percent share for Q1 2011.

Without a few more months of data under out belts, it’s hard to say whether the drop is a minor hiccup or a sign of things to come. A recent Nielsen report showed that a majority of consumers were looking at Android as the preferred OS of their next smartphone. But Android’s meteoric growth can’t be sustained forever. If not now, it will eventually slow and level off. One thing we don’t see happening, however, is Android dropping the top position any time soon.

[via NPD]

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  1. yeah the verizon iphone is doing great and that’s why apple halved its order for cdma iphones. . . blah. . .blah. . .blah. .. .FUD

    1. After years and years of hype this all the Verizon iPhone could do, LMFAO.

      1. you realize people have contracts, right? you can’t just go out and buy a phone unless they want to pay retail or have an upgrade available….

        give it a year. and you’ll see… google will see..

        1. This shit’s bananas.

        2. Now why all of a sudden do iPhools think contracts had something to do with this? Remember there were AAAAALLLL the people on dumb phones that really wanted an iPhone. These people didn’t just buy their dumb phones.

          Give it a year and we’ll see the same thing we see with the iPhone on multiple carriers in Europe….Android domination.

        3. not stopping the idiots form buying the white iPhone while on contract. . . just look at the line.

  2. Interesting. I would think that it didn’t since they’ve cut the production of CDMA iPhone 4’s. I guess that said “not enough people are buying them” to me, but I must be wrong!

  3. Well, it can’t continue on forever of course. I think this is just a small bump on the road for the time being. If Apple came out with different form factors and not just one device, I believe it would make things interesting. Working for a cell company, trust me…iPhone is still king in consumers mind (regardless of what any “desirability study” showed). Android is VERY VERY good though, and I think with the new breed of devices coming out this year, it makes Android even more compelling than ever before.

  4. big whoopp ..wait till the iphone 5 …the ifreaks will go bannans ..numbers dont liek tho android 4 life

  5. Aaaaaaaaaand its back up. ^_^

    1. lol

  6. No Android phone out right now makes me want to buy it, knowing that things like The Bionic/Droid 3/Targa are just over the horizon.

    1. Just like some folks said about the launch of the iPhone 4 on Verizon. Like ppl are waiting for the iPhone 5, folks that want a newer Android phone are waiting for some more of the dual core beats to come out.

      Especially since none have come out on Verizon yet.

  7. WWell I can’t say I’m surprised,the iPhone has been king for a long time,as we *android* closed in Mr jobs felt it prudent to get the iphone on Verizon. Thus taking the thunder from Droid there. Imo I think just the fact that it wasn’t this death blow that apple fanboys assumed it would be. And Apple can’t compete against android when they only release 1 device. Look at Android we have all these amazing 4g dual-core phones coming out….

  8. got to admit love them or hate them that phone and company can sell!!!

  9. Where’s the fun if Android really dominate in every aspect? Competition is great for consumers.

  10. Simply put iPhone has user sustainability due to its OS & hardware combination. Now if iOS were somehow magically ported to another hardware device i’m sure it would suck as an os that’s only optimized for 1 hardware medium. iOS has ONLY been optimized for a particular hardware configuration through it’s tenure. Android is able to placed from the most sub par equipment to the most powerful. That speaks volumes on how Android is super scalable. Don’t get me wrong both os’s have there bugs & kinks of course that’s fair to sayi. But I doubt Mr. Jobs would ever consider opening his precious iOS just like he’s always done with macs & OSX. He only tinkers with 1 configuration and that’s what makes Apple products in general so magical. Of course when you make the same thing over & over, with minimal changes, it’s going to get better over time. But when you want to make something for everyones different taste ie. Android..that’s where they (Apple) fails ;)

    1. Yeah, I think Apple would be wise to have 3 different form factors on their devices (kind of like how they do it with their Macbook line ie: air, regular and pro). Not having a more compact iPhone to compete in the pre-paid/entry level game (which is about to explode if cell phone rates keep rising) as well as a “Pro” version that comes with a keyboard is just silly at this point. I think Apple would be wise to consider it even with how successful the iPhone is. Would really keep the line fresh. Bottom line is consumers like choice, especially when it comes to their hardware and Android is currently delivering the best options.

  11. ok here it is. Kevin’s pro Apple article of the day.

  12. Good for the iPhone. Android will survive.

    Now what Android phone am I gonna get in a few months hmmmm…

  13. Android will never truly be king until they have apps that can compete with iOS. I’ve owned more than a couple Android devices going back to when the OG Droid was released, but recently switched to iPhone and my reason for switching was 99% based on the apps. Androids market doesn’t even get close to touching the App Store, Apples apps just seem much more polished than Androids, which seem like second rate apps, they all have bugs and just seem a little off, this is especially noticeable when using apps that are used on both OS’s.

    1. I guess what you are saying is, when Windows 8 comes out for tablets it will crush the iPad and all other “tablets” because of the great programs that are available for Windows.

      I guess MS will continue to rule forever because Windows has the largest selection of high quality programs (read: real apps).

      1. Terrible logic. But I have come to expect as much from the terrible commentators on this blog.

        1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It seems to me that the majority of the people that frequent this site think Android can do no wrong and iOS can’t do anything right.

          1. The so purpose of iOS is to liberate your money via the App Store. It’s far to dumbed down to be useful on anything else but shiney itoys.

  14. I’m not buying this study. . .

    applying a little logic. . .

    If total sales of smartphones increased (they did)
    and all platforms remained at the same market share or decreased except one (Android is the only platform to significantly increase market share.)
    Then I conclude that Android sales haven’t decreased = therefore Android sales numbers increased.

    fyi. . . statistics generally have a + or – 5% variable (margin of error) thus when reading any statistics at all you might want to remember this 5%. In other words, these numbers from this analysis fall well within the 5% margin of error.

    1. The market share (percent of sales) dropped. For some reason they (market watchers, etc) don’t care if you actually sold 100k more units than before, if your competitor has a higher percentage of total sales, you’re “losing market share”. Really, both total numbers and percentage of sales both need to be looked at. :P

  15. theyre so many reports by different companies that i really could give a rats app to any of this .i only care what i like and the truth.

  16. I wonder if this is from the same analyst who said that only 25k Xooms were sold.

  17. Apple should market an iEraser so the iDiots can keep cleaning up their comments that are continually changing as their iPhones get spanked time and time again.

  18. 2 carriers down, 2 to go….

  19. Window is going to bite everyone in the ass. Android needs to step it’s game. I’m no fan fag. Lol. I respect ios and window because i have a xbox and most of my family love apple.

  20. Don’t forget about the T-mobile iPhone being tested. Who knows, Sprint may even get it. Apple is probably following in the footsteps of Samsung in pushing for their one and only phone on all carriers, which is the only sensible move with Android making large gains.

    1. I thought t mobile explicitly stated they were not going to get an iphone?

      1. And thats how it starts.

  21. Many have said this would happen. Only a fool would think otherwise.

  22. Apple pushes and Android will push back and the cycle will continue back and forth.
    The question that nobody is asking:
    Where is Microsoft in all of this?

    1. lol…really. Where is WP7? Still, give it a few years before we can laugh at WP7.

  23. It’s so much better because this time, it’s white. Loling off my @$$ here. So all the prejudice iPhone owners were holding out for this? Too funny, these Apple heads are.

  24. I thought of something yesterday….

    When the iPhone first came out, it was another choice for a phone. And many ppl grabbed it and like it.

    When Android phones came out, it was another choice for a phone. Many ppl grabbed it and like it.

    For the iPhone fanboys…..why is it that when ppl chose the iPhone, choice was good then, but when ppl choose Android, choice seems to be a bad thing?

    In yall eyes, if ppl are not choosing the iPhone they are choosing wrong. I guess to yall choice is good as long as its the iPhone.

    Again, speaking to the iPhone fanboys.

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