Android 2.2 Installed on 61% of All Android Devices, 2.1 Still Hanging in There


It’s the middle of March and Google has updated their platform versions chart. First thing’s first: a majority of Android users are on Android 2.2 or higher. As more devices are upgraded and launched with Froyo, we expected this would happen eventually. We can’t help but think that number could be even higher if all of these Samsung Galaxy S phones in the US were given the upgrades they were promised. Most have gotten the upgrade (T-Mobile and some on Sprint), but even they have yet to launch a full-blown rollout. (T-Mobile didn’t go over-the-air and Sprint ended up pulling theirs.)

Android 2.1 is sitting at a cool 29%. We’re especially happy that Android 1.5 and 1.6 are almost ready to be completely obsoleted as they account for less than 8% of devices combined. Android 2.3 and 3.0 have both gotten off to slow starts, but that’s because there is only one device for each of the versions – the Motorola XOOM with Honeycomb and the Nexus S with Gingerbread – currently available. We expect that number to rise as more tablet manufacturers bring Honeycomb devices and as more handset manufacturers incorporate Gingerbread into their 2011 lineup. [Android Developers via IntoMobile]

[Update]: How could I forget that the Nexus One also received 2.3? Shame on me. The number is even more surprising now when you take that into consideration.

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  1. Yup!!! Still waiting for FROYO on the TMo MyTouch Slide that was promised back in 2010. Customer service and Retailers really need to stop making promises or statements that NEVER come true.

  2. Only NS with Gingerbread???

    “Android 2.3 and 3.0 have both gotten off to slow starts, but that’s because there is only one device for each of the versions – the Motorola XOOM with Honeycomb and the Nexus S with Gingerbread – currently available.”

  3. The Nexus One has 2.3 too. It’s not just the Nexus S.

  4. N1 was upgraded to 2.3 as well.

  5. The Nexus One has 2.3.3 not 2.3

  6. both nook color and droid og run gingerbread just fine :)

  7. Thx CM7 for 2.3.3 on my SGS :D

  8. Simple 5 min root will give all those Galaxy S users 2.2. Although OTA would still be nice. Can’t believe its the middle of March and still no word from any of the carriers. It wouldn’t be as bad if the carriers would just communicate with their customers a little better.

  9. @ToastnJam

    All those galaxy S owners should already have the official 2.2 rom as it was released OTA for just about every S except for verizon

  10. This should go up slightly now that Froyo has been released for the HTC Legend in Canada (Bell/Virgin Mobile).

  11. @ToastnJam

    It was released like last month for T-mobile via OTA but others had it before when they updated manually via Kies

  12. So really only 1.7% of android users have Nexus Series devices? and only .2% of android users have a Motorola Xoom

  13. This chart is mis-labeled. The section that says “Android 2.1” should read “Samsung Epic and Fascinate”

  14. Did Sprint re-release theirs after pulling it 2 days after launch? Also, weren’t their a number of bugs found in T-Mo’s release or is 2.2 running smoothly?

  15. OS upgrade is by far the worst disadvantage for android vs wp7 and ios. Google really needs to find a solution for this.

  16. The froyo bugs on Vibrant were mostly worked out, but 2 persist: Wifi errors out from the notification bar but not from settings, and the stock email (not gmail) notification (sound only) won’t work on many devices. Overall a better experience from eclair, since these bugs are easily worked around

  17. XDA has my Eris running 2.3.3, minus flash of course.

  18. More like a standard requirement. But then it would kill the whole “open source” purpose.

  19. Who still uses 1.5 and 1.6?

  20. I’m just waiting for CM7 stable to be released and then I’ll have Gingerbread.

  21. I wonder if they count my 2.3.3 CM7 Evo in those numbers :-)

  22. thing is, even though the percentage for 1.5 and 1.6 goes down every month it doesnt actually mean that theres less phones with the older OS. all the new phones being sold are going to have 2.1 and higher so theyll be increasing the newer OS percentage.

    i think it would be more interesting and informative to also see how many million phones have each version. i bet the actual number of phones on 1.5/1.6 hasnt changed by very much.

  23. Im still sitting here with an epic thats on 2.1, the OTA never made it to me. As it seems many others. My patience is shot.

  24. The ones on 1.5 and 1.6 are those people who lost a low end phone or are buying old, used androids (like the cliq) as there first step into the android realm.

  25. Thx for the info Charlotte.

  26. annoyed – do what I did, 1) see how much your current phone is worth on craigslist, 2) buy used nexus one (make sure it works with your carrier spec and try and get on under warranty), 3) sell your phone, 4) now have a great, unlocked, always newest OS android phone, 5) smile allot

  27. My poor Transform just wants to grow up and be like it’s big bro. :(

  28. A friend of mine with a HTC Legend just got Froyo today because the system update was waiting for him under the settings menu. I wonder why HTC’s system didn’t just update him OTA or give him a notification when the update first became available. They’ll never get updates out to everyone if they have to manually check for the update themselves.

  29. This just goes to show the sheer number of Android phones if over 150,000 people downloaded CM7 RC2 and 2.3.3 equates to only 1%.

  30. aw I’m on 2.3.2… where am I? CM 7 FTW.

  31. android 3.0 is higher than 2.3+2.3.3?

  32. On the good side, fragmentation isn’t looking worse, but getting smaller. On the bad side, as long as 2.3 has been out, the amount of phones to have it (non-rooted) is pathetic.

  33. I still rock 2.1 on my X

  34. I am starting to see alot of games required at least 2.2.

  35. “#

    13.DroidFTW wrote on March 16, 2011

    OS upgrade is by far the worst disadvantage for android vs wp7 and ios. Google really needs to find a solution for this.”

    Android: longer wait for updates

    WP7: short wait for updates, phones get bricked

    Which one is better off again?

  36. at&t put theirs out a month ago for the captivate!!!

  37. 2.3.2 here on Desire, CM7. Wondering why so few out there seem to be using that great possibility…

  38. lol wonder what the percentage of people who feel cheated from samsung who’ll never buy one of there phones again. Best thing is the people at VZW think it’s not a problem either. Mmm I think I hear ATT calling with atrix or iphone.

  39. Shame on Verizon and Samsung still nothing for the Galaxy S Fascinate.

  40. Please join us in our april 1st plan on flooding samsung and verizon with a united message ” fascinate us with froyo” click like and feel free to leave a message, and join us on april fools. This facebook page had been up only two days and it’s up 2 near 150 people!

  41. Please help us in our efforts to flood samsung and verizon on april 1st in flooding there phone s and email with this simple message” fascinate U.S. with froyo. We created a facebook page three days ago and already have 200 people!! Please fo to following site and click that you like and post a message!! Spread the work to other people who own the fascinate

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