Motorola Orders an End to XOOM System Dump Distribution, What Happened to Developer Cooperation?


Just as quickly as a system dump of the Motorola XOOM’s software and media files came online, it was ordered down by Motorola’s legal department. Visiting the XDA thread distributing the files, where links to the system dump previously resided can now be found the text “Links removed due to receipt of a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) infringement notice received from Motorola Information Protection Services.”

So what gives? After the news that the XOOM would feature an unlockable bootloader, it seemed Motorola was ready to be in the good graces of developers everywhere. Denying access to system files certainly makes you question Moto’s true intentions, but we can’t speak for why they requested the removal. It may have a lot more to do with this being the first official full release of Honeycomb than anything else. It could also be that the unlockable bootloader was instated to comply with Google Experience requests, and Moto never had any intention to make their device developer friendly. It’s all speculation for now.

Needless to say, Motorola doesn’t want the system dump floating around the internet. If you already have it, cherish it. If you don’t, well Moto would rather you go out and by the XOOM now that it is available.

[via XDA]

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  1. And I was about to grab it to…

  2. And so it begins…it won’t be long now before Motorola decides to start locking the bootloader. The first batch of Xooms might be the only ones to be fully rooted and customized.
    Hopefully they don’t decide to do so before the wifi only version is released.

  3. Meh, once it’s been released on the internet, it’ll never be fully removed. You can find it if you take a few moments to look.

    I don’t understand why companies do something like this. If you tell someone “Don’t look over there!”, the first thing they do is look over, even if they had no intention of doing so in the first place.

  4. If this is true then F-you Motorola!

  5. And does Moto release the source code for android ( linux ) promptly?

  6. ughhh, i need this on my nook color. WHY!!!!???!

  7. I propose that the secret to unlocking their locked bootloader is hidden in the code. With a little searching, the answer to all the motorola owners prayers will be answered. START LOOKING.

  8. If this is like most things, then this was probably not done directly by Moto but probably done by some private private investigative company that has a contract with Moto. The way these things tend to work for “small time stuff” (small relative to the big suits between Google and Oracle and such) is that a private PI company will essentially google around the internet for what they think are copyright violations. When found, they’ll issue C&Ds (or DMCA infringement notices) to the authority that can remove the violating content. I believe they get paid on a per-violation basis sometimes. So this may just be a PI company with a contract with Motorola who is super eager to make some big money today as the Xoom is released.

    Ultimately, this probably has nothing to do with Moto saying “Screw you” to us devs. That said, I hope Moto will stumble upon this news and “correct” this problem. (Not holding my breathe, though)

  9. huh! i got it! was messing around with it last night. thank god i grabbed it

  10. If you think this has anything to do with google you are stupid. Google doesn’t give a damn about this stuff.

  11. This is a very interesting happening since they are being more dev friendly. Or say they are. Should be good to follow. Would be the first to re activate my x if the key to the bootloader is in here

  12. Hmmm … seems that Mot got caught with DMCA stuff available on their dump, most likely the keys or other sensitive info. It’llprobably reappear, but with that info missing.

  13. guess i will be busy tonight. couple of Heinekens and start ripping it apart. i wonder if im just wasting my time? comments?

  14. Google was definately behind the open bootloader.

    Just read the dev blog there’s a post about this.

  15. @Hola-dirt
    Interesting….wouldnt that be something.

  16. The thing is, the system dump prolly included media that was under copyright protection. If the devs made a sys dump that did not include media (except for boot animation), then I think motorola would be more ok with it.

  17. its not just devs who want that stuff, im sure motorola doesnt particularly care about regular people. motorola doesnt want its rivals getting their hands on it.

  18. For anyone who is looking for the XOOM dump it took me all of 2minutes to find it on google. Just for good faith and to stick a middle finger to moto, ill upload it and post a link shortly


  20. i am good however looking for potential bootloader crack may take some time if it is there. if you have hints hit me up guys. i do have the dump so let me know.

  21. fastboot oem unlock supposedly works.

  22. Both motorola and Google need to get their heads out of there asses. Only the android Dev community can make Honeycomb what it needs to be. They should just take all of our ideas for the OS to heart and forget there own.

    XOOM is a Google experience device, and Google don’t want to be closed.

  24. I wonder if anyone figures exactly how to unlock the bootloader if the same method will enable unlocking of their phones.

  25. I think it’s because the Honeycomb version on the Xoom is missing things that are said to be made available via software update; ie, Micro SD Card slot.

  26. a quick google search and i founds and downloaded the dump. Nothing is ever true;y removed from the internet.

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