Android 3.0 Honeycomb’s Property Animations Shown Off on Video [AndroidDevelopers]


The official Android Developers Blog just published a post detailing all that is new with animations in Honeycomb. Actually, they didn’t detail it all, because apparently the changes from the animation style in older versions of Android are so numerous all couldn’t be explained in a single article. The takeaway message is what was once the android.view.animation package that allowed for relatively limited animation of Views has been replaced by a new set of APIs in a new package, android.animation.

This new package introduces property animation, a style of animation that isn’t limited to any specific View or object. There is a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo in the blog post (if you are a developer interested in animating in Honeycomb it is a recommended read), but also features nice little video showing us exactly what this means for the end user.

Pretty neat stuff, eh?

[via AndroidDevelopersBlog]

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