Android Market Opens Its Own Book Store: Browse Titles on the Web, Read Them on Your Android


It isn’t quite as flashy or exciting as Google Music, but another new segment of the Android Market webstore has launched concurrently with the release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb: Google Books. We’ve seen that e-reading is totally overhauled in Honeycomb, and to go along with a brilliantly designed app and homescreen bookshelf widget comes an online book store that can be used in the same manner as the relatively new web version of the Android Market.

Browse and search titles by interest, price, or genre and then purchase. The main difference is the Books market will give you the option to read the text right in your browser. If Google Books is installed and synced on your Android phone, you can read there too.

As you can see from the layout, it won’t differ much from the current Android Market experience. Sanjay Jha of Motorola had said that Google Music would also launch alongside Honeycomb and the Motorola XOOM, but a quick check shows that isn’t the case. We’ll remain hopeful we will see that soon.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. i cant even go to the web market, IE and Chrome said its unsafe…….

  2. It looks really good so far. I’m excited and glad that Google took this step.

  3. good review. android become the leader market for both smart phone and tablet pc. what make it so good is it the android market and apps or that it is open platform ? we think both .apple are doing the same mistake they did year ago. more on that at and some more technical tips for all tablet. the android market wins apps store !

  4. Still US-only, it appears.

  5. Yes definitely still US only. Not working in Australia as of Friday 25th February 8am EST.

  6. @mobuksh Wow!! you’re posting from the future?!? I’m sitting in EST and it’s only 2/24 16:30 now!!!

  7. any ideas if books purchased here can be sent to and read on a Kindle?

  8. GinoA, lmao… you KNOW the world doesn’t revolve around EST! Australia is 12-13 hours “AHEAD” of EST… sorry to bust your bubble!

  9. @Cool
    Yes, but the person he was replying to said it was Feb. 25th EST, not Australian time.

  10. Sorry to burst everyones bubbles. Eastern standard time is the name of 2 different time zones. Kinda stupid that.


  12. AST, baby! Bubbles gettin’ burst everywhere! :P

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